Tuesday, December 13, 2005

At All?

Out here in Cali, we had one of our rare encounters with real justice, and good government last night when, we the people executed Tookie Williams the founder of the Crips gang, who have been responsible for the murder of over 10,000 people in recent years.

Because it is the Holiday season, and he's been dipping into the spirit, my friend the Fu2rman is making a list and checking it twice, but, when it comes to Tookie, he finds himself unable to come up with any ideas:

I was pondering what to get Tookie Williams for Christmas. Maybe some new blue bandanas, a new shotgun, or a cake with a file in it.

And then I realized, there's no need to worry about it, Tookie is no longer with us.

Oh and the madness that went on outside of San Quentin.

Jesse Jackson, the racial demagogue-turned-wannabe Death Row gawker, is desperately lobbying to be one of Tookie Williams' execution witnesses, according to cable news reports.

Rev. Jackson did not know the names of Williams' victims when asked by KFI-AM radio talk show hosts John and Ken.

I was listening to [KFI host] John Zi[e]gler, he actually asked Jesse Jackson the names of the victims on a couple of occasions and his microphone was taken from him by Judge Mathis (the TV judge) and broken. He also was pushed by Jackson supporters, after that happened he was forced away from Jackson by Sheriff's Deputies.

That was not all, the Rev. was also babbling something about the legal lynching being illegal, and how John Zieglar was guilty of that...???

Of course I'm paraphrasing, I can't understand Jackson sometimes.

Not that his concepts are over my head, I literally can't understand what the man is saying! It's no kind of english I am familiar with.

You see, Jesse, a lynching is defined as an execution without authority, or process of law. Tookie had his due process in abundance.

At any rate, at 12:35 am, Tookie was pronounced dead.

So, if the wicked ole' Tookie at last is dead, what do we get him for Christmas? Well, I've got an idea:

12 tons of dirt
11 worms-a-wiggling
10 little pebbles
9 twigs and dead leaves
8 pincher bugs
7 fly-by droppings
6 slimy slugs
5 fake gold rings
4 decomposing birds
3 French turds
2 copper pennies
a big ole' pine coffin

How's that?