Saturday, November 05, 2005

On The Tenth Night
The Jihad Reaches The Heart of Paris
And Spreads All The Way
From The Riviera To The German Border

Yes, that's right, Jihad in the heart of romance:

PARIS - The urban unrest that triggered scores of arson attacks on vehicles, nursery schools and other targets from the Mediterranean to the German border reached Paris overnight, with police saying early Sunday that 13 cars were burned in the French capital.

By 1 a.m., at least 607 vehicles — including those in Paris — were burned during the 10th night of violence, said Patrick Hamon, spokesman for the national police. The overall figures were expected to climb by daybreak, he added.

The violence — originally concentrated in neighborhoods northeast of Paris with large immigrant populations — has spread across France, extending west to the rolling fields of Normandy and south to resort cities on the Mediterranean. Attacks were reported in Cannes and Nice.

In the Normandy town of Evreux, arsonists burned at least 50 vehicles, part of a shopping center, a post office and two schools, Hamon said.

Five police officers and three firefighters were injured battling the blazes, he said.

The unrest is forcing France to confront long-simmering anger in its suburbs ...

The anger spread to the Internet ...

Along with messages of condolence and appeals for calm were insults targeting police, threats of more violence and warnings that the unrest will feed support for France's anti-immigration extreme right.

"Civil war is declared. There will no doubt be deaths. Unfortunately, we have to prepare," said a posting signed "Rania."

"We are going to destroy everything. Rest in peace, guys," wrote "Saint Denis."

Evreux, 60 miles to the west, appeared to suffer the worst damage Saturday. The burning of the shopping center showed that "there is a will to pillage," Hamon said. "This has been true since the start," referring to grocery stores, video stores and other businesses that have been set afire.

A will to pillage? Muslims? Well, of course, the Koran says you can take booty from your vanquished foe, including their women.

The unrest has taken on unprecedented scope and intensity, reaching far-flung corners of France on Saturday, from Rouen in Normandy to Bordeaux in the southwest to Strasbourg near the German border.

In quiet Acheres, on the edge of the St. Germain forest west of Paris, arsonists burned a nursery school, where part of the roof caved in, and about a dozen cars in attacks the mayor described as "perfectly organized."

Children's photos clung to the blackened walls, and melted plastic toys littered the floor. Residents gathered at the school gate, demanding that the army be deployed or suggesting that citizens band together to protect their neighborhoods.

Mayor Alain Outreman tried to cool tempers.

"We are not going to start militias," he said. "You would have to be everywhere."

Cars were torched in the cultural bastion of Avignon in the south and the resort cities of Nice and Cannes, a police officer said.

Arson was reported in Nantes in the southwest, the Lille region in the north and Saint-Dizier in the Ardennes region east of Paris. In the eastern city of Strasbourg, 18 cars were set alight in full daylight, police said.

In one attack, youths in the eastern Paris suburb of Meaux prevented paramedics from evacuating a sick person from a housing project. They pelted rescuers with rocks and then torched the waiting ambulance, an Interior Ministry official said.

The Jihad Is Worldwide and Coordinated, Part III

I do not believe the Paris riots started spontaneously. I don't believe they are the result of the frustration of povery, or racism, or education. To be sure, those are contributing factors. Those are the kinds of things that make people almost angry enough, but there must be a match to light the fuse.

And, I don't buy that the deaths of two teenage boys - who, absurdly, jumped a a fence and landed on a transformer - lit this fuse. You can bet there have been many more provocative encounters between the police and teenage boys. In fact, there probably was one earlier in the week, and the week before that, and the week before that.

So, why do I think the riots started? I think we will soon find out that these riots were coordinated by a Muslim organization of some sort. Likely, this organization will have ties to international terrorism. Likely, funding is coming from Saudi Arabia, or Iran, or both. I'm really going out on a limb here, aren't I?

Here's my reasoning:

A week back, a riot began in Denmark. The motivating factor was the Mohammed cartoons published by Jyllands-Posten newspaper. When a reporter showed up to interview the rioters in Denmark last week, he met teenagers who told him they were expecting him:

Four youths sit by the wall in Rosenhøj Mall Sunday afternoon, calling themselves spokesmen for the groups that three nights in a row have ravaged and tried to burn down a restaurant and other stores.

"We knew you would be coming. We are spokesmen", said a young man with a black knitted hood on his head. He was angry. Very angry.

"We are tired of what we see happening to our Prophet. We are tired of Jyllands-Posten. We won't accept what Jyllands-Posten has done to the Prophet", he says aggressively, and the others nod approvingly.

"This area belongs to us", the youths proclaimed. "The police have to stay away. This is our area. We decide what goes down here".

The boy then informed the reporter of his nationality. Even though the rioters have invariably been identified in the media as North African youths, this one, this "spokesperson," was not African. No:

He calls himself 100 percent Palestinian, born in a refugee camp in Lebanon 19 years ago, and now unemployed in Denmark.

Yes, the intifada come to Paris.

All of this suggests some central planning authority What teenager wouldn think to call himself "spokesmen"? Even if they were saavy enough to realize reporters would show up because of their rioting?

He then went on to inform the report that, indeed, their riot, there in Denmark had been planned:

"We have planned this for three weeks. That is why only two were arrested Saturday night. The police will cordon it all off. But we know the ways out ..."

But, the question is, were they centrally planned?

Now, check it out, as best as I can tell, those quotes, from the Danish rioters, were uttered on, or around October 31. If the riots were planned three weeks before, then, let us think about what has happened in the preceding three weeks. That would take us back to October 10th. Well, we know that Ramadan began on October 5th this year. Does that mean anything? Have there been a rash of highly coordinated attacks, and or riot activity since October 10th?

October 13th: There was a coordinated urban attack by 150 Islamic militants on a school and airport leaves at least forty-four civilians and law enforcement personnel dead. 44 were murdered and 64 were injured.

I must say, though, it is my inclination that that attack was not the result of the same planning session that produced the riots. But, there were other incidents in the past few weeks which did look suspiciously like these riots in Denmark.

First, there were riots at a Coptic church in Egypt on October 21. In this incident, Muslims rioted because one year previously a play had depicted Muslims rioting. When the priest at the church was asked about the riots, he commented that he couldn't understand why they were rioting over something that took place the previous year:

ALEXANDRIA, Egypt (AP) -- One person died and more than 90 were injured as thousands of Muslims rioted outside a Coptic Christian church Friday to denounce a play deemed offensive to Islam.

The Interior Ministry described the protesters as "fanatic elements" who "escalated a negative reaction to a play." The ministry said about 5,000 Muslims marched to the church after Friday noon prayers at mosques.

"The police tried to prevent (the demonstrators) from approaching the church and attacking it, but the protesters did not heed the warnings and started to hurl stones at the church, security forces and pedestrians," the ministry said.

The riot was sparked by the distribution of a DVD of a play that was performed at the church two years ago. The church's director, the Rev. Augustinous, said it was difficult to explain the reaction to a one-time performance that took place two years ago.

Then, on October 23rd there were riots in Birmingham, England. In that case, Muslims rioted after a meeting where they had gotten together with leaders of the British West Indian commitee to discuss a reported rape of a West Indian girl by a group of Pakistanis:

The riots erupted after members of the Afro-Caribbean and South Asian communities held what police and media said was a peaceful meeting ...

In an echo of the situation in Egypt, the victims of the rioting were surprised, even shocked, at the sudden turn of Muslim anger:

The woman, quoted by Britain's domestic Press Association, said she had seen around 100 Asian men congregating outside an Asian shop, put on hoods and masks and heard them say they would get weapons. "We thought they were joking."

But no, they certainly weren't joking:

The Sunday Times newspaper said a gang of up to 30 Asian youths began throwing stones at some of the 300 people attending the meeting in the church. Meanwhile, a woman, who asked not to be named, said she saw South Asians attacking blacks and heard later that a 20-year-old black man was stabbed to death.

Then, the French riots started. French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy has declared that the riots show evidence of having been highly planned. As we have seen, the Danish riots also showed signs of having been planned. In the case of the French riot, once again, the motivation is questionable. As I noted, I don't believe the death of the boys is the reason. Instead, I think it is more likely that all these riots are motivated by the Jyllands-Posten cartoons.

