Monday, November 07, 2005

Rioters Firebomb Synagogues

Now the angry Jihadis are attacking the Jews with Molotov cocktails:

Arsonists threw at least two Molotov cocktails at synagogues in Pierrefitte-sur-Seine and Garges, leaving worshippers unhurt.

Elsewhere, near the synagogue of Stains about 40 rioters confronted police forces who were braced for an attack....

Jacki Brami, Garges’s rabbi, and his sons have been, "as usual", insulted, according to the anti-Semitism vigilance bureau

“It’s business as usual,” Samy Ghozlan, head of the anti-Semitism vigilance bureau told EJP.

“These communities are used to these daily assaults. It’s worrisome, but we fear the worst is still to come.”

“Now that the media decided to reduce coverage of the riots, the thugs may intensify the violence against the Jews, to regain media attention," he added.

What do the Jews have to do with this?