Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Is The
The Sea?

From the BBC, via my friend the Fu2rman, today we find that Iranian President Ahmadinejad is at it again; banging on Israel. He really is relentless, isn't he?

Iranian leader denies HolocaustIranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has courted further controversy by explicitly calling the Nazi Holocaust of European Jewry a "myth".

"They have created a myth today that they call the massacre of Jews and they consider it a principle above God, religions and the prophets," he said.

On live TV, he called for Europe or North America - even Alaska - to host a Jewish state, not the Middle East.

Israel swiftly denounced the president's comments.

"We hope these extremist comments... will make the international community open its eyes and abandon any illusions about this regime," Israeli foreign ministry spokesman Mark Regev told AFP news agency.

Speaking to thousands of people in south-eastern city of Zahedan, Mr Ahmadinejad brushed aside criticism of his views, saying it was orchestrated by supporters of Israel.

"If someone were to deny the existence of God... or prophets and religion, they would not bother him. However, if someone were to deny the myth of the Jews' massacre, all the Zionist mouthpieces and the governments subservient to the Zionists tear their larynxes and scream against the person as much as they can," he said.

Israel's spokesman said the Iranian president's latest remarks reflected a "perverse vision of the world held by this regime".

BBC Tehran correspondent Frances Harrison says the Iranian press has wholeheartedly endorsed the president's views, calling them logical and less passive than the approach of previous Iranian governments.

The Fu2rman comments:

So the Iranian press has wholeheartedly endorsed his views. Is anyone else concerned about Iran yet?

If you have any doubt that this is Hitler incarnate, think again.

The Fu2rman suggests asking the people around you if they are aware of Mr. Ahmadinejad's belligerance. And, he points our, of course, they are not.

We are living in a very extraordinary time right now, and people are concerning themselves with Tookie, and Snoop, and Survivor, etc., etc., etc.

Meanwhile, it looks as if the Beast is rising up out of the ocean. The plans are being laid for the temple to be taken over. The Beast will attempt to set up his abomination of desolation in the very heart of God's land.

Are all these things just quaint old metaphors, or will we allow them to become reality?

Will we allow the man who thinks he is the Mahdi (the Islamic Messiah) to destroy the state of Israel, and claim it for Allah? Will we allow this maniac to set up his maniacal rule (Sharia) in the land of milk and honey? Will Sharia rule, or will Freedom rule?