Thursday, December 15, 2005


Lots of great coverage on the Iraqi election over at Pajamas Media. This is from Iraq the Model (hat tip Redneck's Revenge):

The polls closed in all centers 90 minutes ago!

The IECI had a press conference half an hour ago that pretty much summarized today’s events. From watching this press conference and analyzing the reports we received today we can say that the following points represents the most important findings:

-Security was much better than last time in January and there were only a few minor incidents.-It was clear that the IECI and its multi-thousand strong staff did a wonderful and exceptional job in such a hard time to make the election go in the best way possible.

-The Iraqi Army and police were successful in giving our people the opportunity to vote in a peaceful environment.

-The total registered voter-count was 1,000,000 higher than in January after adding Iraqi citizens who were born in 1987.-15, 5 million+ Iraqis cast their votes in more than 30,000 station spread nationwide.

-All the assassinations and intimidation that preceded the election could not stop the process.

-There have been strict measures to make sure that all ballot boxes and station are in compliance with the standards of the IECI and now it’s their-IECI-duty to make sure that no boxes were replaced or manipulated.

-The presence of the press and representatives of political bodies and civil society organizations was profound although there were limitations on the presence of media workers. But however, the process was being watched 600,000 eyes!

-The IECI distributed 5,000,000 posters nationwide to educate the population on the process and encourage Iraqis to vote.

-2 million brochures were distributed to inform the people on the technical and moral aspects of the election.

-Countless numbers of conferences, lectures and workshops were held to educate the people and encourage them to vote.

-Almost all the defects that took place in some regions today were basically cases in which voters couldn’t find their names in the voter-lists.

-Counting the votes has begun in all stations and the results will be collected and conveyed to the provincial offices to be later conveyed to the IECI HQ in Baghdad.

After an eventful day with for the voters the polling stations closed their doors at 5 pm while the voters were still arriving!

We met the IECI officials in one of the stations and we asked him about this day and the efforts the IECI made to assure the success of the voting, he replied:

"it was really a big day and it turned to be a celebration just like the Norooz day.

Then he added I'm extremely happy that I can't even feel tired.

We have also noticed some interesting events and gestures in Babil today; things like:

-Several polling centers distributed sweets and soft drinks to the voters while men and women cheered and sang celebratory songs.
-An election official refused to let the governor of Babil cast his ballot until he showed his id cards!
-Some voters marked their choices with blood by pricking their fingers in a demonstration of patriotism.
-The city council in Hilla (the provincial capital) arranged to bring 125 buses to move voters from their homes to the polling station.

Meanwhile, if you haven't eaten recently, go read the vile sputum dripping from the lips of the Euros and Brits who are angry with us for "imposing Democracy at gunpoint," which they say is an oxymoron.

Hey idiots, have you ever heard of Germany?

Damn it, Euros, take a frickin' history class or something. Jeez, what do you do, sit around playing with your croissants all day long?

But then, on the positive side, the BBC actually published an article acknowledging the progress of Democracy in Iraq:

"This Is Stability At Last"

Men and woman came, many carrying small children, and in the street outside the school they formed silhouettes, in swirls of dust on a warm autumn day in Baghdad.

One voter said: "This is stability, at last".

Another, with tears in his eyes, told me: "This is the beginning of a new Iraq. I am so happy."

Iraqis are known for their spontaneous, and often poetic eloquence.

Ali al-Musawi, a Shia Muslim originally from Sadr city said: "Iraq is like a ship in a storm being tossed form left to right, and now we need a new captain to take us to land and to safety."

One man hoped the election would bring an end to the occupation, but this would depend, he said, on maintaining unity.

"Stability can only come from unity. When we have stability," he said, " then the Americans can go."

The Iraqis understand the strategy and policies of the War on Terror better than the American Left.

This is a day when we can be proud as Americans, and feel joy in our hearts for our brothers and sisters in Iraq.