Saturday, November 12, 2005

Hijab Chic

I saw something that I thought was a little humorous today. I was at the mall, walking by the makeup counter in one of the big department stores, when I saw two Muslim women in long dresses, and hijab -veils, like the one pictured, except the ones these gals were wearing were black).

They were standing at the makeup counter discussing makeup, and it's application with the girl behind the counter.

Even chicks in veils want to feel pretty, I guess.

UPDATE: Alright, you learn something new every day, and if you don't then you're trying not to. And, this one should have been obvious.

A nice Muslim women, named Aminah, commented on this post, saying the following:

I just wanted to comment on your post.

I am a Muslim woman and i wear hijab, which is the headscarf, but i do not wear the whole abaya, thats the long dress thingy. Many Muslim women wear makeup and are very into fashion. It is not uncommon at all to see this, it all depends on where you live I guess.

Also, we do not dress like this at home and with our other female friends, we wear all the same clothes and makeup and do hair all the same...It is just when going out in public we choose to cover more as to not attarct a lot attention to our bodies and be objectified, its just a modesty thing that some Muslim women choose.

Just wanted to explain this... (all emphases were mine)

Thanks, Aminah. I am chastened. I can understand your not wanting to attract the attention of guys, the way many of us behave. That is, actually, admirable. And, heck, some Hollywood stars do the same thing at times. Even my wife does stuff like that. I remember being really irritated at her one time, when we went to this black-tie dinner and she wore this black sweater over her beautiful dress the whole evening. The dress was strapless, and she said she didn't like the way the men at the party were looking at her.

I understood, but it still pissed me off, because I think my wife is very beautiful, and I like to look at her.

The thing many of us are concerned with is whether you have a choice in wearing the veil. If you choose to wear a veil of your own free will, then that's a fine, and possibly even, an admirable thing. But, if there is no choice, then you are on your way to allowing a Taliban/Saudi Arabia atmosphere to creep into your life.

No one wants that to happen, except perhaps, some core of powerful men whose will to subjugate everyone around them must be resisted at all costs.

UPDATE II: Dag also has left some very worthy comments. He doesn't believe Amina, as far as he can throw her. Check it out.

I think it is likely Amina is telling the truth. I have had some very nice, normal Muslim friends. However, I have never had any friends who wore Hijab. Not too many Muslim wear Hijab where I'm from, although, recently, the number has been increasing.

Get On
The Bus,

His little day trip has gone on long enough. It's time for Spike Lee to go back to the loony bin.

Check out this video of Spike Lee accusing the American Government of blowing up the levees in New Orleans to kill black people.

Uh, wow.

Crackdown -

From BBC News, via Little Green Footballs:

Riot erupts in French city centre

Police in the French city of Lyon have fired tear gas to break up groups of youths who hurled stones and bins hours before a curfew was due to begin.

Police on the city's famous Place Bellecour square made two arrests in what state news agency AFP says is the first rioting in a major city centre.

Lyon has imposed a curfew for the first time in two weeks of nationwide unrest.

Thousands of police are patrolling Paris to enforce a ban on all public meetings likely to provoke rioting.

Trouble began at about 1700 (1600 GMT) on Place Bellecour where a large number of riot police were on duty as a preventative measure.

Around 50 youths attacked stalls and damaged vehicles, witnesses were quoted as saying by Reuters news agency.

Shoppers hurried away from the area and most local shopkeepers closed their doors.

Officials in Lyon and 10 other towns to the east of the city earlier announced a curfew to bar unaccompanied minors from the streets over the weekend between 2200 and 0600 local time.

The worst suburban unrest on Friday night was reported in Lyon and the city of Toulouse in the south-west.

More than 500 cars were set on fire, two police officers were wounded and 206 people were detained across the country.

This was an increase on the previous night, when about 400 vehicles were torched and 168 people were arrested.

Paris curbs

The Paris ban on meetings, imposed under new emergency measures, started at 0900 GMT on Saturday and will remain in force until Sunday morning.

Police say they have intercepted e-mails and text messages calling for "violent acts" in the city on Saturday.

The ban prohibits "all meetings likely to start or fuel disorder".

National police chief Michel Gaudin warned the threat of violence in the capital was "not a rumour".

The Eiffel Tower and the Champs-Elysees avenue were among sites that could be potential targets, he said.

The BBC's David Chazan in the French capital says the police have been highly visible on the streets and in the metro, the city's rail transport system, stopping people and checking identities.

Mosque attacked

In the southern town of Carpentras, petrol bombs were thrown at a mosque during prayers on Friday, causing minor damage.

The nightly protests have gripped deprived areas where unemployment is rife and residents complain of racism and discrimination.

On Thursday, President Jacques Chirac acknowledged that France had "undeniable problems" in poor city areas and must respond effectively.

Maybe if the French just crawl under a rock, and pretend they're dead, the Muslims will leave them alone.

A Kind
And A Gun

I believe the riots were purposefully instigated by Jihadi cells who were sent into Europe, specifically, to foment riots, in order to destablize governments. However, it is very possible that I am completely wrong in my analysis.

Oliver Guitta, over at the Counterterrorism Blog, seems to have some sort of information which would indicate that I am wrong. So, here it is:

I just finished an article re the real implications of the French Islamists in the latest wave of violence in French suburbs.

