Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Great

From Atlas Shrugs:

Charles Johnson changed the course of human events. His influential blog was the spark for thousands of us to get involved, harness our considerable energy, politically activate, and start blogs. I owe Atlas Shrugs to Charles. And Bush is still in the White House and Charles had a hand in that too. Not just because of the fraud Dan Rather and the LLL media tried to perpetrate on the American people just weeks before the election, but for calling out the media, dhimmis, idiotarians for their mendacity - everyday.

I just want to say, yes, I agree with Atlas. She goes on to say Charles history will be written. Yes, it will. As Hugh Hewitt says, The rise of the Blogosphere is the Information Reformation. It is the great Democratization of news and opinion. No longer do we have to go to the priests of the media for our news. Now, we can report, dissect, and give our own opinions. And, they are heard.

Historians will take note of this phenomenon, because it is only going to get bigger and bigger. Therefore, they will write about the early bloggers, and about the evolution of the blogosphere. Charles, Roger, Glenn, and very likely Atlas herself, will be remembered.

Yes, Little Green Footballs was the first blog I read. Shortly after, I learned about Roger Simon, and The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler, and BlackFive, and many others. And soon, I started my own blog, because that's what blogs do. They breed more blogs.

Dag and I were discussing the idea, yesterday, that the rise of the Blogosphere can also be compared to the invention of the printing press. In the same way as that invention gave average people access to information that, previously, only scribes and aristocrats had, now the blogosphere has made it so that not only can everyone read, but now everyone can publish.

And I, and many others may not have ever started if it weren't for Charles and the great community he has started up over at LGF.