I believe this confluence of rioting betrays strong evidence of all these riots having been planned by a central authority. The fact that all of them were started for highly questionable reasons. The fact that, in the case of the Egyptian and Brimingham riots, the victims were shocked at the sudden change in the mood of the Muslims. The fact that the Danish "spokesmen" admitted that planning had been executed three weeks prior.

And there's one more thing to take note of. In the case of both the Danish and French riots, the rioters are rioting on a schedule. This demonstrates that it is not mere anger which drives them to riot. Most riots burn themselves out in a matter of two or three days at the most, because the rioters, driven by rage, wreak havoc until they fall to exhaustion. The French Muslims are almost on bankers hours. There is an air of joie de vivre to their efforts:

"We have found our thrills: playing with riot police in the evening," one 22-year-old told an Agence France-Presse reporter yesterday.

"In the day, we sleep, go see our girlfriends, play video games," the young man continued as a half-dozen youths nodded. "And in the evening, we have a good time: At 9 p.m., we go and fight the police."

Does that sound like the lifestyle of a young man enraged by racism, classism, and lack of opportunity?

Of course, all riots are partially made up of opportunistic hellions, but these are different. When asked, the rioters are all on point, naming off their grievances, as if from a list of talking points.

Interesting, huh?

Since The Media Won't Tell Us,
It Might As Well Be Cats

From Iowahawk:

PARIS - Former French matinee idol Pepe Le Pew was among the hundreds injured last night amid violent feline rioting in the impoverished Parisian suburb of Dans-le-Crappeur. Le Pew, 58, a former Warner Brothers studio actor turned Chirac government spokes-skunk, sustained severe scratches and concussions in the melee before nose-pin equipped EMT rescue squads could drag him to safety. He is expected to make a full recovery.

Last night’s rioting marked the eighth consecutive night of violence in the Paris suburbs, as thousands of immigrant feline youths continue to rampage to protest a lack of jobs and cuts in French government tuna programs. Dans-le-Crappeur, home to tens of thousands of unemployed first-hundred generation immigrant cats, has been particularly hard hit.

Violence erupted here last Wednesday night after French Interior Minister Nikolas Sarkozy announced a crackdown on crime and furniture-scratching in the sprawling Chateau des Chats public housing projects. Enraged feline youths went on a rampage, smashing windows of local fish shops and overturning hundreds of public pay-litter boxes. Violence intensified over the weekend as enraged cats began burning and looting sprees across the suburbs, sparked by Sarkozy’s remarks that they were “easily enraged.”

In a stark warning of continued violence Monday, immigrant community spokes-cat Imam Tariq Al-Felix of the Lipi Le Lyon Mosque said that arson and looting would continue “until the French government does something to solve the problem of all the burned out looted buildings in our neighborhoods.”

Seeking to quell the burgeoning Kitty-fada and restore public order, French President Jacques Chirac and Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin enlisted the help of Le Pew yesterday. It was thought that Le Pew - who led France’s UN efforts to oppose US sanctions against the so-called “pussies of evil” of Sylvester, Tom and Mr. Jinks - would help establish a diplomatic dialog with the Gallic feline community.

Instead, the outreach effort appeared to backfire. According to witnesses, Le Pew’s appearance on the scene last night caused a stampede as panicked crowds began fleeing the smell. More trouble ensued when Le Pew was seen as making “inappropriate contact” with a burqqa-clad female cat, which reportedly sparked a mob of feline activists to don nose clips and begin beating him. Youths also set fire to a street-stripe painting truck which was allegedly involved in the incident.

Quelle miserie.

What Do Pat Boone And Bono
Have In Common?

From Reuters:

It turns out they are both fans of the Rev. Billy Graham.

They are joined by such acts as Michael McDonald, LeAnn Rimes, Marty Stuart, DC Talk and others on "Thank You Billy Graham," a track organized by Boone that celebrates the evangelist's 87th birthday.

Net proceeds from the song and video, out November 7, benefit Mercy Corps and Samaritan's Purse for Hurricane Katrina and Global Poverty Relief.

The song, written by Boone, David Pack and Billy Dean, appears on Boone's new album, "Glory Train," which was released on his Gold Label, distributed by Sony.

No More - Never Again

Cliff May says, "When someone tells you he wants to kill you, take him seriously.":

Eighty years ago, Adolf Hitler published an autobiography-cum-manifesto. Its title translates as “My Struggle.” In it, Hitler talked of his desire for revenge against France, the German nation's need to control more land, and the means by which his National Socialist Party could gain power.
It also included, of course, a clear indication of his genocidal intentions against the Jews.

Last week, Iran's president echoed those themes. He talked about his “struggle” – the word translate into both Arabic and Persian as “jihad” -- his desire for revenge against America and the West, the Islamic nation's need to control more land, and the means by which his Militant Islamist movement could gain global power.

He also included his genocidal intention to wipe Israel “off the map.”

Of course, there are differences between Hitler in 1925 and Ahmadinejad in 2005. Perhaps the biggest is this: When Hitler made his threats he was an obscure politician whom hardly anyone took seriously.

By contrast, Ahmadinejad is the president of a large and wealthy nation that operates terrorist organizations and is well on its way to developing nuclear weapons.

Had Hitler's threatening words inspired serious action then, millions of people – Jews, Gypsies, Czechoslovaks, Americans, British, Russians and others – would not have been slaughtered in the 20th Century.

If Ahmadinejad's threatening words inspire serious action now, millions of people may be spared in this century.

But while President Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and others responded with strong rhetoric, neither penalties nor restraints seem likely to be imposed on the Islamist Fascist regime in Tehran. Indeed, not a single European ambassador was withdrawn – not even temporarily.

Reading this caused me to get up out of my chair, go into my bedroom, and pull a book off my shelf which I haven't looked at in three years. It's called, The Holocaust and the Christian World. I bought it right when I first began to become aware of the rise of the new anti-Semitism in Europe and the Arab World.

Here is a quote:

Few organizations, in or outside Nazi Germany, did much to resist Nazism or aid its vitims. Assisting European Jews was not a high priority of the Allied governments as they sought to defeat Hitler militarily. The courageous acts of individual rescuers and resistance members proved to be the exception, not the norm.

To a great extent, this inertia defined the organized Christian community as well. Churches throughout Europe were mostly silent as Jews were persecuted, deported and murdered.

There were few Christians in the Protestant Confessing Church who demanded that their Church take a public stand in defence of the Jews.

Shortly after reading that I wrote the following:

Jesus was a Jew.

Peter, James, Simon, John, and all the apostles were Jews.

Paul was a Jew.

The early Christians worshipped in Synagogues. They studied and discussed the Torah.

At a certain point in history, the Christian Church separated from it's Jewish roots and we forgot about our brothers.

We forgot about our brothers in 1939, when the Nazi's came to round them up and put them on trains, and take them all, man, women, and child, to prison camps.

We forgot about our brothers when the Nazis herded them into rooms to be choked by Zyklon B.

We forgot about our brothers and 6 million of them died because we didn't stand up and say, "No more."

Today we hear the same voices calling, "Death to the Jews. Kill them wherever you find them"

Think: Are these the voices of 1939, or 2002 (2005)?

The answer is, these are quotes from Arab press, and leaders of Arab governments. This is our history, today.

We must not forget about our brothers again. We must stand with them and say, "No more. Never Again."

It is our responsibilty, my Christian friends. Everyone of us. We have to stop it. If we don't, the blood is on our hands. There is another Jew who died, whose blood is on our hands; washing away our sins. His name is Yeshua (Jesus) the Christ (Meshiach).

We owe it to Him to save His brothers.

The 9/11 of Paris

A firefighter standing on an elevator, top left, sprays water onto the ruins of a Chinese textiles warehouse in Le Bourget, north east of Paris, Friday, Nov. 4, 2005, as a colleague picks up extinguishing hoses. Small, mobile groups of youths torched hundreds more cars near Paris on Friday, and the violence and arson attacks that have shaken the capital's suburbs for a week spread to other French towns. (AP Photo/Mehdi Taamallah)

On The Ninth Night Of Rioting
My True Love Gave To Me

754 Cars Set on Fire. 203 People Arrested. Five Golden Rings.

Well, gee, I remember, yesterday, reading that the rioting had spread, but was not as bad as the previous night. It looks like the number of automobiles torched is twice the number of the previous night:

The night was rife with activity by those charming French kids. 754 vehicles burned, and 203 arrests. The violence continues to spread beyond the capital : One fourth of the vehicles were burned outisde of the Paris area in other regions of the country.