Here is an excerpt:

In fact, the French suburbs where radical Islam is most entrenched have been quiet. As terrorism expert Alain Bauer wisely observed:

"The radical Islamists would rather see the return of calm so they can act quietly."

Most radical Islamist Web sites I've browsed are calling on rioters to put down their rocks and molotov cocktails. One exhorts Muslims "not to give ammunition to the Zionist Nicolas Sarkozy scum who has now shown his real face as an Israeli terrorist" -- a reference to the country's hardline Interior Minister.

Obviously, Islamists are not calling for calm out of sheer kindness. Their true motive is that they wish to become indispensable actors on the national political stage. They want to be viewed as an intermediary between the French state and the young Muslims of the banlieues or, ideally, all Muslims.

This is the same strategy that has long been embraced by the Union des Organisations Islamiques de France (UOIF), an offshoot of the extremist Muslim Brotherhood, and the second largest Muslim organization in France. Like other Islamist groups, the UOIF has been hard at work in France's Arab suburbs since the mid-1990's, radicalizing young Muslims and spreading the message that Islamic values are incompatible with a secular, multicultural society.

Yes, and they've been very successful at it. So, one could understand that certain Islamists would want to continue that strategy.

However, one of the wisest things I have ever heard anyone say, on the subject of politics, was uttered by the character Don Vito Corleone, in Mario Puzo's book The Godfather:

"You can get far with a kind word, but you can get a lot further with a kind word and a gun."

The truth is, the Islamists will have more success if they divide themselves into a political wing (of power brokers and negotiators), and a military wing (of terrorists). The terrorists can periodically commit acts of barbarity which will scare the citizenry, and government of France. These acts of barbarity can then be used by the political wing to gain further concessions.

The reality is, this is precisely what has occurred as a result of these riots. The French government has agreed to give the neighborhoods where the Muslims live, a huge infusion of cash, and government programs.

Not bad for a few nights work.

Friday, November 11, 2005

16th Night

From The Bad Hair Blog, via Little Green Footballs:

Fausta asks:

Now ponder that map, and ask yourselves what kind of European (and American) media noise would we be hearing if we’ve had fifteen continuous days of rioting and arson not only in every major city in the country, but coast-to-coast?

Would the press be clamoring 24/7 for the Président de la République’s head on a platter, or at least for his ousting? Can you think of one, just one, of the 3 networks and cable TV stations that wouldn’t be on this all the time?

Jordanian Suicide Bombings
Draw Very Strange Reactions

The New York Times was actually moved to call terrorism evil:

As investigators searched for the identities of the three attackers - and for evidence that they hope will lead to those who helped plan the terrorist strike - Jordanians, especially those who survived the explosions, were struggling to deal with the sheer evil of what happened.

Well, imagine that. Suicide bombing is evil?!? See, I thought it was activism.

Anyway, the Palestinians are upset too. They can't believe anyone would have the nerve to target civilians:

SILET AL-THAHER, West Bank - In this Palestinian village, the Akhras clan mourned 17 relatives killed by a suicide bomber in Jordan — the first time Palestinians have been a target in a suicide attack.

“Oh my God, oh my God. Is it possible that Arabs are killing Arabs, Muslims killing Muslims?” asked a weeping Najah Akhras, 35, who lost two nieces.

Similar thoughts were heard over and over in the West Bank and Gaza Strip on Thursday, as Palestinians expressed outrage over suicide attacks aimed at civilians.

Once again, I am a bit perplexed, because I thought murdering civilians was called, "being a martyr?!? "

Can anyone help me out here?

A Steaming Splatter of Postmodern Refuse

Warning: Really bad language alert. Very bad language coming. If you are easily offended, click past this post.

I don't think I have ever read a steamier pile of shit than this article by Sherherezade Faramarzi:

CLICHY-SOUS-BOIS, Paris - Night after night of rioting across France in which children as young as 10 have hurled firebombs and torched cars has prompted many people to ask: Where were the parents?

The rampaging in the impoverished, mainly immigrant neighborhoods underscores not only tensions in French society but also troubles in the homes where many of the rioters have grown up.

Many parents are struggling to make ends meet, leaving them little time for their children. They often can hardly communicate with their sons and daughters: Many parents are not French citizens and never learn to speak French, while their children don't learn the language of their ancestors.

Some parents even blame the recent riots on a French law that prohibits them from hitting their kids, which they say renders them powerless to assert control.

The government wants parents to be more responsible. But aid groups wonder if parents even know what their children are up to.

Fatna, an Algerian immigrant who agreed to speak on condition her last name not be used, insists on the innocence of her 21-year-old son, who was sentenced to two months in jail for a role in the riots.

Most of the people interviewed would only allow their first names to be used, and even then only reluctantly. They appeared worried about drawing the attention of their neighbors.

"Life is very difficult here," Fatna said in Arabic. She, like her husband, is illiterate and doesn't speak French despite having lived here for more than 25 years.

Fatna said her son, Khaled, was at home when the first riots broke out in their home town, Clichy-Sous-Bois, on Oct. 27. But at 10 p.m. the next day he went to the local teahouse as he did every night during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.

She didn't think much of it when he failed to return home, because it wasn't unusual. Sometimes, she said, he stayed with his sister.

Instead, Khalad had been arrested with other youths for participating in the riots. She pleaded with the magistrate that her son was innocent. "They said that's what all parents say," said Fatna. Still, she is convinced her son was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Khaled, who dropped out of school after failing his high school exams, is unemployed. He worked for eight months and then stopped, but his mother said she didn't know what kind of job he had.
"I don't read, I don't write," she said. "I don't know anything.

