Sunday, November 06, 2005

They Refused To Eat Anything
Even Birthday Cake

Atlas Shrugs posted a comment from a reader named Expat Swede, on his experiences with the Muslim community when living in Denmark. Here's a brief excerpt, but you really should go to Atlas' site and read the whole thing:

When I lived in Copenhagen I enrolled my son in a private, supposedly multi-cultural school. The principal was a Canadian Jew and most faculty were Brits, Americans or Danes. That to me was a sign of quality.

However, I soon discovered that a large minority of the students were muslims - something I have no problem with per se - but they turned out to be radical muslims.

Throughout my son's first year there, the muslim kids in his class kept telling him, day after day, that Allah was going to kill him because he was not a muslim.

When I invited some of his classmates to a birthday party they brought as presents toys that were usually broken, things they no longer wanted themselves. They only played with the other muslims and refused to eat anything whatsoever. Including birthday cake.

Imagine 12 kids sitting around a table and half of them refuse to eat anything, only because you are not a muslim.

After 9/11 one of this classmates wanted to put a picture of bin Ladin on his class folder. His parents sent money to al Qaeda (which I reported to the police).

Go read the rest.

I don't even know what to say about this. If true, it is a frightening portrait of the problem Europe faces. The Muslim kids at the birthday party, clearly, thought of the non-Muslims as dirty Kuffar. If they are being raised that way, how can they change?

As we've seen with racism in America, it is a generational problem. Whites took generations to learn to accept black people as equal human beings. Some still don't.

So, how would one go about solving this problem. A good beginning would be to put intelligence agents in the Mosques immediately so as to do a survey of what is being taught. Then, the government should expel all radical preachers.