Saturday, September 03, 2005

Ophelia -
Song To The Siren

On the floating, shapeless oceans
I did all my best to smile
Til your singing eyes and fingers
Drew me loving into your eyes
And you sang,
"Swim to me, say to me,
Let me unfold you,
Here I am,
here I am
Waiting to hold you"

Did I dream?
You dreamed about me.
Were you here when I was forced out?

For you sing,
Touch me not,
touch me not,
come back tomorrow

O my heart,O my heart
shies from the sorrow

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I Don't Care About Poker
But I've Always Thought
Jennifer Tilly Was Hot

From AP:

LOS ANGELES - Jennifer Tilly has won her second major poker tournament, and confidence in her playing ability.

"I felt like I was suffering from the 'impostor syndrome,'" said Tilly, who jumped from the table after her win. "I had these niggling self doubts. But now I know I can really play. These women were extremely tough pros with blood lust at the poker table."

Tilly's victory at the World Poker Tour Ladies Night III at the Bicycle Casino on Thursday makes her the first woman to win that title and the World Series' Ladies World Poker Championship held in June.

The win guaranteed her a spot in the $25,000 buy-in WPT Championship in April at Bellagio.
The actress, an Oscar nominee for her role in the 1994 film "Bullets Over Broadway," has been playing the game for a year. She said she learned pointers from her boyfriend, poker player Phil "Unabomber" Laak.

Anything that puts this woman on TV for a protracted period of time is ok with me.

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Is It Time For The West To
Repudiate The Geneva Convention?

GeoBandy has a powerful post up about the UN's condemnation of Britain's policy of expelling terrorist instigators. Quoting from the Guardian:

Manfred Novak, the UN human rights commission's special investigator on torture, told the Guardian he is seeking permission through the Foreign Office to visit Britain to discuss the issue with the home secretary, Charles Clarke.

In a statement on Tuesday night, Prof Novak said that the government's intention to return radical preachers to their countries of origin, even though some of those countries have a track record of human rights abuses, "reflects a tendency in Europe to circumvent the international obligation not to deport anybody if there is a serious risk that he or she might be subjected to torture".

His intervention came as Mr Clarke, in response to the London bombings, yesterday introduced a list of "unacceptable behaviour" which would allowing him to deport or exclude foreign citizens for glorifying or encouraging terrorism. Mr Clarke said the first exclusions and deportations would take place within the "next few days".

He rejected the UN criticism. He said "the human rights of those people who were blown up on the tube in London on July 7 are, to be quite frank, more important than the human rights of the people who committed those acts."

He added: "I wish the UN would look at human rights in the round, rather than simply focusing all the time on the terrorist."

But Prof Novak refused to accept the rebuke. "The UN is strongly concerned about terrorism and counter-terrorism. But there are certain standards that have to be observed in the context of counter-terrorism," he said last night. "We in the western democratic countries, in the fight against terrorism, should not step over these limits by violating international law."

Bandy comments:

In other words, the UN “human rights commission” says a nation has no right to toss out folks openly advocating violence, mass murder, or even the religious justification for the destruction of the nation itself, if the hatemonger might be “persecuted” in their country of origin. Obtaining the assurance of the government of the country of origin is not sufficient, if the UN deems that country to be prone to use “torture”.

This of course conveniently overlooks the fact that the hatemonger is in the host country in the first place only because that country chose to allow him entry. So now, somehow, “international law” guarantees an immigrant the right to stay in a foreign land, no matter how he abuses that courtesy afforded him by the host. Remember, this is the same UN that paid for the Palestinians’ “today Gaza, tomorrow every inch of the land” propaganda barrage, a clear statement of the Palestinian intention to eradicate the nation of Israel (a nation recognized, by the way, by the UN) from the face of the earth, and either kill the Israelis or “drive them into the sea.”

But in the view of the UN, the “human rights” of the Islamist hatemongers somehow outweigh the right of the citizens of Britain to not be slaughtered in the streets. The UN takes the position that “international law” and the 1951 Geneva Convention on refugees prohibits deporting them back to their home countries “where they could be persecuted”.

... if the Geneva Convention of 1951 prohibits deporting some monster who is trying to wage his jihad in your own back yard, killing as many of your women and children as he can, the solution seems pretty simple: repudiate the Geneva Convention on refugees.

If a European agreement is perceived as preventing the deportation of these people, then withdraw from that agreement. And if the UN wants to complain too much about it, the western nations need to shut off the financial spigots and let them fund their own perverse activities.

What the UN fails to understand is that it is not a world governing body, much as it would like to be. It is an increasingly undemocratic and anti-western club for the pushing of the agendas of penny-ante states trying to collect a payoff from economic success of the the western democracies. What authority it has, what legitimacy it has, derives from its reasonably utilitarian availability as a forum, not from any right to dictate to any nation, member or not.

And the more the UN takes stupid positions like this, the less attention any of the nations it really needs for its survival will pay to its ridiculous pronouncements.

Obviously, GeoBandy is a blog worth reading.

The Sadness and The Beauty of Our Suffering

Because words will sometimes fail us, Someguy has created a photo-poem about the flood which has overwhelmed our nation, over at Mystery Achievement.

Woman Grieves for Her Daughter -
Killed At Elementary School
By Islamofascists in Beslan, Chechneya

We Will Never Forget

As horrifying and evil as the September 11th attacks on America were, there was an almost equally horrifying attack waged in Chechneya one year ago today.

Chechneyan Muslims (with connection to Al Qaeda) stormed an elementary school in Beslan, Chechneya, taking over 1,100 teachers and students hostage. During the ensuing standoff with police, the Jihadis raped young girls, shot teachers, strung the entire school with explosives, and forced children to drink urine.

In the end, the Jihadis went Apocalypse Now on the school, murdering 319 people, 186 of whom were children

In a stunning display of Leftist totalitarianism (rewriting history in the Orwellian sense), Agence French Presse today published an article about the Beslan massacre which doesn't mention the Jihadi nature of the crime even once. In addition, they replace the words "murder" and "massacre" with such innocuous sounding words as "perished" and "disaster."

Here's the whole article. Try to find even one reference to what really happened in Chechneya that day:

BESLAN, Russia (AFP) - Stifling anguished cries, survivors of the Beslan tragedy and relatives of more than 300 dead hostages observed a minute of silence at the ruins of School Number One on the anniversary of the disaster.