"They don't give work to the young. The young are not treated well by the police," said Fatna, who has never worked outside the home.

Parents complain their children don't listen to them, often lie and sometimes threaten to report the parents to police for abusing them if they can't have their way.

Many children express frustration at having to comply with values they don't share.

"France is a democratic country. It gives rights to women and children," said Abderrahman Bouhout, director of the Bilal Mosque in Clichy-Sous-Bois. "Now parents cannot do anything — if they hit their 12-year-old, police will come to their door. There's a hot line the kids can call to report parental abuse."

Children have "too much freedom," complained Abdelhalim Salah, 68, arguing that government policy has undermined parents.

Sabrine, a 41-year-old mother of four who came from Tunisia 20 years ago, said police shouldn't blame parents for failing to stop the violence.

"We cannot bring up our kids the way we want, to teach them Islam," said Sabrine, adding that France encourages children to choose how they want to practice religion.

"They say religion is not obligatory or that parents are not allowed to make their children wear the hijab (veil) or to pray," she said. "They want to give our children the same freedoms they give to the French."

Yeah, no shit, Sherezade. If you don't like it, and if any of the racaille interviewed in this article don't like it, then LEAVE!

For God's sake, when the writer squatted and emitted this article from his cranial anus, it's no wonder he had trouble keeping a sense of balance, because clearly this article came gushing out with the full-force of botulism-inspired diarrhea. The high-pressure rush must have damn near lifted him off his feet like a rocket

That AP decided that such a puslating splatter of disease-ridden feces was worth publishing just goes to prove that they are scat-lovers of the highest order.

Listen, I'm sorry to all my regular readers. I'm sure you don't want to have to read my description, and you didn't have any idea what you were getting yourself into when you came over here today, but sometimes a guy has just got to say what's on his mind.

The name of the writer who wrote this is SCHEHEREZADE FARAMARZI.

Remember that name. I'm sure this won't be the last time we are forced to observe this person's strange BDSM antics.

Screw you, Sherherezade.


I did not read the whole article, because honestly, I thought I was going to be sick. But, Charles, over at LGF did, indeed read the whole thing. And, look what he found towards the end:

Parallels may be drawn between the immigrant children of France and Palestinian youth revolting against Israeli occupation.

Yes, that's right. Sherezade is saying that France is occupying the Muslims ...

in France.

Is this article not a call to war against France, then? Sherezade ought to be arrested, tried for treason, and put to death.

You think I'm kidding?

Then, take a look at what the Muslim response to the occupation of the "Palestinian territories" is. The response is to kill as many Israelis as possible.

That is what Sherezade is calling for here. Make no mistake about it. This is no touchy-feely liberal, Sunday LA Times piece. This is an incitement to overthrow the French government.

Great Moments In The History Of Neutrality

How neutral were they? They were so, so neutral:

Sweden’s neutral role during World War Two is the subject of a new museum exhibition which displays documentary evidence of war-time medical experiments, commerce with the Nazis and indifference to the plight of Jews.

Despite it’s official neutrality, Sweden delivered railway tracks and ball-bearings to Germany and was paid for the deliveries in gold. It also helped transport German soldiers on its railroads up to the north to the border of occupied Norway.

Helene Loeoew, head of the Living History Forum, which set up the exhibit said. ”Our main aim is to reveal the problematic nature of Sweden’s role during the war and raise questions about it. There is a lot of forgotten history ... I think it’s important to remember, especially when it comes to our own history,” Loeoew said, acknowledging that some might find the exhibit controversial.

”Some might think that some parts are too graphic ... This is not an exhibit for children,” she said, adding that others might think it gives to much of a negative picture of Sweden’s role in the war.

Heaven forbid that we be negative about people who aided Nazis, and gladly took the money they stole from Jews. Heaven forbid.

Neutrality is an economic niche for Sweden.

Is The French Government
Censoring Anti-Jihad Internet Sites?

From No Pasaran:

It may also be that the opportunity was taken to perform a field test to cut off traffic in an even worse case scenario. The only way this seems possible is to redirect internet traffic through military servers with filters and interception used as a crisis measure. After all there were at least two days where one some users who routed through proxies could see sites that others couldn’t.Said one observer who wrote to ¡No Pasaràn!:

« Note that French "moderate" Muslim sites (complete with hidden jihad call, anti-French, anti-western/anti-US and anti-Semite prejudice,...), islamoleftist (such as the infamous Radio-Islam), and leftists websites still are freely accessible.

The blocked sites are NOT neonazi, they are conservative and "Islamophobic", but the french government has been very afraid of the internet, especially after the "Radikal Web" affair, a rightwing webring of anti-islam and anti-Chirac websites, which was hounded by the "thought police" ("antiracist" & plain leftist hackers and organizations with contacts in the French police), and were later busted when there was a totally unrelated "attempted attempted" assassination against Our Dear Leader.

Since then, the gvt has been pressuring Islamophobic webmasters by suing them one after the other.This is only minor, but this needs to be known in the USA that these are the people who wish to control the internet

If it is true that the French government is censoring these "Islamophobic" sites, then it is evidence that the reason for the censorship is not concern over Islamophobia, but instead that the French government simply does not want the French people to learn the truth about the Muslim community in France.