The accent by rioters is on pack-like behavior and avoiding direct confrontation with the herd (the riot police).

A pre-school was burned down in Achères as was a junior high school in Torcy. A fire truck was destroyed in Meaux. In Champigny a bus was torched after the occupants were forced to flee. A fire bomb was thrown at a police station in Saint-Denis, and in Suresnes an underground parking lot had 36 cars completely burned out.

In Clamart, a ten year old was caught with a fire bomb (sounds like something that happened in Iraq) and in Boulogne police arrested a rioter who has torched 15 vehicles. Two warehouses were set alight in Aubervilliers and a Jewish synagogue was hit with a fire bomb in Pierrefitte-sur-Seine.

In the same city, 100 residents of an apartment building were evacuated when there underbground parking lot was torched.

In Essonne, a cop was injured by thrown bricks near the housing projects at Tarterêts where a car dealership and a tire warehouse were burned down. The Saint-Michel-sur-Orge City Hall was partially burned down and another pre-school was partially destroyed in Brétigny-sur-Orge.

If just a small portion of this violence has taken place in an African country, the French preSS would be muttering about civil war. As it is happening in their own corner of the world, they are doing their best to cover up, report as little as possible, and do what they do best -- be in denial.

At this point it is safe to say that the French authorities (sic) are overwhelmed and no longer have a handle on the situation. The rioters have been stepping up the pressure to see how far they can go and they are not finding much resistance, despite increased riot police presence in hotbeds like Seine Saint Denis.

The fact that the French government cabinet is rife with infighting and backbiting is certainly a great encouragement for them.

And this:

AUBERVILLIERS, France - Widespread riots across impoverished areas of France took a malevolent turn in a ninth night of violence, as youths torched an ambulance and stoned medical workers coming to the aid of a sick person. Authorities arrested more than 200 people, an unprecedented sweep since the beginning of the unrest.

Bands of youths also burned a nursery school, warehouses and more than 750 cars overnight as the violence that spread from the restive Paris suburbs to towns around France. The U.S. warned Americans against taking trains to the airport through the affected areas.
At the nursery school in Acheres, west of Paris, part of the roof was caved in, childrens' photos stuck to blackened walls, and melted plastic toys littered the floor.

The town had been previously untouched by the violence. Some residents demanded that the army be deployed, or that citizens rise up and form militias. At the school gate, the mayor tried to calm tempers.

"We are not going to start militias," Mayor Alain Outreman said. "You would have to be everywhere."

Fires and other incidents were reported in the northern city of Lille, in Toulouse, in the southwest, Rouen, in the west and elsewhere on the second night of unrest in areas beyond metropolitan Paris. An incendiary device was tossed at the wall of a synagogue in Pierrefitte, northwest of Paris, where electricity went out after a burning car damaged an electrical pole.
"This is dreadful, unfortunate. Who did this? Against whom?" Naima Mouis, a hospital worker in Suresnes, asked while looking at the hulk of her burned-out car.

On Saturday morning, more than 1,000 people took part in a silent march in one of the worst-hit suburbs, Aulnay-sous-Bois, filing past burned-out cars to demand calm. One banner read: "No to violence." Car torchings have become a daily fact in France's tough suburbs, with about 100 each night.

The Interior Ministry operations center reported 754 vehicles burned throughout France from Friday night to Saturday morning — three-quarters of them in the Paris area.
Arrests were also up sharply, with 203 people detained overnight, the center said.

And, in just a few hours, we here in America will find out if the Paris Intifada will continue into a tenth night.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Oh My God
A Good Idea Out Of Congress

Congress is thinking about putting an end to birthright citizenship:

House Republicans are looking closely at ending birthright citizenship and building a barrier along the entire U.S.-Mexico border as they search for solutions to illegal immigration.

A task force of party leaders and members active on immigration has met since the summer to try to figure out where consensus exists, and several participants said those two ideas have floated to the top of the list of possibilities to be included either in an immigration-enforcement bill later this year or in a later comprehensive immigration overhaul.

"There is a general agreement about the fact that citizenship in this country should not be bestowed on people who are the children of folks who come into this country illegally," said Rep. Tom Tancredo, Colorado Republican, who is participating in the "unity dinners," the group of Republicans trying to find consensus on immigration.

Birthright citizenship, or what critics call "anchor babies," means that any child born on U.S. soil is granted citizenship, with exceptions for foreign diplomats. That attracts illegal aliens, who have children in the United States; those children later can sponsor their parents for legal immigration.

Most lawmakers had avoided the issue, fearing that change would require a constitutional amendment -- the 14th Amendment reads in part: "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States."

But several Republicans said recent studies suggest otherwise.

"There's been recent scholarship that says we can do it by statute, and we ought to try," said Rep. Jeff Flake, Arizona Republican, who usually finds himself on the opposite side of immigration issues from Mr. Tancredo.

"How in the world can you explain that's a good policy to have? It simply doesn't promote respect for the rule of law," Mr. Flake said.

Several lawmakers said the U.S. and Mexico are the only major Western countries to have birthright citizenship. Most European countries have moved away from birthright citizenship in recent decades.

"I am as surprised as anyone that this thing has got legs," Mr. Tancredo said, adding that he views it as a major step forward for the immigration debate. "This is the issue that motivated me to deal with immigration."

While some members said it could be part of an immigration bill later this year, Rep. Dan Lungren, California Republican, said it will take longer to drum up public support for such a major change, though he backs ending the policy.

"Some of us believe we have depreciated the value of citizenship," he said.

Advisor To Chiraq:
Solution to Paris Riots
Create a New Andalusia

What to do about the Muslim riots? Apparently, negotiation and surrender are an option:

"All we demand is to be left alone," said Mouloud Dahmani, one of the local "emirs" engaged in negotiations to persuade the French to withdraw the police and allow a committee of sheiks, mostly from the Muslim Brotherhood, to negotiate an end to the hostilities.

President Jacques Chirac and Premier de Villepin are especially sore because they had believed that their opposition to the toppling of Saddam Hussein in 2003 would give France a heroic image in the Muslim community.

That illusion has now been shattered — and the Chirac administration, already passing through a deepening political crisis, appears to be clueless about how to cope with what the Parisian daily France Soir has called a "ticking time bomb."

It is now clear that a good portion of France's Muslims not only refuse to assimilate into "the superior French culture," but firmly believe that Islam offers the highest forms of life to which all mankind should aspire.

So what is the solution? One solution, offered by Gilles Kepel, an adviser to Chirac on Islamic affairs, is the creation of "a new Andalusia" in which Christians and Muslims would live side by side and cooperate to create a new cultural synthesis.

The problem with Kepel's vision, however, is that it does not address the important issue of political power. Who will rule this new Andalusia: Muslims or the largely secularist Frenchmen?
Suddenly, French politics has become worth watching again, even though for the wrong reasons.

The Jihad Is Worldwide and Coordinated, Part III

I just posted the following comment on Yet Another Really Great Blog. I'm going to post it here as well, because it is, in effect, a post I have been meaning to write for the past couple days here on CUANAS. I have put it off because it is a time-consuming post, with lots of quotes and links to dig up. I will provide those later in the day. Till then, here it is, for what it's worth:

Knucklehead said:

Even if there is a grain,or bit of insight or anything approaching "truth" in the Comskeyite position of those like Jez regarding the reasons for the initial flareup of this situation, there lies the danger of salafist opportunism in this.

My comment: I don't think these riots started spontaneously. Why? Because, when reporters showed up to interview the rioters in Denmark last week, he met teenagers who told him they were expecting him, and that they were the "spokesmen." They told him their message was "This is our neighborhood. Get out." And they told him they were "Palestinian." Then, they told him that it was planned three weeks ago:
This suggests some central planning authority, as teenagers wouldn't think to call themselves "spokesmen" even if they were saavy enough to realize reporters would show up because of their rioting.

