Thursday, December 15, 2005


I saw this quote from Plato's Philebus in the comments section over at Always on Watch. The subject matter which was being discussed was whether Intelligent Design Theory is simply a way to sneak Creationism into the classroom, or if the idea that there is a creator is foundational to Western thought itself:

SOCRATES: Did not the things which were generated, and the things out of which they were generated, furnish all the three classes?


SOCRATES: And the creator or cause of them has been satisfactorily proven to be distinct from them,--and may therefore be called a fourth principle?

PROTARCHUS: So let us call it.

SOCRATES: Quite right; but now, having distinguished the four, I think that we had better refresh our memories by recapitulating each of them in order.

PROTARCHUS: By all means.

SOCRATES: Then the first I will call the infinite or unlimited, and the second the finite or limited; then follows the third, an essence compound and generated; and I do not think that I shall be far wrong in speaking of the cause of mixture and generation as the fourth.

PROTARCHUS: Certainly not.

Interesting, huh? Discuss.