Monday, December 12, 2005

Is Not

Yesterday, News of Eurabia began reporting that rioting has begun in Australia. The rioting - which can and should be characterized as gang violence, and vigilantism, between white Australians, and Lebanes Muslims - was sparked by an incident where a group of Muslims descended on two beach lifeguards and beat them badly:

SYDNEY, Australia (AP) -- Ethnic tensions erupted Sunday into running battles between police and a mob of thousands of youths, many chanting racial slurs, at a beachside suburb in southern Sydney.

At least three people were arrested and several injured in alcohol-fueled fights. Television images showed police protecting an ambulance being pelted with beer bottles and a group of young women attacking another woman.

Other youths stamped on police vehicles and police officers fought back with batons and pepper spray.
The behavior, "is nothing short of disgusting and disgraceful," said Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Goodwin. It's certainly not the Australian way."

"What has been occurring on some fronts is that people of Middle Eastern backgrounds that have been seen in the Cronulla area, a swarm of the crowd has approached these people with vile abuse, in the most un-Australian way," Goodwin said. "We have a number of reports of persons that have been assaulted."

A police spokesman commenting on usual condition of anonymity said three men, aged 16, 29 and 34 were arrested and were being questioned after fights erupted among some 5,000 people who converged on Cronulla beach in southern Sydney.

Many youths were carrying beer bottles, waving Australian flags and chanting racist slogans following reports that youths of Lebanese descent were responsible for last week's attack on two of the beach's life guards.

Well, the rioting has now entered it's second day. There is an excellent report by Thomas the Wraith at the group blog Infidel Blog Alliance:

Cronulla, Day 2
Local media reported a "terrifying escalation" in the conflict, as 70 car loads of Lebanese youths arrived in the predominantly white suburb of Cronulla - the flashpoint for yesterday's running battles - intent on revenge.

The Sydney Morning Herald described how the youths began smashing up shops and cars with baseball bats and threatening passers-by. There were more disturbances in the neighbouring suburb of Brighton-Le-Sands where bricks were thrown at passing cars.

Around 600 people, some armed with pistols and crowbars and summoned by mobile phone text message, gathered to confront one another on Maroubra Beach, in a mainly white suburb to the south of the city.

One resident, who didn't want to be named, said about 50 cars had swept into the area, disgorging men of Middle Eastern appearance who begun wrecking every car in sight with baseball bats.

Meanwhile, Australian Prime Minister John Howard is blaming the violence on White Supremacists. Thomas the Wraith questions this assertion:

Are these (the Lebanese Muslims) the white supremacists Howard is so concerned about? Probably not.

Note that the 'white supremacists' spared the nearby Korean community of some 60,000.

"There is no chance that this riot will spread to Korean residents," said a representative from the Korean Society of Sydney. He seems pretty confident. You'd think that Koreans would be quite worried if indeed there were thousands of angry white supremacists roaming the streets like it was Berlin in the 30s.

Color me crazy, but could it be that despite claims by Howard and the media most of the Aussie rioters are not in fact neo-Nazi or white supremacists? Are most of these people in fact locals extremely angry at what they see as continued harassment and generally intolerable behavior by members of the Lebanese immigrant community?

Instead of condemning the rioters with a broad brush, shouldn't the authorities try to understand the root causes of the unrest?

The fact is, I have seen some news reports that have said that the Aussies have been chanting racist slogans. I believe that is true. They are probably calling the Lebanese Muslims something close to the equivalent of towel-heads. But, that doesn't exactly mean that these Aussies natives are "white supremacists" does it?

As Thomas notes, if they are not attacking the Koreans (or the Filipinos, or the Aboriginals, for that matter) then they aren't purely motivated by racial anger.

What happens to people when they become very angry is, they sometimes cease making fine distinctions. In other words, instead of saying, "We are going to scare those thugs (who always just happen to be Lebanese) who keep attacking us at the beach," they may say, "Let's go kill those towel-heads."

I think it is regrettable that it takes on a, seemingly, racist dimension, because it distracts from the issue, which is that too often the governments of Western countries are choosing to not honor their responsibility to protect their citizenry.

When this happens, it is understandable that, eventually, the citizenry will take matters into their own hands.

On Thomas' personal blog, he notes some examples ot the "White Supremacist" outrage, which were published as "Letters to the Editor" in Aussie newspapers:

Yes there is a bigger cultural problem. I am sick to death as an anglo australian female of being stared at disgustlingly, stalked by cars walking down my own street, intimidated on trains at the shopping centre and now at the beach. Unfortunately those displaying this bullying behaviour happen to be young middle eastern men. - Tracey, New South Wales (NSW)

Incidents like the one at Cronulla have been simmering for a long time. The ugly scene at Cronulla is only the tip of the iceberg. This will get worse. People are fed up. - Jodi, NSW

I am 21 years old and I am not a rascist person. I went to an all girls school and hated the fact that I had to see 'Aussie suck, lebs rule' enscribed on our school desks. ... Aussies are defending the Aussie man's right to live freely how we used to before gang violence was brought in from overseas. I agree with the riots and why they are fighting because no one will do anything to protect Aussie's - all government seem to care about is protecting everyone else except their own! - Cheryl, NSW

There's more where that came from. Go read them.