Gathering under rain clouds, mourners stood in and around the ruins of the school to observe a minute of silence at 1:05 pm (0905 GMT), the precise moment when Russian rescue forces a year ago launched a chaotic attempt to rescue more than 1,100 hostages.
Only the sound of sobbing interrupted the silence.
Then white balloons were floated into the dark sky, one for each of the 319 hostages who perished, including 186 children, and 12 servicemen. All but one of the 32 gunmen, who had been demanding an end to the war in
Chechnya, were also killed in the battle.
From there, a crowd of about 4,000 mourners went to the cemetery where many of the dead lie in new granite graves. The name of every victim was read out and doves were released to mark the unveiling of a nine-metre (27-foot) bronze monument portraying four mothers in the form of a tree, with angels in the place of leaves.
"It was raining a year ago. It's a sign that God is crying with us," said Viktor Esiyev, who lost his son in the siege.
Across Russia ceremonies were held to commemorate the tragedy, which was a sharp reminder of the instability caused by the decade-old war in Chechnya, and which prompted President
Vladimir Putin to significantly boost his grip on power.
Fierce criticism in Beslan over the conduct of officials and law enforcement during the three-day crisis has also become a major political issue. Putin, who met with a group of Beslan victims on Friday, announced Saturday that the prosecutor general would send a team to investigate claims of major negligence.
In a nationally televised meeting with top ministers in the Kremlin, a sombre looking Putin stood up to lead a moment of silence.
The minute of silence was also observed throughout the North Ossetia province, where Beslan is located, with employees halting work and public transport stopping in its tracks.
In the Pacific port city of Vladivostok, demonstrators donned matching white clothes and released white balloons.
In Moscow, the Nashi youth movement, which is a strong supporter of Putin, organised a demonstration of about 3,000 people next to the Kremlin, with a bell tolling for every one of the Beslan victims and religious music playing from a stage decorated with the slogan: "Words are not enough."
"This shows that the new generation is ready to fight terrorism," said student Vsevolod Igin, 18. "We came to show that terrorism cannot defeat us."
Another 1,000 Nashi supporters gathered in Saint Petersburg.
Church services were held throughout the country and robed Orthodox priests led prayers in the ruins of School Number One itself.
The Beslan tragedy began last year on September 1 when gunmen seized more than 1,100 students, parents and teachers while they celebrated the start to the academic year. It ended on September 3 in a battle so fierce that much of the school was destroyed by fire and blast.
The surviving gunman is on trial in the regional capital Vladikavkaz, but neither his trial, nor an ongoing official investigation, have failed to satisfy survivors that the full truth is being revealed.
Mixed with survivors' tears is anger over what many see as the authorities' failure to act at almost every stage of the crisis -- from allowing a large group of heavily armed militants to reach the school, to the lack of meaningful negotiations, to the chaotic and bloody rescue attempt.
On Friday, the local Beslan Mothers Committee was able after a year of requests to take these concerns to Putin himself. Committee chairwoman Susanna Dudiyeva said the closed-doors meeting in Moscow was "a difficult conversation," but that Putin had promised action.
Putin "promised that we soon will see a real change in the situation, that the truth will be revealed and that the names of the guilty will be named."
However, she added that it was clear that Putin was not aware of many facts. "There was a gap in what we had and what the president had been given," she said. "There were some points that were apparently new to the president or of which he was not fully aware."
In the first concrete evidence that Putin has taken the Beslan mothers' criticism to heart, he ordered the prosecutor general Saturday to send a fact-finding team to Beslan to look into each of their claims.
Putin was quoted by Interfax news agency as saying that he agreed completely with the Beslan residents that "an objective and wide-ranging investigation into such a case will promote root-and-branch improvement to the whole law enforcement system."

As Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs notes, for all we know from this article, these militants may have merely been anti-war protesters who got a little out of hand.

The truth is the Beslan Massacre was one of the most horrific battles to have taken place thus far in the War on Islamofascism.

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Friday, September 02, 2005

The Nuclear Islamofascists of Iran

From Associated Press:

VIENNA, Austria - Iran has produced tons of the gas used in uranium enrichment since last month, when it resumed the process that can be used to make nuclear weapons, a U.N. report revealed Friday.

In unusually strong language, the report, which was seen by The Associated Press, also said questions remain about key aspects of 18 years of clandestine nuclear activity on the part of Iran despite more than two years of investigations by the by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

When The Levee Breaks
New Article By Pastorius
At Internet Journal of Public Policy

Go read my new piece on the madness which comes over us when civilization breaks down.

Daily Update From the Fjordman Debate

I have been obsessed by the debate going on over at Fjordman's blog. It has been taking time away from CUANAS and IJPP posting. Sorry, but it's just too interesting.

Anyway, Bjoern Staerk, another Norwegian blogger of some renown, is accusing Fjordman of being a Chicken Little on the issue of Muslim immigration. Fjordman, of course, believes that the immigration is part of a cultural Jihad against Western Civilization. Many people have joined in the debated, including me, and some of the comments have been very illuminating, to say the least.

Today, an Indian commenter writes about the Islamofascist Jihad in India:

I am Indian. In India the Islamic Jihad against the Hindu-Buddhist civilization (openly declared - when the Koran talks about Polytheists it IS talking about us) has cost us tens of millions of lives.

If you tell me that in the past everyone was violent so what - well firstly we were not violent on the basis of "religion" (we do not have a word for "religion" in any Indian language - even today - the closest word is "Dharma" which actually means a philosophy or set of duties - like a king (Raja) follows RAJDharma - this obviously does not mean King's separate "religion" - if the concept does not exist how would people fight over it?)

Secondly the latest jihadi genocide was carried out in 1971 when the Pakistani army butchered 3 million Bengalis. Would this be an accurate definition of "genocide"?

Compare the experiences of the following sets of people when "interacting" with Islam

1. Hindus in India

2. Buddhists in Thailand

3. Christians in Eastern Europe

4. Animists/Tribals in Africa.

Explain how all four completely different races and religions have almost the same set of experiences when dealing with Islam?

The very fact that you are denying land-grab means you do not understand the concept of Dar-ul-Harb and Dar-ul-Islam. The creation of Pakistan and Bangladesh was a LAND GRAB for Islam and Jihad. Kashmir is a land grab for Islam.

There is one assumption I have seen in Westerners which colors their thinking. The assumption is that life/civilization will keep advancing over time. This is a false assumption.

It can be rationally observed that both India and Persia were more advanced by any measure of civilization - (art/music/poetry/literature/culture/civic consciousness/town planning/etc. etc- only exception is technology ) 1300 years ago than they are today.

What is the difference from 1300 years and today - there is just one factor - Islam - the society has REGRESSED.

The Bamiyan buddha statues were built by the ANCESTORS of todays TALIBAN.

Can you believe it? - What can those very same people build today?

In India the Muslim invaders came from the NorthWest corner. You can take a bike ride through India from North to South in a straight line. Every 100 kms you will notice an improvement in the status of women.


The farther south you go - the further away you go from historical Islamic influence. By the way all the Indian religions (Hinduism/Buddhism/Sikhism/Jainism) have had female monks for thousands of years - and we still worship goddesses.

Yes, and India is one of the few countries (along with England and the Philipines, and soon to be America) who has ever had a Democratically elected female President. The Hindu religion accords women equality. Thus, societies born out of Hinduism have treated women better than any other societies in the world, until very recent Western Civilization.

And, we know how societies born out of Islam have treated women. Do we want that to increase?

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Water, Water Everywhere,
And Not A Drop To Drink

The Unforgettable Fire
by U2

Ice, your only rivers run cold.
These city lights, they shine as silver and gold.
Dug from the night,
your eyes as black as coal.

the wheels fly and the colours spin
through alcohol.
Red wine that punctures the skin.
Face to face
in a dry and waterless place.

Walk on by,
walk on through.
So sad to besiege your love…
oh hang on.
Stay this time,
stay tonight in a lie.
I'm only asking, but I, I think you know.

Come on take me away,
come on take me away
Come on take me home,
home again.

And if the mountains should crumble
Or disappear into the sea
Not a tear, no not I.