Why do I say that? Because while the "Islamophobic" web sites are having trouble, the outright racist politician Le Pen's site is going strong, as is noted in this article. That would be because Le Pen is not a threat to the mainstream French media burqa, because, as he is a known racist, no one takes him seriously.

And there are people who want the United States to give up control of the internet.

Is The Jihad Is Worldwide And Coordinated?
Ed Morrisey, Apparently, Believes So

Quite a few people in the blogosphere whose intelligence I respect have expressed their doubts and disagreements with my assertion that the French riots are most likely centrally organized. So, it is good to see that a "major blogger," whose intelligence I respect, agrees with me:

The French authorities have heard Internet and instant-message chatter that a big demonstration designed to recharge the uprising will be held in the next couple of days. CQ received an e-mail from an anonymous source that contains a rather specific plan and date for a demonstration, although I'd prefer not to pass it along and assist in getting the word out.

Clearly, though, the measures taken by the French have had mixed results at best. Curfews have convinced the joyriders to stay home, but hardcore rioters remain out in the street. An overnight arrest total of 201 across the country has dampened but not put down the uprising, and the police expect more, not less, this weekend.

Does the American media suffer from ADHD and find themselves incapable of following an important story for longer than ten days? Or do they find themselves increasingly unable to explain the serious and continued violence despite the bribery and politically-correct strategies employed by French security forces?

It seems to me that the media cannot bring themselves to admit that the uprising has more behind it than bored youths looking to blow off some steam and acting spontaneously and unilaterally. The riots have a purpose, and they have a central control structure -- and that means someone wants to make specific gains from attacking France.

Morrisey here makes the assertion that the riots are centrally organized. I don't believe I have ever asserted that in such a categorical way. If so, it would have been because of emotion.

Instead, it is my opinion that the riots are centrally organized. I don't know it to be true. I come to this opinion simply because I don't believe the electrocution deaths of two boys were flashpoint enough to have started these riots.

Put these riots together with the other three (England, Denmark, Egypt) which have started suspiciously in the past few weeks, and the fact that Danish rioters admitted their riots were "planned," and you will see how I come to the belief I have .

I have a very hard time understanding how intelligent people, who would otherwise have no trouble believing that Al Qaeda was behind the 7/7 London bombings, would categorically refute the idea of Al Qaeda involvement in the riots.

If you were Osama Bin Laden, or some other international terrorist mastermind, and your goal was to establish a worldwide Islamic Caliphate, including Europe, would you not think to use riots as one of your methods for destablizing governments? Wouldn't such a weapon be an obvious choice?

Could it be that many intelligent people simply are not aware of the methodology of crowd control? That they have not ever taken note of the fact that there are people who are gifted at inspiring large crowds of people to do things they would not otherwise do? That these gifted people use specific techniques to accomplish the things they do with crowds?

Go to a rock concert, an African-American church, a motivational seminar, and you will see masses of people induced to orgasmic frenzies. There was a man who travelled around the United States a few years back motivating normal everyday business people to walk on burning coals. And they did it, without hurting themselves.

If motivational speakers can accomplish such things, it is entirely conceivable that our enemies would take note, and learn the techniques themselves.

I think it is important that we consider this possibility, because, it is my belief that it is likely that there are, currently, crowd control cells in various countries around the world, just waiting for the slightest advantage, to create the same kinds of riots in streets everywhere.

It would help us to find out who these people are, if they do in fact exist.

15th Night
Are Things
Getting Worse?

Reuters says the rioting in France is truly calming down, but don't believe it:

PARIS (Reuters) - France started a long holiday weekend on Friday as two weeks of civil disturbances appeared to die down but a police chief said he feared rioters might be planning protests in central Paris.

Police said that 207 vehicles were burned and 101 people arrested by 1 a.m. on Friday morning, the 15th consecutive night of disturbances that have shocked France and shaken the conservative government.

"The trend continues downwards," a police spokesman told Reuters, referring to a steady drop in the figures and adding there were no major incidents to report.

Paris police chief Pierre Mutz banned the transport and purchase of petrol in jerry cans on Thursday, citing a string of arrests in the capital of people carrying firebombs.

"Calls have been launched over the past few days on Internet sites and by SMS messages urging meetings within Paris and calling for 'violent actions', in the words of the authors of these messages," Mutz's office said in a statement.

Riots in Paris have been largely confined to the suburbs, mostly in housing estates about an hour away from the city center.

The urban violence peaked last weekend but fell as emergency powers announced by Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin on Tuesday allowed local officials to impose night curfews.

President Jacques Chirac said on Thursday the government had to address problems in the suburbs where many complain of racism, poverty, unemployment and lack of opportunities.

"We need to respond in a strong and quick way to the unquestionable problems that many inhabitants of the deprived neighborhoods surrounding our cities are facing," said Chirac, who has come under fire for saying too little during the crisis.

Finance Minister Thierry Breton said he had prepared a series of proposals to create more jobs.

"We have put a lot of money into the suburbs over the past 20 years," he told Britain's Financial Times newspaper. "But obviously it wasn't enough."

With solutions like the ones Chiraq is proposing, they will be back and bigger. Basically, he's encouraging a program of, "You riot, we give you money." And besides, the root cause is not poverty, it is Islamofascism.

The solution is, elect Nicolas Sarkozy.

And besides, according to No Pasaran/France 1, the rioting actually got worse last night:

463 vehicles burned, 201 arrests, 7 police injured, and 8 police suspended for doing their job.