Now, check it out, as best as I can tell, those quotes from the Danish rioters were from October 31. If the riots were planned three weeks before, then, think about what has happened in the last three weeks.

First, there were riots at a Coptic church in Egypt, where Muslims rioted because one year ago a play had depicted Muslims rioting. When the priest at the church was asked about the riots, he commented that he couldn't understand why they were rioting over something that took place the previous year.

Then, there were riots in Birmingham, England. There, Muslims rioted after a meeting where they had gotten together with leaders of the British West Indian commitee to discuss a reported rape of a West Indian girl by a group of Pakistanis. After leaving the meeting, the West Indian people thought things were ok. When the Muslims started rioting instead, it came as such a surprise that one West Indian person was described as saying, At first, we thought they were joking."

Then, the French riots started, and then the Danish riots.

The root cause is the Jihadi mentality. The only role poverty plays in this is that it is easier to recruit poor people, then it is to recruit rich people. Although, as we know, the Jihadis don't have a lot of trouble recruiting the wealthy and middle class either.

French Foreign Ministry:
There's Nothing To See Here. Move Along

From Reuters:

With the blazing suburbs making headlines around the world, Foreign Ministry spokesman Jean-Baptiste Mattei complained about foreign coverage of the riots -- without naming any media -- and said foreign tourists were not in danger.

"One is sometimes surprised at the international coverage of these events," he told reporters. "These are very serious incidents ... but we are very far from such a serious situation as some commentaries or television reports lead one to think."

Oh, I'm sorry about that Jean-Baptiste (he must be married :). I take it all back.

There's nothing going on in France, folks. Nothing at all. It's the same old Paris. Beautiful city to visit on a vacation.

Jihad Against Wheelchair-Bound Infidel

Like it says in the Koran, slay them wherever you find them:

A handicapped woman was doused with petrol and set on fire by youths during another night of rioting in Paris.

The 56-year-old suffered third degree burns to 20% of her body in the attack.

Witnesses said a youth poured petrol over the woman and then threw a Molotov cocktail on to the bus she was travelling on in the suburb of Sevran.

Other passengers were able to flee but she was unable to escape because of her disabilities.

Clearly, poverty is the root cause of this kind of behavior.

Riots In France Enter Their Ninth Day

And they are spreading across the country now:

The violence that wracked Paris suburbs over the past week spread to new areas outside the capital for the first time.

Police said more than 160 cars were torched in the Paris region and 33 in the provinces, but the night seemed calmer than Thursday when 315 vehicles were burnt in the Ile-de-France region around the capital.

Buses, fire engines and police were again stoned in the Paris suburbs, with five policemen reported slightly injured by projectiles, but there were fewer direct confrontations between police and "troublemakers", according to a police spokesperson.

One of the worst incidents took place at Neuilly-sur-Marne where police vans came under fire from pellet pistols, but nobody was hurt.

The riots were sparked last week by the accidental electrocution of two teenagers who had hidden in an electrical sub-station to escape a police identity check in the suburb at the epicentre of the troubles, Clichy-sous-Bois.

Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin has pledged to restore order.

Waiting on that order there, Dominique. It's interesting to note that BBC gives completely different numbers than the previous (Sofia News Agency) article:

Youths burned buildings and more than 500 vehicles in the eighth consecutive night of rioting.

500, 315, what's the difference?

The Astute Blogger notes that after the Los Angeles riots in 1992, and after the Katrina hurricane, the French press blamed the riots on America's culture of racism:

Well, last time I checked NO CATEGORY 4 HURRICANE HAS EVER HIT PARIS OR FRANCE (DESTROYING AN AREA THE SIZE OF THE UK), AND YET THEY'VE HAD MORE THAN A WEEK OF EXTREMELY SERIOUS RIOTING! And in the past NINE (9) days, the French have yet to make a single move to thwart the riots, and they grow in severity and breadth everday.

Well, they did send 1000 riot police into the streets last night. That might account for the relative calm of the ninth day of rioting. However, as we see the numbers being reported aren't reliable.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

More Evidence Western Civilization Is Waking Up

This article, from Melanie Phillips, reveals some surprising facts:

A demonstration has been taking place in Rome today against the declaration of intent by the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to ‘wipe Israel off the map’. Ha’aretz reports that it is being backed by politicians from left and right (although the left is split – of course).

The demo is reaffirming Israel’s right to exist -- prompting Iran, incredibly, to complain through diplomatic channels!

Now, is that amazing, or what? They threaten Israel with destruction, and then get angry when people call them on it? They believe they have the right to wipe a nation "off the map." And no one had better question that right.

Anyway, back to Melanie:

Similar demonstrations have been held in France (even), Vienna, Austria, and Budapest, Hungary, where protestors ‘drew up signs that read “Israel today, Europe tomorrow?”’

Who would have guessed that people across Europe are demonstrating in favor of Israel? That is great news.

But, Melanie laments the fact that there have been no similar British protests:

The one country conspicuous by the absence of any similar demonstration on its streets reaffirming the right of Israel to exist (and how appalling that this should be necessary at all) is of course Britain. Instead, two days after Ahmadinejad’s genocidal outburst thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of London -- to demand that Israel be wiped off the map.

I'm pretty sure that almost all of those protesters were Islamists, but still, if the British people were true champions of Human Rights, they would have counter-demonstrated.

How Do We Love Kim Jong-Il?
Let Me Count The Ways

From Harper's:

Posted on Wednesday, November 2, 2005. From a list of titles allegedly used by “prominent leaders from 160 nations across the world” to refer to Kim Jong-Il, as announced last winter by North Korean state television. The titles were translated from the Korean by Lee Jong-Heon. Originally from Harper's Magazine, February 2005.

Supreme Commander at the Forefront of the Struggle Against Imperialism and the United States

Greatest Saint Who Rules with Extensive Magnanimity

Lode Star of the Twenty-First Century

Best Leader Who Realized Human Wisdom

Leader with Extraordinary Personality

Perfect Picture of Wisdom and Boldness

Eternal Bosom of Hot Love

Master of Literature, Arts, and Architecture

World’s Best Ideal Leader with Versatile Talents

Humankind’s Greatest Musical Genius

Master of the Computer Who Surprised the World

Man with Encyclopedic Knowledge

Guardian Deity of the Planet

Heaven-Sent Hero

Power Incarnate with Endless Creativity

Greatest Man Who Ever Lived

Present-day God

World’s Greatest Writer

I see him wandering around his palace, singing, "I'm So Ronery."

Sean Parrott Arts

A man named Sean Parrott stopped by here the other night, and commented favorably on one of my posts. I didn't recognize his name, so I clicked over to his profile and found that he is an artist living in NYC. His art is very good too (imo). Sean's painting method is "watercolor on digital media." I wonder what that means:

The Paris Intifada: A Cycle of Violence

The comments section over at Little Green Footballs is just smokin' with good one and two-liners about the Paris Intifada (Hat tip: The Astute Blogger):


Dar ul Harb 11/3/2005 08:40AM PST

Well, it's starting to become a "cycle of violence," I see.

The French will just have to understand the national aspirations of their Muslim population to establish an Islamic Republic.

Land for peace, anyone?


Cheesehead 11/3/2005 08:40AM PST

Now, Paris REALLY is the City of Lights.


American Infidel 11/3/2005 08:42AM PST

France and the rioters need to end this CYCLE OF VIOLENCE. They need to get back to the NEGOTIATING TABLE and FOLLOW THE ROAD MAP.


Sizzle 11/3/2005 08:42AM PST

Who will rescue the French?


Globular Cluster 11/3/2005 08:42AM PST



Poitiers-Lepanto 11/3/2005 08:42AM PST

It has already been said but it is important:

All those paintings and statues at the Louvre are a humiliation for the muslims ! The Louvre brothel is full of images of naked women !

And Notre Dame ? You can see it from everywhere, it has evidently been built to offend the muslim community !


Globular Cluster 11/3/2005 08:48AM PST

The rioters are fighting back against the well-equipped French the only way they can! They do not have planes or tanks.