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Interesting Debate Over At Fjordman's Blog

There is a very interesting and, to my mind, important debate going on over at Fjordman's site. The question at hand is, will Muslim immigration in Europe lead to war? Here's a comment from Thomas the Wraith which articulates a fear which has been welling in me for the past few years:

The rise of a xenophobic right nation party somewhere in Europe is all but inevitable. The Muslim invasion is slowly but surely waking European rightism from its long slumber. For all their boasting and machismo the Islamists are no match for rising and reconstituted European fascism. It will be a horrible struggle between Bad and Worse.

The BNP grows stronger in the UK. Vlaams Belang grows in Belgium. The Progress Party, the National Front, etc. Some of these parties may achieve power. More likely a new party or a reformed mainstream party will adopt the ideas of turning back the Islamist and muslim immigrant tide.

The losers will ultimately be what's left of European Judaism. Caught between a anti-Semitic nationalism and Jew-hating Islam, the Jews of Europe will have no choice but to flee.

Another loser could be America. Many (even most) Euro-rightists are suspicious of American or simply anti-American. So it goes.

Not to be a pessimist but long dark days are ahead. The struggle between militant European nationalism and Islamic supremism will be violent, personal and intimate. Beirut, Sarajevo, this is the future of many European cities. Sad but true.

Not to be a pessimist, huh?

Hey everybody, hope your coffee is good this morning. Is the sun still shining?


For any who are interested the debate takes place


Here and


When The Levee Breaks
New Orleans As Warzone

Chaos ensues in New Orleans. Now we have people shooting at military helicopters which are attempting to evacuate people from the Superdome:

NEW ORLEANS - The evacuation of the Superdome was suspended Thursday after shots were fired at a military helicopter, an ambulance official overseeing the operation said. No immediate injuries were reported.

"We have suspended operations until they gain control of the Superdome," said Richard Zeuschlag, head of Acadian Ambulance, which was handling the evacuation of sick and injured people from the Superdome.

He said that military would not fly out of the Superdome either because of the gunfire and that the National Guard told him that it was sending 100 military police officers to gain control.
"That's not enough," Zeuschlag. "We need a thousand."

He said that shots were fired at a military helicopter over the Superdome before daybreak.

He also said that during the night, when a medical evacuation helicopter tried to land at a hospital in the outlying town of Kenner, the pilot reported that 100 people were on the landing pad, and some of them had guns.

"He was frightened and would not land," Zeuschlag.

He said medics were calling him and crying for help because they were so scared of people with guns at the Superdome.

As I said yesterday, there is a very thin line between civilization and chaos. It is instructive to watch this. When law is taken away, men begin to behave according to mob mentality and pack rules. It is our nature. It is not our nature to be moral.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Nobility of Appeasement

Wretchard at Belmont Club has a great post up today which explains the thought processes of the appeasement crowd circa the 1930's. He starts by quoting a readers comment on an article by Paul Berman, on the subject of Terrorism and Liberalism:

... Islamism (is) a totalitarian reaction against Western liberalism in a class with Nazism and communism ... Berman delineates how all three movements descended from utopian visions (in the case of Islamism, the restoration of a pure seventh-century Islam) into irrational cults of death.

In a word the Left would logically be expected to oppose Osama Bin Laden because it represents everything Berman thinks the Left has fought against since it's inception.

The question Berman tries to answer is why the precise opposite has happened. To get a handle on the problem he dissects the failure of the 1930s French Left to resolutely oppose Hitler. On pages 124-128 Berman says:

Blum and his supporters regarded Hitler and the Nazis with horror ... But mostly they remembered the First World War ... They grew thoughtful, therefore. They did not wish to reduce Germany in all its Teutonic complexity to black-and-white terms of good and evil. ... And, having analyzed the German scene in that manner, the anti-war Socialists concluded that Hitler and the Nazis, in railing against the great powers and the Treaty of Versailles, did make some legitimate arguments ... Why not look for ways to conciliate the outraged German people and, in that way, to conciliate the Nazis? ...

The anti-war Socialists of France did not think they were being cowardly or unprincipled in making those arguments. On the contrary, they ... regarded themselves as exceptionally brave and honest. They felt that courage and radicalism allowed them to peer beneath the surface of events and identify the deeper factors at work in international relations-the truest danger facing France. This danger, in their judgment, did not come from Hitler and the Nazis, not principally. The truest danger came from the warmongers and arms manufacturers of France itself ... who stood to benefit in material ways from a new war. ...

But the political arguments rested on something deeper, too -- a philosophical belief; profound, large, and attractive ... that, in the modern world, even the enemies of reason cannot be the enemies of reason. Even the unreasonable must be, in some fashion, reasonable.

The belief underlying those anti-war arguments was, in short, an unyielding faith in universal rationality. ... And, stirred by that antique idea, the anti-war Socialists gazed across the Rhine and simply refused to believe ... in a political movement whose animating principles were paranoid conspiracy theories, blood-curdling hatreds, medieval superstitions, and the lure of murder.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it? As they say, those who don't know their history are doomed to repeat it, and it does seem that the Left doesn't know the history of their own behavior.

Wretchard goes on to describe how, once the Germans had invaded France, many on the Left in their dedication to trying to understand the rational in the Nazi movement, began to sympathize, and even to work alongside the Vichy Government:

... among the anti-war Socialists, a number of people, having voted with Petain, took the logical next step and, on patriotic an idealistic grounds, accepted positions in his new government, at Vichy. Some of those Socialists went a little further, too, and began to see a virtue in Petain's program for a new France and a new Europe-a program for strength and virility, a Europe ruled by a single-party state instead of by the corrupt cliques of bourgeois democracy, a Europe cleansed of the impurities of Judaism and of the Jews themselves, a Europe of the anti-liberal imagination.

And, in that very remarkable fashion, a number of the anti-war Socialists of France came full circle. They had begun as defenders of liberal values and human rights, and they evolved into defenders of bigotry, tyranny, superstition, and mass murder. They were democratic leftists who, through the miraculous workings of the slippery slope and a naïve faith in the rationalism of all things, ended as fascists.

Long ago, you say? Not so long ago.

"If I Make My Bed In Hell
Behonld, You Are There"

Phillip Yancey tells the story of a former Nazi soldier who became a Theologian:

Juergen Moltmann was planning on a career in quantum physics until he was drafted at age 18 at the height of the Second World War. Assigned to anti-aircraft batteries in Hamburg, he saw compatriots incinerated in the fire-bombings there. The question "Why did I survive?" haunted him.

After surrendering to the British, the young soldier spent the next three years in prison camps in Belgium, Scotland, and England. When Hitler's empire imploded, exposing the moral rot at the center of the Third Reich, Moltmann saw how other German prisoners "collapsed inwardly, how they gave up all hope, sickening for the lack of it, some of them dying."

As he learned the truth about the Nazis, Moltmann felt an inconsolable grief about life, "weighed down by the somber burden of a guilt which could never be paid off."

Moltmann had no Christian background. He had brought two books with him into battle—Goethe's poems and the works of Nietzsche—neither of which nourished much hope. But an American chaplain gave him an Army-issue New Testament and Psalms, signed by President Roosevelt. "If I make my bed in hell, behold thou art there," the prisoner read.

Could God be present in that dark place? As he read on, Moltmann found words that perfectly captured his feelings of desolation. He became convinced that God "was present even behind the barbed wire—no, most of all behind the barbed wire."

Moltmann also found something new in the Psalms: hope. Walking the perimeter of the barbed wire at night for exercise, he would circle a small hill in the center of the camp on which stood a hut that served as a chapel. That hut became for him a symbol of God's presence in the midst of suffering.

