Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Radical Islam's
Final Solution

From Front Page Magazine:

Even by the Middle East's usual hyperactive standard, these have been turbulent times. Just reading a list of the latest horrific, shameful, and amazing developments is pretty awesome.Ready?

Iran's president calls for Israel's extinction. The confident assertions of "Never again," a few years ago--regarding another round of anti-Jewish genocide--might now be better rephrased, "Here we go again." It is encouraging that many Western countries denounced the speech. But actually, the story of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's statement is even worse than you think. See below for the facts most of the world's media left out.

Speaking of Iran, at the recent Frankfurt Book Fair, perhaps the world's most prestigious, Iran's official exhibition sold such works as the discredited Protocols of the Elders of Zion and anti-Semitic works some of which were reprints of volumes published originally under Nazi auspices.
So Tehran is now the reincarnation, at least in matters concerning Jews, of the Third Reich. Even added to Iran's avid pursuit of nuclear weapons, is the world actually going to do anything about this?

  • A UN report concluded that high-ranking Syrian officials, including relatives of President Bashar al-Asad, assassinated former Lebanese President Rafiq Hariri.
  • Another UN report finds that huge numbers of companies, current or former government officials, and public personalities were bribed by Saddam Hussein for supporting his regime or paid kickbacks for doing business with it. There is evidence that some of this money, paid to a leading French parliamentarian, went to subsidize President Jacques Chirac's political party.
  • In a number of interviews in both the Arab and Western media, Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar made clear that if Hamas wins a future election it will establish a radical Islamist state which will fight on until Israel is destroyed. At home, this regime would impose a radical Islamist state more extreme than what exists in Iran and refuse to disarm. On the contrary, it would use the Palestinian Authority's military assets--largely financed and supplied by the West--to attack Israel. The Islamist government would also cut off all ties with the West and reject any negotiations with Israel.
  • The leader of the Iraqi insurgency called for a "jihad" to kill the maximum number of Iraqi Shia, who comprise about 55 percent of the country's population. There was an overwhelming lack of criticism in the Arab world, which largely supports the insurgency, about this threat against fellow Arabs and Muslims.

Naturally, given the above list of events, one would assume that Iran, Syria, and Hamas are now seen as outlaws which the world will fight, boycott, and sanction. It might further be taken for granted that the apologists for Saddam Hussein, and now for the Iraqi insurgency, would be completely discredited. No way.