And then, something more ominous:


Golem Akbar 11/3/2005 08:43AM PST

Will Chirac offer the immigrant neighborhoods to set up Sharia? And how soon before the Jews of France are warned by the French government that it is no longer safe for them in France?

I don't think so. I believe Sarkozy will be elected in 2007.

The Reformation Will Be Televised

Things are starting to change in the Middle East. In Egypt, the most popular TV show is a soap opera which is running a story which criticizes terrorism:

…But every night at 10, the Refaat family gathers in their living room to watch the most talked about show in the Middle East, “Al Hoor al Ain” (The Beautiful Virgins). It’s loosely based on the November 2003 bombing in Saudi Arabia that killed 18 people, all of them Arab. And it’s one of a handful of shows aired here this month that are challenging the view that Islam justifies terrorism.

“This show is very important because it is treating a very delicate and crucial subject,” says Rafiq al Sabban, an Egyptian film critic. “It’s not solving the problem, but that’s not the job of art. It is forcing viewers to confront the problem and think about it.”

This TV show may not solve the problem, but it could be an indication that people are beginning to feel free to talk about creating an Islam which is not at permanent war with the infidel.

In further news, for the first time since the 7th century, a Christian Church is to be built in the Persian Gulf, in Qatar. Hat tip: The Anchoress)

French Revolution?

Here's a report about the riots, from a Parisian, posted by "U2", over at the French blog No Pasaran:

Portions of French media are being overrun by true public sentiment (just as the Establishment was overrun by popular ire during the referendum on the European Constitution).

Talk radio and web forums are coming down squarely in favor of Interior Minister Sarkozy with calls for a heavy hand when dealing with rioters.

The French preSS is having none of this. Libération PropagandaStaffel and Le Monde Al-Jazeera on the Seine are dripping with compassion for humiliated French youth. On the TF1 - LCI news site, flagrant censorship in the face of dissenting opinions is barely concealed behind a statement asking readers to be patient because the web forum is overloaded and cannot take anymore comments.

Rather than accept any further comments in favor of law and order (running 10-1 against the rioters before the shutdown), they prefer to close the forum.

So, the media has a lockdown on reality, but the French people want Sarkozy, the law and order guy, to do his thing. That's good to hear.

Meanwhile, 1000 riot police will be patrolling the streets of the Muslim neighborhoods tonight. It could get ugly.

The world is lucky Sarkozy is a good man. If not, the French might have to turn to the racist Le Pen to be their strongman in the face of this threat.

I Went To A Football Game
And an Islamic Prayer Session Broke Out

Some Muslim men were caught "praying" in a restricted area, near the Stadium air duct. From Jihad Watch:

EAST RUTHERFORD, New Jersey (AP) -- Five Muslim football fans were detained and questioned during a game at Giants Stadium because they were congregating near an air duct on a night former President Bush was in the stadium, the FBI said Wednesday.

Some of the Muslims said they did not know they were in a sensitive area, and they complained that they were subjected to racial profiling while they were praying, as their faith requires five times a day.

"I'm as American as apple pie and I'm sitting there and now I'm made to feel like I'm an outsider, for no reason other than I have a long beard or that I prayed," said Sami Shaban, a 27-year-old Seton Hall Law School student who lives in Piscataway.

At a news conference Wednesday, Shaban said he and four friends had just gotten to the September 19 New York Giants-New Orleans Saints game when they left their seats to pray. Around halftime, 10 security officers and three state troopers approached the men and told them to come with them, Shaban said.

The men were questioned and then were not allowed to return to their seats, but were instead assigned to seats in another section, Shaban said. Three guards stood near them, and escorted them to their cars when they left the stadium, he said.

FBI agent Steven Siegel, a spokesman for the bureau's FBI office, said the men had aroused suspicion because they were congregating near the main air intake duct. Bush was in the stadium that night as part of a fundraising campaign he and former President Clinton were leading for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

"You had 80,000 people there, Bush 41 was there, and you had a group of gentlemen gathering in an area not normally used by the public right near the main air intake duct for the stadium, and a food preparation facility," Siegel said. "It was where they were, not what they were doing."

The site is now fenced off and is no longer accessible to fans.

"We do not profile anyone that comes into our arena, stadium or racetrack on any basis," said George Zoffinger, president of the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority, which operates the stadium. "There was no profiling of our customers. I want to make that clear."

You see, if they got to the football on time, and then ten minutes later, went to pray, and didn't get interrupted until halftime, that means they were praying for, like, an hour and a half.

Nope, nothing suspicious there.

Dutch Novel Plot Is
A Jewish Conspiracy to Kill Politician
And Then Blame Muslims

From Fjordman (Sorry for the bad translation from the original Dutch):

Een moorddadig joods complot

A murderous Jewish plot

This climate of fear and threats is the setting for the newest crime novel of Thomas Ross. "The Hand of God" sets Ayaan Hirsi Ali up for a fatal plot. After the assassination of Van Gogh she is protected heavily against attacks by radical Moslems. Like in most of his books, Ross uses this real situation and gives it a special twist.

In this novel the threat does not come from Islamic circles but from Jewish ones. The Iraqi Jew Duka fights his whole life against Islamic extremists, first in the Israeli army and in his old days clandestine in the Netherlands. There he wants make an end to anti-Semitic intimidations by Moslems. According to Duka are the Netherlands many Jews in with that make. The old Jew and his family for this reason wants to kill Hirsi Ali and make it seem like the work Moslems.

The old Duka thinks that a large part of the Western world considers Hirsi Ali as a symbol in the fight against Moslems. The assassination attack which he prepares is therefore especially an opportunist action, because her death by itself means little to him. He gambles that politicians and citizens massively will turn against Dutch Moslems if icon Hirsi Ali is cut down.

The surname Ross, that of the author, is often a Jewish name. I wonder if he is a Jew himself. This is pathetic, but you know, it's free speech.

Sarkozy: Riots In Paris
Were "Well-Organized"

From Drudge:

French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy said Thursday that the riots in several Paris suburbs over the previous night were "not spontaneous" but rather "well organized."

"What we saw in the department of Seine-Saint-Denis overnight was not spontaneous, it was perfectly organized.

We are looking into by whom and how," Sarkozy told French news channel i-tele. The interior minister also said the government would not allow "troublemakers, a bunch of hoodlums, think they can do whatever they want" in the country.

A force of 1,000 police were assigned late Thursday to Seine-Saint-Denis, following the previous night of violence which affected about half of the 40 towns in the department, mostly communities of immigrants from Africa, officials said.

Mr. Sarkozy may have to travel to countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia to find those who did the organizing.

Riot Watch 2005
Paris Muslim Riots Enter Their Eighth Day

The Muslims are still rioting in Paris, and apparently, they're getting more violent as time goes on:

Rioting youths shot at police and firefighters Thursday after burning car dealerships and public buses and hurling rocks at commuter trains. France’s government faced growing pressure to curb the violence, fueled by anger over poor conditions in suburban Paris housing projects.

Rampaging for an eighth day, youths ignored an appeal for calm from French President Jacques Chirac, whose government worked feverishly to fend off a political crisis amid criticism that it has ignored problems in suburbs heavily populated by first- and second-generation North African and Muslim immigrants.

Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin called a string of emergency meetings with Cabinet ministers throughout the day. He told the Senate the government “will not give in” to violence in the troubled suburbs. “Order and justice will be the final word in our country,” Villepin said. “The return to calm and the restoration of public order are the priority _ our absolute priority.”

The riots started last Thursday after the electrocution deaths of two teenagers hiding in a power station from police they believed were chasing them in the northeastern suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois.

By Wednesday night, violence had spread to at least 20 Paris-region towns, said Jean-Francois Cordet, the top government official for the Seine-Saint-Denis region north of Paris where the violence has been concentrated. He said youths in the region fired four shots at riot police and firefighters but caused no injuries.

Nine people were injured in Seine-Saint-Denis and 315 cars burned across the Paris area, officials said. In the tough northeastern suburb of Aulnay-sous-Bois, youth gangs set fire to a Renault car dealership and burned at least a dozen cars, a supermarket and a local gymnasium.

Traffic was halted Thursday morning on a suburban commuter line linking Paris to Charles de Gaulle airport after stone-throwing rioters attacked two trains overnight at the Le Blanc-Mesnil station. They forced a conductor from one train and broke windows, the SNCF rail authority said. A passenger was lightly injured by broken glass.

