Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Shattering Of What's Left
Of The Left's Illusions

From Eurota, via the Astute Blogger:

The current intifada in France has stripped the American Left of its second Utopia in a generation. The Left lost its earlier worldly utopia when the Soviet Union fell apart.

1989 was not only the year that the countries of Central Europe regained their independence, it was also the year that the Left began to lose its organizing principle, its focus, and to begin casting around for a new organizing principle.

With the Soviet Union gone, the Leftists shifted or intensified their focus on various "progressive" causes, such as anti-globalization, environmentalism, multiculturalism and radical feminism. However, there was no particular geographic locus for these causes, no place where "real existing" progressivism could be found.

The enemy, however, remained clear: The West, especially the United States and its capitalist economic system.

Europe fit the bill nicely. Outside of the economic failure of Europe, the riots have cut deeply into the post-1989 leftwing consensus of "Europe = Good, US = Bad".