Saturday, December 10, 2005


Of The

I love Jihad Watch. There is no more tireless, all-seeing eye trained on the international Jihad being waged on Western Civilization than Jihad Watch. But, they do dumb stuff. For instance, the day before the first Iraqi elections, Hugh Fitzgerald was calling for American troops to pullout. Yes, that's right. He believes so little in the possibility that the brown-skinned Iraqis are like all of the rest of us in wanting to be free, that he thinks it is a lost cause. He offers no solutions. Just pullout.

And what has Jihad Watch done to anger me this time?

Well, they have a poll up today where we anti-Jihad people can vote for Dhimmi and anti-Dhimmi of the year. George Bush, Condoleeza Rice, and Tony Blair are all listed on the "Dhimmi" ballot, but we do not have the opportunity to vote for them as anti-Dhimmis.

What have Robert Spencer, or Hugh Fitzgerald, done that has put them more on the line than George Bush, Condoleeza Rice, or Tony Blair? Bush, Rice, and Blair all staked their entire political careers on fighting against the Jihad. All that Spencer and Fitzgerald have done is sell books.

I'm sure they also receive death threats and, therefore, I do admire them as warriors, but they are also revealing themselves to be small-minded propagandists.

I call on Jihad Watch to amend their ballots. I will vote for George Bush as American anti-Dhimmi of the Year. And, maybe, while they are at it, they ought to put their own names on the ballot under Dhimmi of the Year, for the fact that some of their rhetoric undermines the President, and thus, makes it harder for him to accomplish the things he would clearly like to accomplish in the War on Terror.


Robert Spencer and Hugh Fitzgerald ought to be ashamed of themselves. I buy all of Spencer's books. I love the guy, but anyone can make a mistake, and he has. And, he deserves to be castigated and shouted down for this.

Down with you, Spencer. Down with you, and the camel you rode to work today.