In Lyon, 4 police were hurt by thrown rocks. Violence in the greater Paris area ticked up a bit.

12,000 police are being kept on duty through the weekend (including the holiday of 11 November). Calls to riot continue to circulate via SMS, blogs, and Internet bulletin boards.

Where's George Orwell when we need him?

Thursday, November 10, 2005

It's A World
Gone Crazy
In Chains

Lyrics from Tears For Fears:

Woman in chains
I feel hopelessly weighed down by your eyes of steel
It’s a world gone crazy
Keeps woman in chains

Trades her soul as skin and bones
Sells the only thing she owns
Woman in chains
Woman in chains

Men of stone
Men of stone
Well I feel deep in your heart
There are wounds time can’t heal
And I feel somebody somewhere is trying to breathe

It’s a world gone crazy
Keeps woman in chains

It’s under my skin
But out of my hands
I’ll tear it apart
But I won’t understand
I will not accept the greatness of man

It’s a world gone crazy
Keeps woman in chains
So free her
So free her

New Documentary
"Protocols Of Zion"

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion was a libelous tract purporting to be the minutes of a meeting of powerful Jews, for the purpose of plotting how to control the entire political and economic world. The book was a bestseller in Nazi Germany, and it is a bestseller across the Arab world today.

Producer Mark Levin has just released a documentary film dealing with the place The Protocols occupies in the modern world. From Reuters:

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Did you know that Pepsi stands for Pay Every Penny Support Israel? Or that Rupert Murdoch is Jewish?

Those are just two of the more outlandish declarations uttered by political extremists and ordinary citizens in a new documentary that charts the mother of all conspiracy theories, "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion."

"The Protocols" was a faked document that purported to recount details of a late 19th century conference of Jews at which they discussed plans to overthrow Christianity. The fabrication appeared first in Russia in 1905 and quickly became a classic defense of anti-Semitism.

It reaches its centennial this year with every sign of gaining new believers, thanks to 21st century advances in electronic dissemination.

"At one point, I thought that maybe humor was the best way to deal with it," says Marc Levin, Manhattan-based director of the new film who has more than 25 documentaries and feature films to his credit. "I figured maybe I should get 12 old Jewish comedians, you know, Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner, to sit around a table and have them riff off 'The Protocols."'

But Levin became unnerved when he learned that 'The Protocols' had been dramatized for Egyptian television and published by an Arab-American newspaper in New Jersey.

Just last year, U.S. retail giant Wal-Mart Inc. removed 'The Protocols' from its Web site, where it was offered for sale with a blurb suggesting that the notorious tract might be genuine.

Determined, then, to make a serious documentary, the filmmaker found that many Jews he spoke to about the project warned him he would only foment more hate.

"Their initial reaction was, 'You should burn that book. You should bury it. The last thing you want to do is a documentary about it,"' Levin said.

Instead, Levin went out of his way to expose many of the anti-Semitic canards that are rooted in 'The Protocols' and have found a receptive audience across a broad spectrum, ranging from white supremacists to black nationalists.

The feature-length film, titled "Protocols of Zion," opened last month in art-house theaters in New York and Los Angeles and will be shown on cable television's HBO in the spring.

Film critics have praised the director for confronting talk-radio callers, angry young Palestinian-Americans and street-corner agitators, including an African-American in Manhattan who asked, "Don't you know that 33 cents of every bottle of Pepsi you buy go to Israel?"

The filmmaker traveled to the West Virginia compound of the National Alliance, a neo-Nazi organization whose leader, Shaun Walker, declared that Australian-born media mogul Rupert Murdoch is a Jew.

"What?" Levin responds in disbelief.

"We've got all the articles that they're publishing in Australian newspapers going through his Jewish bloodline," Walker replies.

Murdoch, of course, is not Jewish, and some observers suggest that Levin is only helping to amplify such audacious claims by giving voice to them in his movie.

Go read the rest.

In Eurabia

The other day, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan blamed the riots in France on the fact that they had banned girls from wearing the headscarf in public schools. Today, it seems, the European Union Court has approved the Turkish ban on girls wearing the headscarf in public schools:

Turkey can ban Islamic headscarves in universities, the European Court of Human Rights has ruled.

The court rejected an appeal by a Turkish woman who argued that the state ban violated her right to an education and discriminated against her.

Leyla Sahin had brought the case in 1998 after being excluded from class at Istanbul University.
But the judges ruled that the ban was justified to maintain order and avoid giving preference to any religion.

Although overwhelmingly Muslim, Turkey is a secular republic and the Islamic headscarf is banned in all universities and official buildings.

The BBC's Sarah Rainsford in Istanbul says the verdict will have a major impact as more than 1,000 other women from Turkey have filed similar applications.
'Extremist movements'

According to the court's ruling, which is final, the headscarf ban is based on the Turkish constitution's principles of secularism and equality.

In a society where men and women are equal, it said, a ban on religious attire such as the headscarf was justified on university premises.

"The court did not lose sight of the fact that there were extremist political movements in Turkey which sought to impose on society as a whole their religious symbols and conception of a society founded on religious precepts," the court's ruling added.

I have three thoughts on this.

1) Erdogan had better prepare for the inevitable riots, huh?

2) The United States doesn't have a ban on the headscarf, so I guess we are more openminded than both Turkey and France.

3) It sure is curious that the European Court is ruling on the laws of a nation which is not even a part of the European Union.

