Saturday, December 10, 2005


From Atlas Shrugs:

Vladimir Matveyev: Iran's president, who wants to see a world without Israel, has a vociferous ally in Ukraine.

A Kiev-based university that already has gained international notoriety for its anti-Zionist propaganda and anti-Semitic publications now wants the United Nations to "close" Israel.

The call came in November from the Interregional Academy for Personnel Management, known by its Russian acronym MAUP, whose leadership said the United Nations should revoke its 1947 resolution on the creation of a Jewish state.

"Mankind lived without the State of Israel exactly 2,670 years, but after the second of its creation all the world feels a constant aggression of the old 'sons of the devil,' " according to a university statement, published last month in the school newspaper, supporting Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's recent call to destroy Israel.

MAUP in recent months has become a major purveyor of anti-Semitism in Ukraine. But the silence until recently of Ukrainian authorities -- many of whom have ties to the university -- has led to criticism from the local Jewish community, international Jewish organizations and Israeli officials.

Atlas' commentary is priceless:

So we see the cockroaches come out of the woodwork now that President Ahmadimaniac let the cat out of the bag. This has happened, before. History stuttering. The cancer has returned (not that it ever left, remission). It doesn't go away on its own. Never has, never will.

And, just what are the Jews supposed to do, if Israel is closed?

What is this devil that keeps chasing the Jews to the ends of the earth?

(The photo is from a "Peace Rally" in San Francisco, CA. Thanks to Zombie.