Friday, December 30, 2005

She Could
Who Could
Blame Her?

Dymphna at Gates of Vienna recounts the story of Nour Miyati, a Filipino woman who went to Saudi Arabia to work as a maid. She was basically used a sexual and laboring slave, until her owner's wife found out about the arrangement, at which point she was savagely beaten and then dumped in front of a hospital.

When word leaked out about this crime, the Saudi Arabian governmentn acted as if they were going to do something about it. But, that hasn't happened.

There is more to the story, and you should go read it here, but I just wanted to post Dymphna's concluding remarks, because I think they are an excellent example of righteous anger, and they should serve as a challenge to any of us who are tempted to look the other way when evil is done, so that we can go on benefiting in the practical, everyday world:

And let me tell you something, President George Bush. If you ever hold hands with one of these degenerates again…then I pity you. You, sir, know better than anyone — since you are privy to information not available to the rest of us — what horrors these Saudi princes are. If you do not speak out before you leave office, then God have mercy on your soul. It would take an immensity only God possesses to forgive you for colluding with them in the name of whatever policy you have in place.