Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Israel In
British Guiana?

Belmont Club posts this article entitled "After Munich", from Time Magazine circa 1938:

Just before leaving London to visit Paris this week, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain told the House of Commons that he is once more appealing to Adolf Hitler to continue the Munich work of "appeasement" in general.

In so doing he revealed what may yet prove to be the most important international event since Munich, the efforts which the British Government is making to find a home for Germany's Jews. Having queried all the colonies, he revealed that the Governor of Tanganyika has put at his disposal 50,000 acres on which to settle Jewish men, their families to follow if the...

How is it that we can't find a home for the Jews that the world will approve of? Why must the world contest the Jews right to live, their right to exist? Why is it that the world is so set against the people the Bible calls the Chosen People of God?

Interesting questions to ponder, huh?