Is Martial Law far off?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Good News From Iraq

Jeff Jacoby discusses the good news from Iraq, and how the media ignores it:

WHAT WAS the most important news out of Iraq last week?

That depends on what you consider ''important." Do you see the war against radical Islam and Ba'athist fascism as the most urgent conflict of our time? Do you believe that replacing tyranny with democratic self-government is ultimately the only antidote to the poison that has made the Middle East so dangerous and violent? If so, you'll have no trouble identifying the most significant development in Iraq last week: the landslide victory of the new Iraqi Constitution.

The announcement on Oct. 25 that the first genuinely democratic national charter in Arab history had been approved by 79 percent of Iraqis was a major piece of good news. It confirmed the courage of Iraq's people and their hunger for freedom and decent governance. It advanced the US campaign to democratize a country that for 25 years had been misruled by a mass-murdering sociopath. It underscored the decision by Iraq's Sunnis, who had boycotted the parliamentary elections in January, to pursue their goals through ballots, not bullets. And it dealt a humiliating blow to the bombers and beheaders -- to the likes of Islamist butcher Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who earlier this year declared ''a fierce war on this evil principle of democracy" and threatened to kill anyone who took part in the elections.

No question: If you think that defeating Islamofascism, extending liberty, and transforming the Middle East are important, it's safe to say you saw the ratification of the new constitution as the Iraqi news story of the week.

But that isn't how the mainstream media saw it.

Consider The Washington Post. On the morning after the results of the Iraqi referendum were announced, the Post's front page was dominated by a photograph, stretched across four columns, of three daughters at the funeral of their father, Lieutenant Colonel Leon James II, who had died from injuries suffered during a Sept. 26 bombing in Baghdad. Two accompanying stories, both above the fold, were headlined ''Military Has Lost 2,000 in Iraq" and ''Bigger, Stronger, Homemade Bombs Now to Blame for Half of US Deaths." A nearby graphic -- ''The Toll" -- divided the 2,000 deaths by type of military service -- active duty, National Guard, and Reserves.

From Page 1, the stories jumped to a two-page spread inside, where they were illustrated with more photographs, a series of drawings depicting roadside attacks, and a large US map showing where each fallen soldier was from. On a third inside page, meanwhile, another story was headlined ''2,000th Death Marked by Silence and a Vow." It began: ''Washington marked the 2,000th American fatality of the Iraq war with a moment of silence in the Senate, the reading of the names of the fallen from the House floor, new protests, and a solemn vow from President Bush not to 'rest or tire until the war on terror is won.' " Two photos appeared alongside, one of Bush and another of antiwar protester Cindy Sheehan. And to give the body count a local focus, there was yet another story (''War's Toll Leaves Baltimore in Mourning") plus four pictures of troops killed in Iraq.

The Post didn't ignore the Iraqi election results. A story appeared on Page A13 (''Sunnis Failed to Defeat Iraq Constitution"), along with a map breaking down the vote by province. But like other leading newspapers, including The New York Times, The Boston Globe, and the Los Angeles Times, it devoted vastly more attention to the 2,000-death ''milestone," a statistic with no unique significance apart from the fact that it ends in round numbers.

I must apologize, because I also ignored this story. But, it wasn't because I didn't care. It was because I never heard anything about it.

The media has instituted an almost absolute lockdown on reality.

Italians Riot In The Streets ...
For Israel

Well, it's not a riot, but it is the good news today. In Italy, Italians are demonstrating in the streets in favor of Israel:

In response to Iran's call for the elimination of Israel, Wednesdayevening in Rome, thousands, probably tens of thousands, will demonstrate in support of the Jewish state. The demonstration has been organized by Giuliano Ferrara, the larger-than-life editor of the feisty daily newspaper il Foglio, and the demonstrators will range from members of some Italian Islamic organizations to foreign minister Giancarlo Fini (long a bete noire of America's "leading" newspapers and networks), just back from a trip to the Middle East.

It takes courage to stand up publicly for Israel against the world's leading sponsor of terrorism, especially in contemporary Europe, where anti-Semitism is on the rise, where the Jewish population is minuscule (there are slightly more than 40,000 in all of Italy, less than one percent of Italians), and where the Islamic population is expanding rapidly. I have not noticed any such demonstrations here, for example. But the Italians, as is their wont, have once again broken the stereotype most foreigners hold of them, and have directly challenged the mullahs.

That would be extraordinary enough, but they have done far more than that. They have lifted the taboo on the discussion of Islam itself, and of the way the Islamic world has dealt with Israel since it creation. You know the taboo has been shattered when Magdi Allam, the (Muslim) deputy editor of the Corriere della Sera, Italy's leading newspaper, writes a front-page editorial of the sort that was published earlier this week. Many Muslims, he began, are against the existence of Israel, and many others are afraid they will be called traitors if they approve of it.

Allam asks, What will they have betrayed?

The Palestinian cause? But the Palestinians themselves recognized Israel's right to exist in Oslo in 1993. Islam? Which Islam? Bin Laden's, that mainly kills Muslims in addition to non-Muslims all over the world? That of the Muslim Brotherhood which has laid its hands on most Italian mosques, exploiting our democracy to propagate a fundamentalist and criminal ideology?

Go read the rest.

Seventh Night Of Rioting In Paris

From Yahoo News, via Atlas Shrugs:

EURABIA: Paris Burns Seventh Day of Violence


France's government went into crisis mode Wednesday to deal with spreading rioting in the suburbs of Paris, with the prime minister postponing a trip to Canada and the president calling for calm. Video here

The violence, which spread to at least nine Paris-region towns overnight Tuesday, laid bare the despair, anger and deep-rooted criminality in France's poor, unemployment-hit suburbs - some of them ghettos where police hesitate to venture despite proof they are fertile terrain for Islamic extremists, drug dealers and racketeers.

In a seventh consecutive night of violence, young people threw rocks at police Wednesday in six suburbs in the Seine-Saint-Denis region north of Paris — about a 40-minute drive from the Eiffel Tower.

In one of them, Le Blanc-Mesnil, about a dozen cars burned and curious residents, some in slippers and bathrobes, poured into the streets.

Meanwhile, Chirac told a weekly cabinet meeting that "the law must be applied firmly" but "in a spirit of dialogue and respect" to prevent "a dangerous situation" from developing. He acknowledged the "profound frustrations" of troubled neighbourhoods but said violence is not the answer.

"Zones without law cannot exist in the republic," he said.

More here and here

Note the appeasement language Chirac is using. He's revving up to compromise, which will soon become collaboration.

Evidence - Riots Planned Three Weeks Ago
The Jihad is Worldwide
and Coordinated, Part II

The other day I wrote the post, The Jihad is Worldwide and Coordinated wherein I made the assertion that this war is being directed from a centralized command post. Even incidents which would not, immediately, seem related, are, I believe, being coordinated by one group of people at the top.

Previously, I had not believed such. Rather, I thought the war was against Al Qaeda and a thousand copycats.

Here is some more evidence that the war is coordinated. For the past four days there have been riots in Denmark, corresponding to the riots in Paris, and the riots in Birmingham, England a few days back.

Here in this piece, we find that the perpetrators of the Danish riots freely admit that their riot was planned three weeks ago:

A very similar series of riots has been running for four days in Århus, Denmark. Little of this has penetrated the English language sections of Danish media. Rosenhøj Mall has several nights in a row been the scene of the worst riots in Århus for years.

"This area belongs to us", the youths proclaimed. Sunday evening witnessed a new arson attack. Their words sounded like a declaration of war on the Danish society. Police must stay out. The area belongs to immigrants. "

Four youths sit by the wall in Rosenhøj Mall Sunday afternoon, calling themselves spokesmen for the groups that three nights in a row have ravaged and tried to burn down a restaurant and other stores.

Around the parking lot, cars with youngsters from the immigrant community are swarming, and many are walking around, greeting each others with a sense of victory after the worst riots in the city of Århus in years.

Every night 30-40 youths took part, especially immigrants. Only two were arrested. That was a victory.

