Friday, December 23, 2005

Senate Democrats
Drag Feet On
Of Iran For
Holocaust Denial

Senator Lugar - All American Jew-hater?

Atlas Shrugs has a great post up this morning about how Senate Democrats watered down a condemnation of the state of Iran for Almadinejad's statements denying the Holocaust:

More surprising is that Senator Lugar, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations committee had not cosponsored either resolution.

We learned that a majority staffer objected to condemning the entire government of and the call for a referendum with international observers.

He reportedly said that we should be condemning President Ahmadinejad (vs. the entire government) and that Iran just had elections and they chose the current leader."

That is a stunning statement coming from a presumably educated man. Iran's Mullahs pick the candidates for each election, and then if, during the course of the campaign the candidates say anything the Mullahs do not like, they fix the election at the ballot box. Read Atlas' post for details.

The fact is, everyone in politics ought to know this. I'm just a dumb musician, and I know it. How is it that Senator Lugar doesn't know what a dumb musician knows?

But now, I'm going to tell you something else Senator Lugar, apparently, doesn't know. Iran's Iran's foreign minister Manouchehr Mottaki declared just a week ago that Holocaust denial is the official policy of the Iranian government:

Iran's foreign minister Manouchehr Mottaki said Friday that remarks made earlier this week by the country's president that the Nazi mass murder of Jews during World War II was a "myth" was the official Iranian government's position on the issue.

"The words of [president] Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on the Holocaust and on Israel are not personal opinions, nor isolated statements but they express the view of the [Iranian] government," Mottaki said. Ahmadinejad made the Holocaust remarks on Wednesday while it was in October he said Israel should be "wiped off the map."

"The Palestinians or Islamic nations can not be forced to pay for the injustices the Europeans believe they committed against the Jews," the minister said speaking at Tehran airport after a visit to Pakistan.

"The Europeans have to understand that the current Iranian government doesn't have any intention to play the role of someone who listens without having the right to reply," he said adding that if Europe wants to have relations with Iran "it has to learn to listen to our opinions and take them into account."

Somehow, I doubt that Senator Lugar is truly ignorant of these facts. It's his job to know what's going on in the world. I have a job, and this isn't it, and yet, I find the time to learn these things.

Atlas suggests the possibility that Ahmadinejad's statements have opened the door for all the anti-Semites to come blazing out of the closet with no shame.

Yes, maybe Senator Lugar simply hates Jews. Maybe that's it. There is little in the way of any alternate rational explanation, is there?