Jordanians Rally:
"Burn In Hell al-Zarqawi"

Earlier this week, there was a demonstration, 150,000-strong, against Al Qaeda in Morocco. Today, Jordanians rallied in the streets against Al Qaeda mastermind, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi:

AMMAN, Jordan - Thousands of Jordanians rallied in the capital and other cities shouting "Burn in hell, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi!" a day after three deadly hotel bombings that killed at least 59 people. Officials suspected Iraqi involvement in the attacks, which were claimed by al-Qaida's Iraq branch.

As protesters in Jordan and elsewhere in the Arab world denounced the Jordanian-born leader of al-Qaida in Iraq, security forces snared a group of Iraqis for questioning and officials said one of the bombers spoke Iraqi-accented Arabic before he exploded his suicide belt in the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

The main demonstration in Amman lasted for more than an hour. But honking vehicles, decorated with Jordanian flags and posters of King Abdullah II, cruised Amman's streets until late in the night, as passengers chanted "Death to al-Zarqawi, the villain and the traitor!" and anti-terrorism slogans.

About 50 people, including Jordanian children holding tiny flags, placed candles on a makeshift sand memorial in the driveway of the Hyatt.

King Abdullah II, a strong U.S. ally, vowed in a nationally televised address to "pursue those criminals and those behind them, and we will get to them wherever they are."

Could this be the beginning of the collapse of Islamofascism in the Arab world? That would be nice, but let's not get too excited. The tribalism continues on:

"Oh my God, oh my God. Is it possible that Arabs are killing Arabs, Muslims killing Muslims? For what did they do that?" screamed 35-year-old Najah Akhras, who lost two nieces in the attack. Similar thoughts were heard over and over throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

But, the bombings did create a second interesting spectacle to go with the protests; Al Qaeda released a statement attempting to justify their actions. Ha!:

CAIRO, Egypt - In an apparent response to Jordanians who took to the streets to call for its leader to "burn in hell," al-Qaida in Iraq took the rare step Thursday of trying to justify the triple suicide bombings that killed 56 people, mostly Arabs.

Earlier Thursday, the group posted a Web statement claiming responsibility for Wednesday's attacks. Then a second al-Qaida statement appeared on the Internet "to explain for Muslims part of the reason holy warriors targeted these dens." That statement appeared after Arab-wide expressions of outrage.

"Let all know that we have struck only after becoming confident that they are centers for launching war on Islam and support the crusaders' presence in Iraq and the Arab peninsula and the presence of the Jews on the land of Palestine," the group said.

Really, these guys are pathetic losers, aren't they? In America, we marginalize people like this, and they have to scurry off and live in the backwoods of places like Idaho, and Montana. In the Arab World, they can become revered leaders.

It doesn't make them any more impressive, though. They are maniacal, murderous, racist idiots. No society should tolerate such people.

Will London Burn Too?

Interesting. The Spectator is telling it like it is about Islam:

Two other Islamic principles are important subjects of debate among contemporary Muslims. The first concerns ‘sacred space’. Islam is a territorial religion. Any space once gained is considered sacred and should belong to the umma for ever. Any lost space must be regained — even by force if necessary.

Migrant Muslim communities in the West are constantly engaged in sacralising new areas — first the inner private spaces of their homes and mosques, and latterly whole neighbourhoods (e.g., Birmingham) by means of marches and processions. So the ultimate end of sacred space theology is autonomy for Muslims of the UK under Islamic law.

Radical Muslims hope for the re-establishment of the Caliphate, abolished by Atatürk in 1924. The possibility of a Southern Europe Caliphate and a North Sea Caliphate has been raised.

The other important principle is the classic Islamic division of the world into Dar al-Islam (the house of Islam), where Muslims rule, and Dar al-Harb (the house of war).

The sinister name for non-Muslim territory indicates that Muslims have an obligation to wage war until it becomes Dar al-Islam. There is much debate within Islam today as to whether or not the West is Dar al-Harb. Non-Muslims can be thankful for alternatives such as Dar al-Sulh (House of Truce) and Dar al-Ahd (House of Treaty).

Some radical British Muslims used to believe in a ‘covenant of security’ which forbids Muslims living in the UK from engaging in military action within the country. Preposterous though it seems, they believed that, were it not for this ‘covenant’, they would be duty-bound to attack the majority community. Most now believe the covenant to be null and void because of the UK’s involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But the most radical of all hold that the covenant of security applied only to Muslims who had sought refuge in Britain, not to those who were born here. In the words of Hassan Butt, ‘They [the British-born] owe nothing to the government. They did not ask to be born here; neither did they ask to be protected by Britain.’

In Britain we already have many examples of Muslim violence. Some are within the community — ethnic violence such as Kurds against Pakistanis in Peterborough or so-called ‘honour killings’. Some are between Muslims and other communities such as the blacks vs Asian Muslims in Birmingham or the armed black Muslim gangs in south London threatening to kill those who will not convert to Islam. Will we see the same patterns of sectarian violence as in Pakistan, the homeland of so many British Muslims? Shias and Sunnis killing each other, and the persecution of Ahmadiyyas by Sunnis?

