Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Part II

Back on November 14th, I made the following announcement:

A big opportunity has presented itself, which means I am going to have to cut back on blogging for awhile. For the next few months posting will be light; usually, just one or two posts per day.

Well, I'm happy to say that, while I did not end up cutting back on posting (I'm actually in the throes of a serious blog addiction), I did actually finish the work I needed to do, in order to take advantage of the big opportunity.

So, what is the big opportunity? An agent, with very good connections, liked something I wrote, and asked me to expand it into a larger project. Cool, huh? It's a fictional work, and it has nothing to do with what I write about here on CUANAS.

And, by the way, let's all face facts here, I am not the greatest writer in the world. Someone is going to have to clean up my shit big time, but I have a pretty good idea, and that's why I've actually stumbled upon this cool opportunity.

When I originally made the announcement, I hadn't wanted to talk about what I was going to be doing, because I know how easy it is as a writer to talk about the brilliant thing you are going to write, only to never actually log a chapter, or verse. I wanted to be a doer on this, not a talker.

Well, now I'm done with the hard part. It's really up to other people at this point. Either they like it, or they don't. We shall see.