Later Moltmann was transferred to Norton Camp, an educational camp in England run by the YMCA. The local population welcomed the German prisoners, bringing them homemade food, teaching them Christian doctrine, and never adding to the burden of guilt the prisoners felt over Nazi atrocities.

Upon release, Moltmann began to articulate his theology of hope. We exist in a state of contradiction between the Cross and the Resurrection. Surrounded by decay, we nonetheless hope for restoration, a hope illuminated by the "foreglow" of Christ's resurrection. Faith in that glorious future can transform the present—just as Moltmann's own hope of eventual release from prison camp transformed his daily experience there.

Through all of Moltmann's dense theological works run two themes: God's presence with us in our suffering and God's promise of a perfected future.

If Jesus had lived in Europe during the Third Reich, Moltmann noted, he likely would have been branded like other Jews and shipped to the gas chambers.

Yes, it is more than likely. It is almost assured.

I think one of the first duties of any Christian is to ask God to help him to find the person inside himself who would have helped nail Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, to the cross. That person is in all of us.

Until we find that person, and ask God to help us banish him (the old man), the world is not safe from us.

Why Libertarian Isolationism Is An Oxymoron

My blogbrother Titus has written a penetrating analysis on the issue of whether war is a rational or irrational policy. My favorite part is where Titus tears apart the reigning Libertarian orthodoxy that war is an unnecessary entangling alliance:

Addressing the arguments that paleo-libertarians make against the rationality of war, we find that their position is actually contrary to what one would expect from their philosophy of the state. Indeed, given that war is an act of the state (or tribe, or band), and the libertarians themselves general believe that the object of the state is to increase its own power vis-a-vis the individual citizens, it would seem that libertarians should understand war to be a rational, though undesireable, activity as the state seems to augment its power through a reasoned course of action.

I love the smell of Pat Buchanan stewing in his own juices. Go read the whole thing.

How To Help The People of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama

At Feed The Children, $7 will send 50 lbs. of food out to people who need it.

American Red Cross appears to be inundated right now, but try later.

Little Green Footballs has a list of links to charities as well.

Victory In Iraq
Iraqis Rally In Support Of Their Constitution

Iraqi Demonstrators hold banners in support of the draft constitution in Kut, Iraq, yesterday, August 29. (Reuters) Protesters said that passing the Constitution would help end the terrorist attacks in the country. (FOX)

(Hat tip: Gateway Pundit.)

The Astute Blogger comments:

The Sunni Arabs don't like the new Iraqi Constitution. So what do they do? Protest and say they will VOTE it down.

That means we have won in Iraq.

It's probably a bit premature to declare victory, but The Astute Blogger is correct. As of now, the Iraqi people are functioning as a Democracy.

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Europe, We Hardly Know Ye

From Ed Morrisey:

Leave it to the current German government and their knee-jerk anti-Americanism to try to score political points off of the natural catastrophe occuring in New Orleans. As many of the blogosphere have already pointed out, German environmental minister Juergen Tritten blamed George Bush for Hurricane Katrina and the deadly devestation it inflicted on New Orleans and Gulfport this week. Der Spiegel also reports that Tritten is hardly alone among Germans in believing that George Bush controls the weather:

The toughest commentary of the day comes from Germany's Environmental Minister, Jürgen Trittin, a Green Party member, who takes space in the Frankfurter Rundschau, a paper owned by the Social Democrats, to bash US President George W. Bush's environmental laxity. He begins by likening the photos and videos of the hurricane stricken areas to scenes from a Roland Emmerich sci-fi film and insists that global warming and climate change are making it ever more likely that storms and floods will plague America and Europe. ...

Trittin also calls for a reworking of the Kyoto Protocol -- dubbing it the uncreative title of "Kyoto 2" -- and insisting that the US be included.

The Germans, especially on the Left, have plenty to say about their newfound belief in George Bush's deity. Die Tageszeitung also urges politicians to draw a lesson from Katrina, apparently believing that one data point demonstrates causality. Handelsblatt follows suit, arguing that Katrina shows that hurricanes have gotten more intense.

Does anyone see any similarities between this reaction and the so-called outpouring of sympathy we received after 9/11? Oh, it's a shame about the poor Americans in New York/Orleans, they say. But you know they brought it on themselves, warming the planet like that. Why, don't they know that their arrogant and unilateral policies anger al-Qaeda/Gaia? Tritten even trotted out the statistics on energy consumption as rescue workers had only just started rafting past the dead bodies floating in the Big Easy to try to find survivors.

I have never felt as betrayed as I did when, on 9/11, I heard those criticisms from Europe. Today the betrayal comes close.

When The Levee Breaks

I've been to several blog sites and have seen extensive comments on the looting in New Orleans. It is a tragedy. However, let me say something here to all of you. The blogs I frequent are sites which often touch on the issue of the War against Islamofascism and anti-Semitism. If anyone ought to understand The Madness of Crowds, it ought to be those who know the history of anti-Semitism.

The truth about human society is that there is just a thin blue line which separates us from chaos. When disaster strikes, and society buckles, chaos will come rushing in just as sure as when the levee in New Orleans broke, and water flooded the city.

For people to take postures of morality on the issue of looting in this situation seems absurd to me. It seems to me there may be racism and classism involved in some of these criticisms. Remember, the people with money had cars, and they got out.

Imagine that you were one of the few people left stranded in a city teetering on chaos. Imagine the fear. Imagine the desperation. Some people may choose to deal with their situation by stealing a basketball goal as in this story from Michelle Malkin's site. A fireman who watched the absurd spectacle commented,

"It’s a f---- hurricane, what are you do with a basketball goal?"

Yes, exactly. What is he going to do with it? You can't play basketball on flooded, unstable streets, can you?

This incident demonstrates the chaos which has crept into the minds of those left behind to fend for themselves, without the thin blue line separating them from the chaos of the outer world. Some will "steal" food, and others might seek entertainment. In fact, seeking entertainment is a way of attempting to establish the normality of society, and fend off chaos.

The reality of the hurricane, and the devastation it has caused, is so much bigger than the action of the looters. To get angry with the looters in the aftermath of Katrina is almost the same as if you were to look out at the ocean and get angry that there is a buoy blocking your view.

I have to wonder if some of the anger being directed at the looters is really just an expression of the futility many of us feel at knowing that there isn't much we can do to help. And, maybe it is an expression of fright at the chaos we feel welling up within ourselves.

I am not trying to defend looting. I am only saying that I don't think morality is the natural state of mankind. We are Graced to be moral. And the culture we surround ourselves with gives us the strength to be moral. If the culture were taken away from us, we might find ourselves doing things we never thought we were capable of.

I think we need to stop criticizing those who were left behind.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Pope Benedict, Oriana Fallaci,
Islamofascism, and the Jews

Today is a day of bad news in America. I haven't posted much on Hurricane Katrina because not much concrete information has come out yet. But, even as we are learning of the devastation caused by Katrina, some good news is coming to us today, from Europe. Pope Benedict has met with Oriana Fallaci, the champion of Western Civilization, and one of the rare people in this world who is willing to truly stand up and fight against Islamofascism:

VATICAN CITY (AFP) - Pope Benedict XVI held a meeting at his summer residence in Castel Gandolfo with Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci, a strident critic of Islam, Vatican sources confirmed.