"We knew you would be coming. We are spokesmen", said a young man with a black knitted hood on his head, when Jyllands-Posten visited Rosenhøj Mall Sunday. He was angry. Very angry.

Behind him the pub Hot Shot has scars from attacks with cobble stones, and the stores along the parking lot besides the small mall have their windows covered with adhesive tape in a spiderweb pattern.

Four hours after the short meeting, Falck, a Danish privat emergency service, sent a group of fire engines under police escort to the nursery Kjærslund on Søndervangs Allé, right across the street from Rosenhøj Mall.

A window has been shattered at the back of the house, and the fire had been blazing, apparently because of gasoline poured onto the floor and put on fire. Falck stopped on Viby Square, a couple of kilometers from the site of the arson attack, waiting for the police to turn up so they could be escorted to the nursery.

Two nights earlier, other Falck-employees were threatened when they were covering up broken shop windows. Cobblestones had smashed the shop windows from one end of the mall to the other.

The police wrote in their report Saturday night that the youths had their stones with them in bags, when they came to Rosenhøj.

Saturday morning a 16-year-old Somali boy was incarcerated, accused of aggravated assault, as he Friday evening threw a cobblestone through a window in the bakery. The stone passed close to baker Børge Svalø's face.

He calls himself 100 percent Palestinian, born in a refugee camp in Lebanon 19 years ago, and now unemployed in Denmark.

"The police have to stay away. This is our area. We decide what goes down here".

And then the story of the drawings of the Prophet Muhammed comes around: "We are tired of what we see happening to our Prophet. We are tired of Jyllands-Posten. I know it isn't you, but we won't accept what Jyllands-Posten has done to the Prophet", he says aggressively, and the others nod approvingly.

Two of them are Turks, and it is the first time that Turks and Palestinians have acted together, the 19-year-old says.

"We have planned this for three weeks. That is why only two were arrested Saturday night. The police will cordon it all off. But we know the ways out", he claims, and then disappears, munching on a piece of pizza from Fun Pizza. The pizzeria windows are held together by adhesive tape after attacks with cobblestones.

Well, there you go. As I always point, the Jihadis love to tell us the truth, and we've just gotta love them for it.

Note that the "spokesman kid said to the reporter, "We knew you'd be coming. We are the spokesmen." Kids don't think like that. Even if they planned a riot, they wouldn't think of it as a media stunt.

These kids were directed by a saavy individual.

Furthermore, note that the kid proclaimed himself a Palestinian. He may well be, but what does that have to do with anything in Denmark? What does it have to do with the Mohammed cartoons in Jyllands-Posten newspaper?

The answer is nothing, unless you are a Jihadi kid being directed from above.

I believe the riots across Europe are being planned and directed by a central authority. There will be more to come.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A Sixth Night Of Rioting In Paris

From AP, via The Astute Blogger:

Violence erupted for a sixth night Tuesday in troubled suburbs northeast of Paris with French police firing rubber bullets and tear gas as they faced down gangs of youths in Aulnay-sous-Bois, witnesses reported. ...

Tension had mounted throughout the day after angry young men torched cars, garbage bins and even a primary school in several days of rioting that highlighted the division between France's big cities and their poor satellites where disenchantment thrives. ...

Suburbs that ring France's big cities, home to immigrant communities often from Muslim North Africa, suffer soaring unemployment and discrimination. Disenchantment and anger thrive in the tall cinderblock towers and long "bars" that make up the projects.

It's interesting to note that the immigrant communities "ring France's big cities." This could become a frightening strategic advantage for the Jihadis as this war advances.

The Astute Blogger comments:

France has arrived at the crossroad - and it's right in Paris! They either push back the intifada or resign to becoming the 21st century version of Constantinople - now known as ISTANBUL.

The MOMENT OF TRUTH will come when the Muslims there step up their attacks and either shoot down a pasenger jet or crash one into the Eiffel Tower, or if they merely blow up several Metro trains one day (as they have in Madrid and London). Then the French will have to decide if they want to become more Anglo - and FIGHT BACK - or if they'd prefer to cower and appease the islamofascists - like Post-Atocha Spain did by electing the socialist Zapotero.

I have a feeling the most critical political contest for France's future will be the one leading up to the next presidential race - in 2007: the critical contest will be the primary battle between Villepin (and his anti-American foreign policies and his preference for appeasement of America's enemies), and Sarkozy (who has embraced Anglo-American economic and foreign policies).If Sarkozy loses France loses, and Paris will become Paristanbul.

The Astute Blogger is right. Sarkozy is the only mainstream French politician who has shown a willingness to go up against the Jihadis.

Read the rest, from The Astute Blogger.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Fifth Night
Of Rioting
In Paris

Firemen try to extinguish a car set which was set on fire during the fifth night of riot in the Paris suburb city of Clichy-sous-Bois November 1, 2005:

Police fired tear gas canisters and rioters hurled Molotov cocktails as violence hit a poor Paris suburb for the fifth straight night in unrest that officials said had also spread to neighbouring towns.

... the unrest was reported to have spread to neighbouring areas of the Seine-Saint-Denis region abutting Paris.

Just after midnight in nearby Montfermeil, the municipal police garage was set ablaze and two cars destroyed, a prefecture spokesman said.

One police source told AFP that "the Clichy rioters are being copied in Sevran, Neuilly-sur-Marne and Bondy", where he said vehicles were torched.

Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy -- who has implemented hardline urban security policies in his bid to be a conservative candidate in France's 2007 presidential elections -- visited the administrative headquarters responsible for the suburb.

"Everyone has to understand that my determination is absolute" in confronting the violence, he told journalists.

Sarkozy, who is also leader of France's ruling UMP party, vowed to wage a "war without mercy" on crime in the Paris suburbs just a week before the rampages.

The Jihad
Is Worldwide
And Coordinated

Since the day the Towers fell, we've all known about Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden. We know that Saudi Arabian-inspired Arab terrorists want to kill us. We know that they have attacked us in Iraq, attacked us in London, and have plotted to attack us in various places throughout the West.

However, there have been many other attacks, on many other fronts. Islamic Jihadis have killed schoolchildren in Beslan, Chechneya, which was part of the former Soviet Union. They have beheaded little Christian girls in Indonesia. They have killed Western tourists in Bali. But, these attacks horrific as they are, are never presented to us as originating from the same source as those we were hit with on 9/11.

Those of us who make it our business to study the worldwide Jihad know that these attacks are all inspired by the same ideology, but most of us have doubted that they are actually coordinated by a central entity.

Instead, we seem to believe that there are many terrorist entities all under the authority of different leaders. We know about Al Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Hizbollah, Fatah, Hizb ut-Tahrir, Jamaat ul-Fuqra, Jemaah Islamiyah, etc., but we seem to believe that all these organizations are running their own separate Jihads, inspired by the same ideology. We seem to believe that this war is a war of copycat killings; Islamists inspired by the Jihad of other Islamists to wage Jihad throughout the world.

The above photograph shows Muslim schoolchildren in Indonesia, which, of course, is thousands of miles from the Arab world, worlds away from the Middle East conflict. But, what we see in this photo is Indonesian schoolchildren being used as walking billboards for Arab propaganda. Their headbands say "Al-Quds" which is the Arabic phrase for Jerusalem Day. Jerusalem Day is an Arab "celebration" of the Jihadi promise to drive the Jews of Israel into the sea. (Click here to see Indonesians carrying a poster of the Ayatollah Khomeini at the same celebration.)

In other words, little Indonesian schoolchildren who know nothing about Israel, who do not know Arabic, or even an Arab, and who have never met a Jew, are "campaigning" for the destruction of Israel. No, sorry, I don't believe they came up with this on their own over there in Indonesia. Instead, I believe that this is being coordinated from above.

I have no idea who is coordinating the Jihad. It could be Al Qaeda. It could really be that Osama Bin Laden is beaming out his signals from caves on the border of Pakistan. I don't know, but I believe it is becoming clear that much of this war is being waged from one central command post somewhere.

