Sunday, December 18, 2005

Who Stole

A report on the violence in Sydney, Australia from Democracy Frontline:

There are so many police out at local beaches that people are keeping away. When I drive around the suburb I often see a police car here and there.

There was one assault at Maroubra beach last night at midnight- and how the police did not catch the attackers I don’t know - but there is only a passing reference to it in the link below which makes me think that it might have been MEA guys.

Well what a great time everyone is having. Sydneysiders crowd the beaches in summer but now we have surreal scenes like the one (to the side). And a Christmas Carols concert which was meant to be held at Coogee, near Maroubra, was cancelled due to the sense of threat.

In fact quite a lot of Chrismas carols concerts have been cancelled especially in the Muslim areas of Sydney.

But ‘Peace rallies’ and universal brotherhood PC style are the theme of the moment and they will come out with war fuzzy statement quicker than rabbits breed.

Well I am all for peace but forgive me for thinking that there was something sinister in the words of the Muslim fellow who said to a terrified Maroubra resident running away last Sunday ‘This place belongs to us now”.

In case you missed it, the reason Australians are canceling Christmas carols concerts is because of this:

Shots Fired at Christmas Carolers. World Yawns.

"Sydney's Catholic Archbishop George Pell said bullets were fired at a school staging Christmas carols in Sydney's west on Monday night."A school staging Christmas carols! Where is the outrage?

Yesterday police gathered to protect a mosque that was not attacked. What does that tell you about the police priorities? (And you can bet if shots were fired at a mosque it would be headline news around the world, complete with riots in Pakistan.)

Of course, the reporter doesn't have the slightest idea who could have fired the shots. The notorious 'white supremacists'? Neo-cons? Crypto-Zionist agitators?Meanwhile the potential for violence increases. "

Police also said they found 30 Molotov cocktails and crates of rocks stockpiled on rooftops, as hundreds of local surfers gathered at Maroubra Beach." Tick tock.

While most of the lazy media rewrites the same 'Australia-as-racist-society' stories, at least one guy gets it.

"There is so much more to this than racism. And we're fooling ourselves if we pretend otherwise. ... Recognising human nature means that multiculturalism, though a fine sentiment, can only work if we unite behind a core set of values."

Yes, the violence goes on in Australia. I forgot about it the last few days, because I have been so upset about Ahmadinejad.