The 76-year-old writer, who describes herself as an atheist Christian and was sued in Italy for insulting the Muslim faith in one of her books, asked to meet the pope, a source said.

The meeting on Saturday between Benedict XVI and the former war correspondent became public only after Fallaci’s associates let slip that the meeting took place.

Based in the United States where she is being treated for cancer, Fallaci once said in a newspaper interview that she was comforted by the writings of German Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger before he became pope after the death of John Paul II.

We can be sure that the Pope knows all about Ms. Fallaci's controversial views. Thus, this is a signal that the Pope must largely agree with her. If he agrees with her, then we know that he intends to confront the menace of Islamofascism.

This is some of the best news I have heard in a very long time.

I also want to note that, if Pope Benedict agrees with Oriana Fallaci, then that also indicates that he is, by no means, on the side of the Palestinians in the Middle East Conflict, as many have been saying recently. Here's an example of Ms. Fallaci's writing on Islamofascism:

Now, I ask myself: “What do you say, what do you have to say, about what happened in London?” They ask me face-to-face, via fax and email; often scolding me because up until now I have remained silent. Almost as if my silence were a betrayal. And each time I shake my head and murmur to myself: what else should I say?!? I’ve been saying it for four years--that I fight against the Monster that has decided to eliminate us physically and, along with our bodies, to destroy our principles and values. Our civilization. For four years I’ve been talking about Islamic Nazism; about the war against the West; about the death cult; about European suicide. About a Europe that is no longer Europe, but Eurabia, and that with its feebleness, its inertia, its blindness, its servitude to the enemy is digging its own grave.

If one agrees with her, then one sees that we are in a war for our survival, a war in which there is no potential for compromise.

I have never joined the ranks of pro-Israel pundits who accuse the Pope of anti-Semitism, because I know about the Pope's history. I believe he is a good man.

Imagine No America
It Is Frightening To Do

The American Thinker gives a very solemn warning:

As has been documented scores of times by The American Thinker, the homeland battle of ideas is an attempt by the mainstream media, the academic world, government schools, textbook publishers, establishment churches, wealthy foundations, city governments, Hollywood liberals, State Department bureaucrats, the Ivy League playpen at the CIA, pop stars, rap artists, civil libertarians, and other assorted noisemakers to mislead the public about the nature of the enemy, an attempt repeatedly frustrated by the enemy himself, who reveals his nature with every attack.

The “war on terrorism” is thus a shooting war with Islamofascist terrorists and a battle of ideas with respectable society, which, for its own truly perverse reasons, at best exhibits a dull-witted indifference to the terrorist threat to our lives and way of life.

It is a war that we could lose—and with it everything.

Since the war is a two-front war, a shooting war and a war of truth against falsehood, it is a war that our armed forces cannot win by themselves. Every American has a responsibility to the truth. Abdicating this responsibility and forcing the military to fight alone is stupid, selfish, self-defeating, shortsighted, and immoral.

If we do not fulfill our responsibility on the homefront, we will lose the war, no matter how brave our soldiers are. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness will be no more.

Many in our society are taking America for granted. We don't seem to realize that America is as much a miracle of history, as the emergence of life out of the primordial soup.

America, and Western Civilizaton in general are so precious. They are a sanctuary in which we are blessed to be able to take refuge from the unremitting murder and pestilence of the history of human civilization.

Without America, the world would sink into chaos.

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Michael Jackson getting the royal treatment in Dubai.

Shouldn't they be stoning him to death, rather than treating him like royalty?

Here's the story, if you are interested.

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When Did AP Go Pharisee On Us?

Am I the only one who thinks this is wrong. Associated Press published this photo of this poor woman from New Orleans today, with the following caption:

A woman walks through chest-deep water as she heads to loot a grocery store in New Orleans, Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2005, as floodwaters continue to rise after Hurricane Katrina made landfall on Monday. (AP Photo/Dave Martin)

Oh, she's going to "loot a grocery store?" Yeah, right.

Why not say she is going to get groceries? If the grocery store isn't open, because it has been abandoned, and there is no other way to get food, then it isn't looting.

This is an excellent example of Pharasaic thinking. Following the letter of the Law, and not understanding the Spirit.

For Associated Press to have published a phtograph of this woman, with a caption accusing her of "looting", is slander. They would have never done this to a person who looked like they had money. They only did it because she looks like a poor person. And, sorry to say, because she is a poor, black person.

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Al Qaeda University:
Is The Phillipines Becoming
The New Afghanistan?

From Associated Press:

MANILA, Philippines - Al-Qaida's Southeast Asian ally is sharing bomb-making expertise with Muslim militants in the Philippines, providing at least nine explosive designs and eight chemical recipes to help ragtag insurgents become more lethal, according to government reports.

The results: 116 people killed in the country's worst terror attack, a series of high-tech explosions and close cooperation among local and foreign militants using the southern Philippines as a training ground following the loss of al-Qaida camps in Afghanistan.

While U.S.-backed offensives have overrun established camps in the Mindanao region in the last couple of years, training by al-Qaida-linked Jemaah Islamiyah's Indonesian operatives has continued on a limited basis with militants setting up classes and plotting attacks, police and military intelligence officers told The Associated Press.

One Philippine security official said Mindanao in the southern part of the country "is like a terrorist academy" with trainees taught how to make bombs, plant them, then set them off in test missions designed to help militants perfect their techniques to complete the course.

Jemaah Islamiyah militants appear to be continuously testing new designs and explosives mixtures, said officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the secretive nature of the information. Previously, many Philippine militants, especially Abu Sayyaf rebels, had relied on simple hand and rocket-propelled grenades to attack civilian targets.

Investigators looking into Sunday's bombing of a passenger ferry while it was boarding on Basilan island, injuring 30 people, said it appeared to be designed more to sow panic than kill, but that it was too early to speculate on the design.

More powerful chemical mixtures not used before by local militants also have been detected at bombing scenes in recent years, the reports said.

The new mixtures give the militants more leeway in attaining a particular effect. Some spark fires to scare extortion targets; others are designed to kill and destroy.

Authorities said they have detected evidence of al-Qaida and Jemaah Islamiyah "training and technology transfer" in bomb devices for the past four or five years.

Such international cooperation and terror technology exchanges is not entirely new.

When police in 1995 raided the Manila apartment of Ramzi Yousef, the convicted mastermind of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center in New York, they found several juice bottles filled with the same powerful explosives used in that attack and a brand of quartz alarm clock later used in a bombing in Iraq.

The Devastation In New Orleans

Via Michelle Malkin:

In a most frightening interview with WWL TV, Mayor C. Ray Nagin gave the worse-case scenario of events that anyone could possibly imagine. In the beginning of the interview, he stated that New Orleans is devastated.

Of most importance is the breach of the levee between Jefferson and Orleans Parish.

“We probably have 80 percent of our city under water with some sections of our city the water is as deep as 20 feet”.

Both airports are underwater

The twin spans are destroyed.

The Yacht club is burned and destroyed.

Mayor Nagin also stated he was not sure of the structural soundness of the highrise. He stated that it is possible that the highrise bridge in east New Orleans could be unstable.

The Mayor also stated that all of Slidell (a city [over] which he has no jurisdiction) is under water. Nagin also stated that there was no clear path in and out of New Orleans, that I-10 is underwater.