I do not come to this conclusion simply because of this photo. Instead, I have been slowly coming to this conclusion over the past several weeks, as I watch riots breaking out in Birmingham, England, and Paris, as I see bombs exploding in India, Iraq, Israel, as I see Christian girls have their heads cut off in Indonesia, as I see the Phillipines ceding the island of Mindanao to Jihadis, as I see Jihadis arrested in Germany, as I see Muslims threatening a newspaper in Copenhagen, as I see the President of Iran threatening America, and Israel, with annihilation, and as I see Zarqawi threatening voters in Iraq.

We are up against a totalitarian, worldwide menace; tens of thousands of warriors fighting in unity, hundreds of thousands who work in a collusion of silence, millions who believe in the ideology. Killing the leader will not end the Jihad. Taking out the command post, wherever it lies, will not slow the Jihad. Fighting with law-enforcement tactics will only embolden the Jihad.

Only freedom will end the Jihad. And those who are enslaved to Islam will have a very hard time learning what it means to be free as they cower in fear at the totalitarians around them. So, we need to strike fear into the heart of the Jihadis. They do fear Democracy. They fear Freedom, so we are on the right track, but we need them to fear us as well.

In order to get them to fear us, we will need to become brutal. But, the West is not ready to be brutal, yet. We need to cut off their funding, yes. We need to fight their ideology and replace it with a counter-ideology of freedom, yes. And we need to kill their Jihadi warriors where we find them. But, we need to go beyond that. We need to scare potential warriors away from joining the Jihad.

Until we are ready to be brutal with the Jihadis, we will not win. Until we are ready to hit them with the things they most fear, they will laugh at us, and come at us in ever stronger waves.

America has fought three of the most successful wars in the history of the world;

1) The American Civil War
2) The War Against Japan - WWII
3) The War Against Germany - WWII

I say these wars were successful because they permanently eliminated the menacing ideologies that gave brought about the wars in the first place.

The path to victory in all three of these wars was abject brutality. We beat our enemy, and we beat them, and we beat them some more. We beat them until they begged for us to stop, and then, we delivered a final and apocalyptic death blow. In the Civil War, we burned Atlanta to the ground. In the War Against Germany, we firebombed Dresden. In the War Against Japan, we dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

These death blows helped to achieve final and lasting victory, because they told the enemy that they had no hope left. The enemy did not come away from these wars believing that, maybe, if they would have just tried harder, they could have defeated us.

And, after these death blows were delivered, we set in on an equally brutal campaign of destroying the ideologies of our enemies. We were as brutal towards their ideologies as we were towards their armies. In the South, there was the Reconstruction. The slaves were unitlaterally set free. The Southerners were allowed to receive nothing in return for their "property." In Germany, there was the process of reeducation and DeNazification. In Japan, we enforced a unilateral change in the Shinto religion. We declared that in Japan it was no longer legal to teach that the Emperor was God.

These are the things we need to be doing to our Jihadi enemies in the War on Islamofascist Terrorism. However, we are not doing these things. In Iraq, we have allowed Sharia to be enshrined in the Constitution. In Afghanistan, recently, a writer was thrown in jail, and sits their still, for the crime of criticizing Islam. And on all fronts, we are using almost antiseptically clean surgical strike tactics, which do not strike much fear into the hearts of our enemies.

The reason we are fighting such a war is because we are humanitarians. I am proud of our approach, but at the same time, I think it is mistaken and woefully inadequate. Just as Human Nature does not change with time, neither does the Nature of War. This is because the Nature of War is born of Human Nature. It is knitted into who we are as human beings, unfortunately.

I believe we are going to continue fighting this war in the current manner, but our enemy is only going to become stronger and stronger. The way we are doing battle only serves to get them angry enough to fight harder, and recruit more. The pace of the Jihad is quickening, and spreading out in greater and greater rings around the globe.

One day, if we do not eliminate Iran, we are going to wake up to a world which has been radically altered by Weapons of Mass Destruction. Life will be completely different. America will not be what it once was, and the people of America will be angry as all hell. At that point a "strong man" will be brought in to clean house. And a mighty housecleaning will be enacted across the four corners of the globe.

I do not want to see this happen. I do not want us to become the monsters we fight. The only hope I can see is for us - we who understand the nature of the Global Jihad - to begin to work to get the Jihadis angry over absurd, stupid stuff. We need to work to make them behave like fools. This whole Piglet scandal in Britian (where the British council banned publice displays of Piglet so as not to offend Muslims) is a important marker to me in the progress of the War.

We need to take a lesson from the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. We need to ask ourselves, what is it that gets the Jihadis particularly angry, and then we need to work to bring about those circumstances in as absurd a fashion as possible. We need to be John Lennonesque in our tactics. In other words, we need to set up stunts, alert the media, and enact public displays of humorous and Dada-esque counter-Jihad.

The Jihadis will then be moved to anger, but it will be the kind of pathetic anger one might see when the big guy gets humilated in a bar by a little wimpy, smart-ass guy who has the whole bar laughing with glee at the big guys idiocy and humilation. Oh yes, they might come back at us with violence, and it may be deadly, but we can't fear these things. This is a war, and we are all part of it.

The purpose of this tactic is to smoke the Jihadis among us out into the open. To make them commit to their totalitarian ideology in full view of everyone. This way, the American public will become familiarized with the Jihadis. Since, our media won't tell us the truth, we'll have to motivate the Jihadis to tell us publicly. The violence which may ensue will only serve to give the public more education.

I'm posting this as a proposal. This seems like a very viable tactic. What do you guys think?

Fourth Night Of Muslim Rioting In Paris

From Little Green Footballs:

BOBIGNY, France (Reuters) — Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy on Monday defended his tough crime policies against claims they helped increase tension after a fourth night of rioting in a Paris suburb in which tear gas was fired into a mosque.

It was not clear who had fired the tear gas and Sarkozy, addressing police officers, vowed to find out what had happened.

Youths hurled rocks and set fire to cars in the northeastern Clichy-sous-Bois suburb of the French capital, where many immigrants and poor families live in high-rise housing estates notorious for youth violence.
French television said six police officers were hurt and 11 people arrested in violence partly fueled by the incident at the mosque.

“I am, of course, available to the Imam of the Clichy mosque to let him have all the details in order to understand how and why a tear gas bomb was sent into this mosque,” Sarkozy told about 170 police officers at the Seine-Saint-Denis prefecture in Bobigny, the local authority which oversees Clichy-sous-Bois.

The French police fired into a mosque, something we are loathe to do in Iraq. The French are pretty tough on terrorism. However, one wonders how long they're going to allow this to go on. Truth is, that by not putting down the riots swiftly, and powerfully, the French have guaranteed that this will happen more and more.

How To Disappear Completely

An excerpt from an article by Rachel Ehrenfeld and Alyssa Lappen at Front Page Magazine:

Judging from how Hamas is treated by the U.S. Administration, you would not know that it sits at the heart of the Islamo-Fascist movement, which President George W. Bush concretely defined and condemned three weeks ago.

Compare Hamas statements and its charter to those of Al Qaeda, Hizballah and other Islamist organizations: all strive to establish a Caliphate encircling the globe. Al Qaeda says: “We will turn the White House and the British parliament into mosques,” as documented by Jonathan Dahoah Halevi, Director of Orient Research Group in Toronto.

Similarly, Qatar-based sheik Yusuf al Qaradawi says “Islam will take over Europe by Dawa.” The spiritual leader of HAMAS, the late Ahmad Yassin said: “The 21st century is the century of Islam,” and his successor Mahmoud Zahar says, “Israel will disappear and after it the US.”

President Bush declared: “the way forward is confronting the threat armed gangs present to the creation of democratic Palestine.” But he stopped short of demanding that Hamas disarm. Still, that was enough to infuriate Hamas spokesman Sámi Abu Zuhri, who protested, “We consider this as a serious American interference in our internal affairs aimed to create an internal conflict.”

Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat insists that allowing Hamas to participate in the election would be the terror group’s first step toward giving up its weapons.

I have a hard time believing that George Bush, and people in his Administration iare not aware that Hamas is bent on destruction. Still, it is almost impossible to understand their policy, or behavior towards Hamas. The only possible excuse is if we are simply biding our time.

This war is not just about Al Qaeda. We need to take out Iran, Syria, Hizbollah, Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Jihad, and we need to fundamentally change our relationship with Saudi Arabia.

If we don't do these things we will eventually be destroyed.