Friday, December 09, 2005

Or Die

Jihadis in Bangladesh are demanding, under threat of death, that all women, Muslim and non-Muslim, wear the burqa:

DHAKA (Reuters) - A banned Islamist militant group blamed for a series of bombings in Bangladesh has threatened to kill women, including non-Muslims, if they do not wear the veil, a statement said.

The statement by the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen came hours after Thursday's suicide bomb attack in a northern town that killed at least eight people, the latest of a series of blasts blamed on militant groups in their campaign for an Islamic state.

"Women will be killed if they are found to move around without wearing burqa (veil) from the first day of Jilhaj," the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen said in the statement sent to a Dhaka newspaper office.

Jilhaj refers to the Arabic month beginning early January.

"Women, including non-Muslims, are hereby advised not to go out of home without burqa. Seclusion has been made compulsory for you," said the statement in Bangla language, a copy of which was obtained by Reuters on Friday.

This is the world of the Jihadi. We must resist it at all costs. The burqa is slavery for women. You see that they order the women to wear the burqa, under threat of death.

In other words, they have no choice. That's slavery.

There is nothing opaque here. They are making it very clear for us. There is no room for slavery in this world.

See my post on the Burqa from this morning.