Most alarming of all is the prospect of Muslim secessionist violence in the UK as in Kosovo, the Philippines, Thailand and elsewhere (Huntington’s much-reviled ‘bloody borders of Islam’). Now this is happening — apparently — in France. A radical Muslim preaching at Hyde Park Corner on 6 November called for what had happened in France to be repeated here. He urged all Muslims to move into Muslim areas, after which any Churches would be expelled. He told his audience that Europe had once been Muslim and called on them to make it Muslim again.

Many British cities already have concentrated Muslim communities. Conservative estimates based on census returns indicate that Bradford had a Muslim population of just under 49,000 in 1991, rising to over 75,000 in 2005. But Sher Azam, president of the Bradford Council of Mosques, claims that 100,000 Muslims in Bradford attend mosque each week, suggesting a total Muslim population in Bradford far in excess of this. Whatever the true figures, it is clear that within a few years Bradford and many other British cities will have Muslim majorities. It is also clear that the often quoted figure of 1.6 million for the total British Muslim population must be a gross underestimate.

Islamic enclaves would be defined by Islamic values, education, politics, religious practice and above all law. They would be ‘cleansed’ of any non-Muslim presence. This cleansing is already beginning by means of threats and violence to isolated churches in Muslim majority areas. Even Islamic law is already semi-established, in that a multitude of Shariah councils and Shariah courts exist which deal with family issues, effectively creating an unofficial parallel legal system within the UK.

Unless the multiculturalist policy — which has been indirectly facilitating the separatist agenda of radical Islamists — is reversed immediately, we shall wake up and find we have sleepwalked into a situation of apartheid and segregation. If we sleep long enough, we may even wake up to find that, like Paris, London is burning. Or that we are living in an Islamic state.

Those are words of warning. Can anyone tell me, is the Spectator a liberal or conservative periodical? If it is liberal, then this article is an extraordinary occurrence.

The French Intifada Rages On

The destruction continued last night:

Arsonists attacked again overnight, the 14th straight day of violence. However, car burnings fell again overnight to 482 from 617 the previous night, Hamon said. The peak in car arsons was overnight between Sunday and Monday, when 1,408 vehicles were torched. The number has steadily dropped every night since then.

This "is an encouraging sign that does not, however, diminish the police effort," Hamon said.

Overnight, vandalism at two power stations caused blackouts in parts of Lyon, France's second-largest city, police said.

Vandals set 11 cars ablaze and rammed a burning car into a primary school in the southern city of Toulouse, damaging its entrance, police said. Another school was set on fire in the eastern city of Belfort.

Violence, albeit on a much smaller scale, spilled across France's borders to Belgium, where rioters burned cars for a fifth straight night. Fifteen vehicles were torched, but the government said the attacks were isolated and could not be compared to the French riots.

France's emergency decree paved the way for possible curfews in Paris, its suburbs and more than 30 other cities and towns nationwide if officials feel they are needed. By Wednesday evening, only a few municipalities and regions imposed them; Paris had not.

In Nice, Cannes and 19 other towns in the Riviera region, minors were forbidden from being outdoors between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. without adult supervision. Certain bars in Nice and another town were ordered closed during those hours for 10 days.

There have been no direct clashes between youths and police in the Riviera but unrest that started in the area on Friday had persisted in some towns for four nights.

Sometimes You Just Gotta Love Your Enemies

This time, a mainstream media exec tells us the truth behind the lies. Here is evidence that the MSM colludes to keep conservatives out of power. As if we needed any more than we already have, huh? But, this quote is so blatant, it will almost take your breathe away:

Jean-Claude Dassier, the director general of the rolling news service TCI, said the prominence given to the rioters on international news networks had been “excessive” and could even be fanning the flames of the violence.

Mr Dassier said his own channel, which is owned by the private broadcaster TF1, recently decided not to show footage of burning cars.

“Politics in France is heading to the right and I don’t want rightwing politicians back in second, or even first place because we showed burning cars on television,” Mr Dassier told an audience of broadcasters at the News Xchange conference in Amsterdam today.

“Having satellites trained on towns across France 24 hours a day showing the violence would have been wrong and totally disproportionate ... Journalism is not simply a matter of switching on the cameras and letting them roll. You have to think about what you’re broadcasting,” he said.

Man, oh man, you just gotta love your enemies, when they tell the truth. Thanks for that, Mr. Dassier.

I think Mr. Dassier might be interested to know that, here in America, we have a channel called C-Span, which just switches on the cameras and lets them roll. The liberal magazine, the New Yorker, had a twenty-page feature on the founder of C-Span a few years back, wherein they praised the channel for the positive impact it has on Democracy, by bringing the uncensored truth of the inner-workings of government, and politics, right into the homes of the average American.

Gee, what a concept, huh, Mr. Dassier?

Al Qaeda:
Jordan Is
Garden Of
Jews And

Well, now we know why they bombed Jordan, a relatively peaceful Arab nation:

Al-Qaida claimed responsibility Thursday for three suicide bomb attacks on Western hotels that killed at least 56 people, linking the deadly blasts to the war in Iraq and calling Amman the "backyard garden" for U.S. operations. Police continued a broad security lockdown and authorities sent DNA samples for testing to identify the attackers. Land borders were reopened after being closed for nearly 12 hours.

Government spokesman Bassel Tarawneh lowered the death toll by one, citing confusion in the early hours after the blasts. He said the number was likely to rise slightly.

He said the victims included 15 Jordanians, five Iraqis, one Saudi, one Palestinian, three Chinese, one Indonesian; 30 others hadn't been identified.

