Monday, December 19, 2005

Says Iran
Will Win
Nuclear War

Iranian Supreme Ruler, Ayatollah Rajsanjani has declared that Iran would win a nuclear with Israel. Interesting that he is contemplating a war with weapons he, supposedly, doesn't have, and doesn't intend to have. From Atlas Shrugs:

Supreme Iranian ruler Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani said last Friday that the Muslim world would win a nuclear exchange with Israel, aggravating fears Tehran's quest for atomic weapons indeed has one purpose: the annihilation of what it calls the Zionist “cancer.”

“[The] application of an atomic bomb would not leave anything in Israel - but the same thing would just produce damages in the Muslim world,” Hashemi-Rafsanjani was quoted as saying by the government-controlled Iran Press Service.

The spiritual leader, who wields ultimate power in Iran, made the comments during a prayer service in Tehran. It was the first time an Islamic leader of such prominence openly suggested a nuclear attack against the Jewish state, media analysts told the IPS.

Speaking to Fox News a day earlier, US President George W. Bush said his administration also views Iran as a true existential threat to the Jewish state.

“I'm concerned about a theocracy that has got little transparency, a country whose president has declared the destruction of Israel as part of their foreign policy, and a country that will not listen to the demands of the free world to get rid of its ambitions to have a nuclear weapon,”

Bush told his interviewer.“I called it part of the 'axis of evil' for a reason,” the president added.

However, the most serious punitive diplomatic measure being discussed is Iran's exclusion from the 2006 World Cup soccer tournament scheduled to take place in Germany next summer.

I'm sure that scares the Iranians. No Soccer. No Peace.

Maybe, after they've launched their nukes, the Euros will blame themselves for having denied Iran the right to play soccer in the Olympics. Maybe they could even write a UN resolution condemning themselves.