Thursday, December 22, 2005

Since When
Are We
Not Allowed
To Spy On
Into The U.S.?

As per usual, the Astute Blogger lays it out clearly:

For years, the Dem/Left has been deriding the Iraq War as an "unnecessary diversion" or "blunder" while CLAIMING that they were GUNG-HO on the GWOT and would have preferred if Bush had kept this nation's focus on the war against al Qaeda and in Afghanistan.

But, their current attacks against Bush's aggressive use of NSA capabilties to intercept suspected al Qaeda communications into and out of the USA PROVES that they are LYING ON THIS COUNT, TOO.

If the Dem/Left is not willing to use the NSA to intercept foriegn intelligence on international calls into the USA, and insists that this intel gathering for miltary use MUST be subordinated to a FISA judge's court order (as if the president was not fit to order it on his own - as CinC) then they are not fit to assume responsibility for defending the USA or Free World.