Nagin stated that FEMA is coming into town tomorrow and that New Orleans will need to obtain major federal help to rebuild the city of New Orleans.

As corroboration, a spokesperson from Tulane University said that they were about to move all of the patients from the hospital due to rising water at one inch every five minutes. She said white water was pouring down Canal Street (which would be from Lake Ponchatrain-related to the breach in the levee) from the canal separating the two parishes.

Click here to see video of the Mayor's comments.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Bush Calls On Abbas To Show "Political Courage"

With thanks to Charles at Little Green Footballs:

EL MIRAGE, Arizona (Reuters) - President Bush stepped up pressure on the Palestinians one day after a suicide bomb attack, urging President Mahmoud Abbas on Monday to show the “political courage” to rein in militants.

Bush called Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza the first step toward creating a democracy for the Palestinians. “It took political courage to make that decision,” Bush said of the withdrawal of Jewish settlers.

“And now it’s going to take political courage by the Palestinians and ... Abbas to step up, reject violence, reject terrorism and build a democracy,” he added during a speech in El Mirage, Arizona.

Bush’s comments marked an escalation in U.S. pressure on Abbas to begin taking action against militants in response to Israel’s withdrawal.

The call for action appeared to run counter to assertions by Palestinian officials in Washington that the White House understood that Abbas and his security forces would need more time to prepare for any major push to disarm the militants.

A senior Bush administration official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issues, said the White House believes that Abbas already has the means to restrain the groups responsible for attacks on Israel.

“We want him to be a responsible leader. He needs to rein in the groups that want to harm the ‘road map’ process,” the official said, referring to the U.S.-backed peace process that envisions creating a viable Palestinian state.

Why The Christians In Sudan?
Why The Jews?

In the Sudan, the Islamofascist government has been on a 22-year long spree of murdering Christians. All told, they have killed over 2 million people for the crime of believing that in Jesus and not Allah. Here's a little bit about Nina Shea, and her fight against the Islamofascist Genocide in the Sudan:

Shea and the coalition she helped assemble have been pushing for agreement for more than a decade. The 22-year genocidal jihad waged by the ruling National Islamic Front against Sudan's predominantly Christian and animist South has ended. But Shea and others say they will not rest until peace is restored to Darfur, where a second genocide rages on.

Drawing attention to religious persecution around the globe is something Shea has learned to do well. She is described by her friends as forthright and direct, and by her critics as "shrill." No matter. Her reputation as an intensely focused, doggedly persistent advocate of religious freedom led Newsweek magazine to credit her with "making Christian persecution Washington's hottest cause."

In uscirf meetings with President Bush, Shea will try to "buttonhole him and use the time to raise the issues she thinks need to be talked about," says colleague Paul Marshall. Marshall, senior fellow at the CRF and author of Their Blood Cries Out, a bestselling survey of religious persecution, adds, "She's not overawed by people."

Shea's approach is to bring together politically diverse coalitions of churches, religious groups, and civil-rights organizations to press for government action. It has proven effective. In 1998, Shea, McDonnell, Michael Horowitz, and others began laying the groundwork for the Sudan Coalition, a loosely affiliated network of human-rights groups, students, and religious organizations. It later joined forces with the Sudan Campaign, a group launched by African American civil-rights leaders, to pass the 2002 Sudan Peace Act.

In the early 1980s, the League sent her to El Salvador, where clandestine death squads were abducting and killing people by the thousands. "I was investigating disappearances and talking to families whose loved ones were being tortured and killed," Shea says. "It was a very intimidating environment."

On one prison visit, a notorious police official told Shea and her delegation to step inside a dark cell. He locked the door, then after an appropriate pause, jokingly opened it. The experience impressed upon Shea the protections her American citizenship afforded. "We could speak out when the locals could not," she says. But she still recognized what she was doing was risky:

In Latin America, she started to become disillusioned with what she calls her colleagues' "double standard on human rights."

"In my secular days, I really believed that the human-rights movement was altruistic," says Shea, a liberal Democrat when she joined the League. "Then I saw that when governments on the Left started abusing human rights, human rights were no longer important."

The last straw came when superiors began pressuring her to suppress her report on Sandinista atrocities. "I decided to dig in," Shea says. "Somebody had to stand up for these principles."

During these years, her spiritual life began to blossom. For a long period of about 15 years during college, law school, and at her job with the International League for Human Rights, she "really did not know any believing Christians," Shea says.

During her work in the '80s for the League, Shea began meeting Christians whose lives she describes as "a great witness." Shea recalls one Pentecostal preacher in the Dominican Republic living in a shack next to a garbage dump. "He was there, in the garbage dump, amidst the open sewers, trying to give dignity to people's lives," Shea says.

In Haiti, Shea met a Dutch priest and former classics professor who was starting schools and soup kitchens in "the worst slum of the Western world."

"They were living under constant threat, constant violence, and they were doing it out of love," she says. "It had a powerful impact on me. I saw this repeated in country after country."
What resulted was an "intellectual awakening" where the importance of religion, worship, and the role of religious figures became clearer, Shea says. "It was a rational commitment I made before becoming a Christian.

"I recognized there was something very powerful here, something that I found deeply attractive. At the same time, I observed prejudice in the secular culture against the people I found deeply heroic. Because of their love for others, these people were being persecuted, marginalized, and ignored.

"I started seeing how churches were crushed, and how religious people of all faiths were being crushed." She watched in Nicaragua as communists tried to manipulate the churches as they did in Eastern Europe. "They were replacing the priests with Marxist liberation priests.

"This was a powerful witness to me. It provoked a reckoning within me about what life was about and whom I admired." In addition, the fact that "these people were often dismissed by the press and human-rights groups" proved a powerful motivator.

Aside from a few Jewish groups, "no one was speaking out on behalf of persecuted religious figures," Shea says. "Certainly no one was speaking out for persecuted Christians. Something had to be done."

Shea turned her attention to the persecuted Christian church. "It jolted me into learning more about my faith as an adult. I really hadn't learned the Catholic Church's philosophy of life. I didn't learn it in school. I started delving into it as an adult."

In her 1997 book, In the Lion's Den, Shea wrote, "The shocking, untold story of our time is that more Christians have died in this century simply for being Christians than in the first 19 centuries after the birth of Christ."

During an address by Shea at Catholic University Law School, a member of the audience identified himself as a representative from the Sudan embassy; he also said he was from the state of Nuba, where the pro-government imams had issued a fatwa against insurgents. "Nina took him on," McDonnell recalls. "

She basically said, 'You are from Nuba, and the government of Sudan has tried to totally wipe out your people! How dare you sell out your own people!'"

Asked where she finds her ongoing passion, as well as her strength during times of discouragement, Shea says, "As a Catholic, I find my strength at Mass and in sharing in the Eucharist with other believers, but another great source of strength is Daniel 6:22." It's a verse that inspired the title of her book. "I love that image of God sending his angel to close the mouths of the lions," she says.

I like how Shea describes her conversion as an "intellectual awakening" and a "rational act" inspired by seeing how important people of faith were to the world. I have had a similar experience over the past few years. I have been a Christian for quite a while, but the last few years have taught me the importance of my faith.

(I do not write any of this to convert anybody. Whatever you believe is alright with me, as long as you love your neighbor, and are grateful to the God who created you. Whatever name you want to call God by, is ok with me, but if you feel no thankfulness to God, and you don't love your neighbor, then that is too bad for you. A hell is opening up in your soul this very day, and it will only grow. I don't need to convert you. You will find your own way.)

