Sunday, December 11, 2005


I received the follwing email from a man living in Spain the other day:

Hello, I am (name deleted per request), this is NOT my real name, as I cannot trust my Government. The investigation about the bombings in Madrid 11/3 has not been very transparent, and people who critizise the Government must be very careful.

In a demonstration against the negotiation with the terrorist of ETA two militants of the Popular Party were detained without any proof, because of apparently having hurt the Minister of Defense (Mr Bono, socialist). Later, data revealed that they never had stroke at him and that they were chosen just becuse of their quality of being militants of Popular Party. Very disturbing.

We are living a half-dictatorship in which Ministers critisize opnely the journalists who are not of the same ideas, with names.

Yesterday, the Socialist party defended the freedom of expresion of the ideologues of jihad in the Parliament.

You can also read this piece of information (it's in English):

This is more horrible than all media are shown. I know that you would think that I am exagerating but you can browse that digital paper, that by now is the only one that is telling the truth. It's a right-wing publication that is contributing to inform us in a very disgusting panorama with the general media being more socialist than the socialists themselves.

This sounds like something one would have heard coming out of Eastern Europe in the 1970's. It is hard to believe one must live in fear of their government in Spain. However, I offer this in a spirit of inquiry. I would love to know what other Europeans think about this.