Saturday, November 05, 2005

No More - Never Again

Cliff May says, "When someone tells you he wants to kill you, take him seriously.":

Eighty years ago, Adolf Hitler published an autobiography-cum-manifesto. Its title translates as “My Struggle.” In it, Hitler talked of his desire for revenge against France, the German nation's need to control more land, and the means by which his National Socialist Party could gain power.
It also included, of course, a clear indication of his genocidal intentions against the Jews.

Last week, Iran's president echoed those themes. He talked about his “struggle” – the word translate into both Arabic and Persian as “jihad” -- his desire for revenge against America and the West, the Islamic nation's need to control more land, and the means by which his Militant Islamist movement could gain global power.

He also included his genocidal intention to wipe Israel “off the map.”

Of course, there are differences between Hitler in 1925 and Ahmadinejad in 2005. Perhaps the biggest is this: When Hitler made his threats he was an obscure politician whom hardly anyone took seriously.

By contrast, Ahmadinejad is the president of a large and wealthy nation that operates terrorist organizations and is well on its way to developing nuclear weapons.

Had Hitler's threatening words inspired serious action then, millions of people – Jews, Gypsies, Czechoslovaks, Americans, British, Russians and others – would not have been slaughtered in the 20th Century.

If Ahmadinejad's threatening words inspire serious action now, millions of people may be spared in this century.

But while President Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and others responded with strong rhetoric, neither penalties nor restraints seem likely to be imposed on the Islamist Fascist regime in Tehran. Indeed, not a single European ambassador was withdrawn – not even temporarily.

Reading this caused me to get up out of my chair, go into my bedroom, and pull a book off my shelf which I haven't looked at in three years. It's called, The Holocaust and the Christian World. I bought it right when I first began to become aware of the rise of the new anti-Semitism in Europe and the Arab World.

Here is a quote:

Few organizations, in or outside Nazi Germany, did much to resist Nazism or aid its vitims. Assisting European Jews was not a high priority of the Allied governments as they sought to defeat Hitler militarily. The courageous acts of individual rescuers and resistance members proved to be the exception, not the norm.

To a great extent, this inertia defined the organized Christian community as well. Churches throughout Europe were mostly silent as Jews were persecuted, deported and murdered.

There were few Christians in the Protestant Confessing Church who demanded that their Church take a public stand in defence of the Jews.

Shortly after reading that I wrote the following:

Jesus was a Jew.

Peter, James, Simon, John, and all the apostles were Jews.

Paul was a Jew.

The early Christians worshipped in Synagogues. They studied and discussed the Torah.

At a certain point in history, the Christian Church separated from it's Jewish roots and we forgot about our brothers.

We forgot about our brothers in 1939, when the Nazi's came to round them up and put them on trains, and take them all, man, women, and child, to prison camps.

We forgot about our brothers when the Nazis herded them into rooms to be choked by Zyklon B.

We forgot about our brothers and 6 million of them died because we didn't stand up and say, "No more."

Today we hear the same voices calling, "Death to the Jews. Kill them wherever you find them"

Think: Are these the voices of 1939, or 2002 (2005)?

The answer is, these are quotes from Arab press, and leaders of Arab governments. This is our history, today.

We must not forget about our brothers again. We must stand with them and say, "No more. Never Again."

It is our responsibilty, my Christian friends. Everyone of us. We have to stop it. If we don't, the blood is on our hands. There is another Jew who died, whose blood is on our hands; washing away our sins. His name is Yeshua (Jesus) the Christ (Meshiach).

We owe it to Him to save His brothers.