Anyway, back to my experience. Having worked with the other members of CUANAS, and having looked, for so long, at the menace of anti-Semitism, I have seen what happens when people put their faith in power ideologies, rather than love and the grace of God.

It is clear to me that it is only those who have a powerful faith in God, and who believe it is their duty to sacrifice themselves in His name, who are willing to help Jews. All others find excuses for why those who hate Jews might have a point here or there.

Dennis Prager says he found God in a classroom at Columbia University, when he realized how much the foolish beliefs of many of his professors contrasted with the level of their intellect, it became clear to him that the verse from Psalm 111 which says, "Wisdom begins with fear of God" was being played out for him in the flesh.

Similarly, I have come to an intellectual awakening. I have realized that there is no rational reason for the level of hatred directed at Jews. There is nothing special enough about Jews as a people. They have too many different opinions. They perform too many different functions in society. They contribute a tremendous amount to the world, and yet there are good Jews, and there are bad Jews, just as there are good and bad in any other race.

The Jews may have been appointed to carry God's Law through the ages, but they have often not behaved according to God's Law. On the other hand, from my experience Jews are extraordinarily charitable people. But, of course, this is no reason to hate Jews.

So, why is it that people who are obsessed with attaining ultimate power (Hitler, Stalin, Khomeini, Bin Laden, etc.) inevitably turn their wrath on Jews? Why do they become obsessed with the idea of killing Jews?

Ask yourself, why would Hitler say, "You will see how little time we shall need in order to upset the ideas and the criteria for the whole world, simply and purely by attacking Judaism. The struggle for world domination will be fought entirely between Germans and Jews. All else is facade and illusion"?

Why would he say that? The answer is this:

Because obsession with the attainment of ultimate power is demonic, and the Jews are the Chosen People of God. They are God's people, so those who act according to the demonic, those who are obsessed with ultimate power will inevitably come to the belief (as if by delirium) that the first thing they need to do to attain the unlimited power they seek, is to kill the Jews.

If killing the Jews is so incredibly important to all the most evil people in history, then we ought to come to the conclusion that keeping the Jews safe must be very important to all of us who would like to see the world survive and bloom.

P.S. I realize that it must seem odd to see someone the use the term "intellectual awakening" to describe the process of coming to the the conclusion that hatred of the Jews is demonic in origin. Of course, demons, if they exist, are spiritual, not physical, in nature.

But, the reason I used the term intellectual awakening is because, as in the case of Nina Shea and Dennis Prager, my faith was awakened through the observation of phenomena in the physical world. In other words, I observed the hatred directed at the Jews. I considered the possible motivating factors for this hatred. I came to the conclusion that none of these motivating factors made sense, except the one proposed by the Bible.

In the case of Dennis Pragers' conversion, one could say, yes but there could be reasons, other than spiritual, for extremely intellectual professors believing such foolishness. Yes, there could be, but Mr. Prager considered the various reasons and came to the intellectual conclusion that the answer provided by the Bible (that those who do not fear God will fall to foolishness) was the correct conclusion.

That's what I have done. No motivating factor which exists in the physical world is sufficient to explain the obsessive hatred directed at Jews. Jews are hated in nations, and by people (such as Malaysians) who have never even seen a Jew. So, where does the hatred come from?

Why is this obsessive hatred not directed at another group, like Filipinos for instance? Can you imagine the whole world hating Filipinos? There are probably a similar number of Filipinos in the world? Why doesn't the world start directing it's resevoir of hatred at Filipinos?

Because they are not God's Chosen People. That's why.

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A Young Girl Who Didn't

The Aftermath of the Beslan Massacre

Last year Islamofascist Jihadis stormed an elementary school in Beslan, Chechneya and went on a raping and murdering rampage which lasted for several days, and culminated with a massacre which killed over 200 children.

The other day, the surviving children had the "opportunity" to relive their horrible experiences by testifying in court about what happened to them:

Children of the Beslan Massacre from a year ago sobbed in court as they recounted the horrific abuse they endured last year when terrorists took siege of their school in this North Ossetian town:

A 10-year-old boy testified Thursday, August 25th in the trial of the one lone terrorist to be captured alive after the siege in Beslan. One of the female terrorists ... told us that if she found a phone on anyone, that person would be killed and three more people near him or her would be killed too.

Tamerlan Toguzov a survivor of the Beslan terrorist attack, stands outside the court Wednesday to talk with reporters. He shared a bottle of vodka with other thirsty hostages to survive the ordeal. (Moscow Times)

Alan Kochiyev, 13, told how the attackers shot a hostage in the gym. He also recalled how they forced a boy sitting next to him to stand up and threatened to shoot him if the hostages did not keep quiet.

Tamerlan Toguzov, 13, said that after a female suicide bomber died in a blast on the first day, he and his mother, a doctor, removed medicine from her bloodied bags. He said his mother, Larisa Mamitova, treated hostages and wounded attackers and twice was sent out to hand over notes demanding that federal troops be withdrawn from Chechnya and that President Vladimir Putin resign.

The boy said he found a bottle of vodka in one of the bomber's bags and sipped it with other children because they had nothing else to drink.

But, the most moving testimony was that of the 14 year old boy who burst into tears: Malik Kalchakeyev, 14, speaking slowly and in great detail, told of how the schoolchildren and their parents were herded into the school's gym, how the attackers stopped providing water and how they taunted the exhausted hostages, often forcing them to stand and sit quickly in the hot, crowded gym."

On the second day, we were all very thirsty. Women told us, the boys, to pee into plastic bottles so that the children could then drink our pee," the boy said, bursting into tears. "I peed into a bottle, and small children -- even babies -- drank it."

"Listen, Kulayev, listen," Judge Tamerlan Aguzarov angrily ordered the defendant, who showed no emotion as he sat in a steel cage with bulletproof glass behind the testifying children.

As the boy tried to stop sobbing, the courtroom spectators, mostly women wearing black clothes and black headscarves, swore at Kulayev. "Give this terrorist to us! We will tear the bastard apart!" the women shouted.

This testimony took place a few days ago. Right around the same time, one of the masterminds of the Beslan Massacre received a promotion. He is now second in command of the Chechen rebellion:

Warlord Shamil Basayev has become the second most powerful figure in the Chechen rebel government as part of a reshuffle that confirms its shift toward radical Islam.

Basayev, who has claimed responsibility for numerous terrorist attacks, including last September's hostage-taking raid in Beslan, has been appointed first deputy prime minister in the rebel government, according to a document posted Thursday on the rebel web site Kavkaz Center.

Abdul-Khalim Sadulayev, the Muslim cleric who succeeded Aslan Maskhadov as Chechen separatist president after Maskhadov's killing by pro-Moscow forces in March, named Basayev and other rebel leaders to posts in his government in a decree dated Aug. 23. Sadulayev also holds the post of prime minister in the rebel government.

The reshuffle "demonstrates the consolidation of the separatist Chechen government and, most probably, of its further radicalization," said Alexei Malashenko, a Chechnya analyst with the Carnegie Moscow Center.

I am often amazed to find that there are people who still don't realize that we truly are at war, and that we are at war with an evil menace on the level of Nazism. I don't understand how people can not see this. These Islamofascists took a school full of children hostage, and raped and killed them.

