Sunday, December 18, 2005

"Minor Stroke"

Let's hope it is minor:

JERUSALEM - Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon suffered a mild stroke Sunday, but his condition quickly improved and his doctor said he was expected to be hospitalized for a few days. Sharon aides said he still was in control of the government.

Sharon never lost consciousness and his condition quickly improved, said Yuval Weiss, deputy director of Jerusalem's Hadassah Hospital. The premier was expected to be released after undergoing tests, he said.

"Initial checks showed he had a light stroke and during checks his condition improved. He was always conscious and didn't need any surgical intervention," Weiss said.

Sharon is human, so I do feel bad for him and his family, but at this time in history, he is so much more than just a man. He is the best hope we have, other than George Bush, that someone will take out the Iranian nuclear facilities.

Let's pray that he will be ok.