In this war, the enemy is so clearly evil it is almost farcical. It's almost like in the Lord of the Rings, where all the evil people were ugly trolls and orcs whose bodies oozed and who grunt and huff when breathing. But, it isn't farcical at all. It's true. They really are that evil. They really will stoop to raping and killing a school full of children.

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What The Media Hath Wrought

From a Rasmussen poll, via Q and O:

Seventy-nine percent (79%) of Americans say that it is important for "Iraq to become a stable company that rejects terrorism." That figure includes 59% who say that Iraqi stability if very important to the U.S. A Rasmussen Reports survey found that just 14% say that objective is not very important or not at all important.

While 79% agree with President Bush on the importance of the Iraqi mission, just 48% believe that success is likely. In fact, just 13% say achieving stability in Iraq is "very likely." The public concerns about the War effort are primarily about competence, not ideology.

So, in other words while the media is telling us that support for the War is declining, it is far from the truth. Support for our tactics is declining, but, the truth is, that's because the media deluges us with bad news all day, every day.

Q and O notes that General Downing, former commander of the US Special Operations Command was on Meet the Press the other day, and had this to say:

Quite frankly, I think one of the problems that we're having is that the news media, the opposition to the war are framing this entire discussion in the terms of casualties and casualties only. I think what we don't have is a serious discussion about why you take those casualties.

We're not out there roaming the roads in Iraq and Afghanistan, looking for IEDs to blow up. Everything we're doing in a military campaign, both the U.S., the coalition and the Iraqi forces, are aimed at objectives. And those objectives are to promote the political process, number one, because what we're doing, Tim—for the last six weeks we've been doing this—we're preparing for the election in the middle of October—I mean, the referendum on the constitution and then the following one, the election in December to ratify it.

The other things we're doing is we're supporting the economic development of that country and the social development. That's why these military operations are going on.

And I really think that it's incumbent upon you and the others and the responsible American press to put the casualties into these kind of context.

In other words, what is it that they're accomplishing? I mean, can you imagine us and, you know, it's been quoted out there in the Web, judging the D-Day invasion of Normandy back in 1944 by the casualties that were suffered?

Well, that puts into context, doesn't it?

And now let's take a look at what the media hath wrought. this is the story of Marine sergeant Marco Martinez, a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and a full-time psychology major at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, Calif and his incredible valor, and the treatment it has afforded him on his college campus:

“A woman on campus had apparently learned I might be a Marine. When I told her I was, she said, ‘You’re a disgusting human being, and I hope you rot in hell!’ ”

Indeed, Martinez, who will be the first male in his family to receive a college diploma, says he is receiving more of an education than he bargained for: “There are a lot of people who don’t appreciate military service in college,” Martinez said. “If someone asks me about it, and I think that they’re not too liberal, I might tell them I was in Iraq. But I don’t tell them the full extent of it or anything about the Navy Cross.”

The Navy Cross — as in second only to the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Martinez, formerly of 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines, is a bona-fide American hero and the first Hispanic American since Vietnam to receive the Navy Cross.

During the Battle of At Tarmiya, one of Sergeant Martinez’s fellow marines had been hit in the legs and left for dead by five terrorists holed up in an adobe garden shed. That’s when Martinez used his body to shield the dying marine from the terrorist before mounting a 20-meter frontal charge at the bunker with nothing but a depleted rifle and a grenade.

With enemy bullets pinging off his gear, Martinez unpinned the grenade, slammed his body into the adobe building, and lobbed the device into the window of the structure, killing all the terrorists inside.

Honestly, grown men should bow their heads when they meet this man. Women should weep grateful tears that such a man exists.

Stories like this are what the Iraq War is made up of. Men, who volunteered for service, sacrificing themselves with the hope and determination that people in a part of the world which has never tasted freedom may finally find themselves free human beings with rights and opportunities.

As Christopher Hitchens says, this is a war to be proud of.

Head-Turning News Of The Day

France is increasing it's military presence in Afghanistan:

Aug. 29, 2005 - As the going gets tougher for the U.S. military in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the region, one ally has stepped up despite a recent straining of ties: France.

Paris has significantly boosted its military presence in Central Asia and Afghanistan, plus in nearby seas, as both it and Washington nurture their budding rapprochement after a bitter falling out over the Iraq war.
French fighters have been flying sorties under U.S. command in Afghanistan since Aug. 16, and France also took command this month of an international naval task force on terrorism-related patrols in the seas between the Horn of Africa and Pakistan.

France has kept about 900 troops in Afghanistan since 2003, including 200 Special Forces soldiers fighting alongside the Americans. Its air force periodically has joined the U.S.-led coalition since taking its biggest role in the war's opening weeks in 2001, when France had 5,500 troops in the region.

"It's France's wish to show that we are cooperating in the fight against terror and in support of you in Afghanistan," said French Air Force Col. Gilles Michel, who oversees his country's air force role in the theater. "We told the Americans, 'If you need some assets, we will provide them.'"

Something has snapped with France, it seems. Not only are they helping us out like this, but they are actually far tougher on domstic terrorists than we are.

Go Read Fjordman This Morning

There is a great discussion/argument going on over at Fjordman's site. It centers around a debate between Fjordman and Bjoern Staerk, another Norwegian blogger who fancies himself to be more rational than Fjordman.

Of course, I threw my .22 cents in as well.

That's where I've been this morning and why there are no CUANAS posts. Sorry, I just couldn't help myself.

Go there and read it.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Ophelia Drowning

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The Nazis and The Anti-War Left
Are In Solidarity

The Nazis have announced their solidarity with Cindy Sheehan and the anti-War Left:

One of the most important steps that Whites are taking these days (and, we all must admit, that millions of non-Whites have already taken) is a recognition that Jewish power is toxic to any society that allows it to exist. (And allowing it free rein is tantamount to suicide.) Jewish power is behind the drive for racial mixing, open borders, raceless globalism, and international capitalism, just as it was behind racially-destructive international Communism.

But what is really waking people up is the Jewish power behind the current war in the Middle East, and the outrageous hypocrisy of Israel as Jews maintain an aggressive racial state (armed to the teeth, by the way, with Weapons of Mass Destruction) while doing everything in their power to open the borders of and multiracialize and multiculturalize other peoples’ countries.

I’m sure that all of you are by now familiar with Cindy Sheehan, the mother of Casey, her son who was killed in Iraq last year, and her vigil outside the Bush ranch in Crawford, Texas. Her story has moved the hearts of millions just as it has angered the neocon spinmeisters who pushed for this war. Though she has hesitated and backpedaled more than once, she has brought out into public view the one flaming truth that the Jewish-controlled left and Jewish-controlled right are desperate to conceal: that her son, and all the other Americans being brought back home in body bags, died for Israel, not America.

... her story is a moving testament to the horrible injustice and irreparable harm done to our people by the Jewish supremacists.

Yes, indeed-dee. LGF reader, cjstavern, comments:

Let me see if I understand this. Liberals call Bush a Nazi, but the Nazi's are just as anti war as the liberals? Seems to me Nazis have much more in common with the liberals.


Yes, that's funny, but it's not a hard phenomenon to understand once you have read the excellent post Democracy's Domestic Abusers, by my blogbrother Titus, over at the Internet Journal of Public Policy. Go read it, especially points #4 and #5.

It is very enlightening.