The nearly simultaneous attacks late Wednesday also wounded more than 115 people, police said. They detained several people overnight, although it was unclear if those being held were of suspects or witnesses.

The al-Qaida claim, posted on a militant Internet site, said Jordan became a target because it was "a backyard garden for the enemies of the religion, Jews and crusaders ... a filthy place for the traitors ... and a center for prostitution." The authenticity of the posting could not be independently verified, but it appeared on an Islamic Web site that acts as a clearing house for statements by militant groups.

The claim of responsibility, signed in the name of the spokesman for Al-Qaida in Iraq, said the attacks put the United States on notice that the "backyard camp for the crusader army is now in the range of fire of the holy warriors."

Ok, duly noted. Al Qaeda is a bunch of Jew-hating, anti-Americans, just like Hitler. Thanks for telling us, you freaking lunatics.

Oh, by the way, The Astute Blogger predicted this some time ago.


Albert Brooks made a movie. Hollywood canceled it's release. Gee, can you guess why?:

Sony Pictures got upset about a "bad" word. They demanded it be taken out of the title of a movie. The word is "Muslim."

Give me a break. Do we have to be that sensitive? Or fearful?

The movie is "Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World." The writer and star of the movie, Albert Brooks, says he made the movie because he was concerned that, in the wake of 9/11, Americans hated even the word "Muslim." "A part of me always thought," Brooks said, "what are there, a billion-and-a-half Muslim people on this planet, and I never thought that all of them wanted us dead."

Brooks thought he could put his professional skills -- he's a comedian -- to work on the problem. "I thought, what could I do to make a movie in . . . my style to sort of soften this subject."

He imagined himself given a special assignment by the U.S. government: "Maybe the only way to really understand somebody is to see what makes them laugh," he is told. "Go to India and Pakistan, write a 500-page report, and tell us what makes the Muslims laugh."

What's controversial about that? The movie is a comedy about humor and cultural differences. Brooks performs his stand-up routine in India:

"Why is there no Halloween in India? 'Cause they took away the Gandhi!"

The audience doesn't laugh.

Says Brooks: "I steered clear of religion in this movie. There's no mention of the Koran -- the whole point of the movie is looking for comedy, not looking for God. I was allowed to film in the biggest mosque in India, and when I told the imam the plot of the movie, he started to laugh."
Sony officials liked the movie, too, Brooks told me, and planned to premiere it last month. "Posters were made, trailers were made, and then about three months later, on a Monday morning, I get this phone call, we can't release the movie with the title."

The call came shortly after a Newsweek story claimed that soldiers at Guantanamo Bay had flushed a Koran down the toilet, and rioting broke out in the Middle East. It turned out that the Newsweek story was wrong. They retracted it. And it turned out that the rioting may have been a previously planned anti-American demonstration that had nothing to do with Newsweek's story. But Sony's president still said he wouldn't release a film called "Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World."

How cowardly. Hollywood used to make lots of big-star, big budget movies about Arab terrorists, like "Executive Decision," "Rules Of Engagement," and "True Lies" ... but not after Sept. 11. Tom Clancy's best-selling novel "The Sum of All Fears" is about Palestinian terrorists, but Hollywood morphed them into European neo-Nazis.

In A

Notice the Star of David, the symbol of Judaism, is portrayed as the equivalent of Nazism.

Notice they're hanging Arab/Palestinian flags in front of a building which features the word "Liberte'."


Because they can, because they have "Liberte'" to do so.

Notice the martyr on a stretcher; a symbol of Jihad.

There you go, Jew-hatred, abuse of Liberte', and Jihad. Eurabia, in a nutshell.

The Clash of Civilizations

Here, is an excellent article,from the German paper, Die Welt, via Fjordman, about why Western Civilization is such an amazing thing, and so worth preserving:

The title of my pages is The Free West. It is not a random title. It is something I believe in. I am a secular person but I deeply believe - in an almost religious way - in the freedoms our western societies have achieved through sacrifice, pain, suffering, and through the collective intellectual and emotional efforts of millions of human beings who have shaped our pasts.

Our freedom is not a phenomenon we should take for granted. It is a miracle. The basic ‘natural’ state of human existence is marked by repression, lack of justice, hunger, the rule of tyrants, and only in the last three centuries, we see the emergence of individual freedom. Technology, sciences, the separation of church and state, helped in creating the right mindset for the development of the free spirit that independently produces its own values, its own lifestyle, and its own world - without neglecting tradition and history.

Since 9/11 my life has been marked by the feverish question why young, bright men started to hate our freedoms and gave their lives - and took the lives of thousands of others - in order to create a world ruled by ancient superstition.

Our freedoms exist thanks to individual discipline and individual responsibility within functioning organizational bodies like the judiciary, the state, the police, and the great thing is that this system works: never before in European (and Western) history have so many people been living with so much freedom, so much wealth, so much possibilities to shape their lives in peace and safety.

Nevertheless, these young Muslims, living among us, were disgusted by our freedoms and preferred a life in the shadow of medieval texts they considered sacrosanct. What we face today is how two deeply contrasting worldviews collide: the idea that reality is a human adventure, and the idea that reality is the product of a superhuman Force that contains all other forces. In other words: the struggle between the West and radical Islam is another phase in the containment of the tradition of magical thinking that has been haunting the human race since the beginning of human consciousness.

Go read the rest.

14th Night

No Pasaran says, "They stayed home to watch soccer last night":

394 vehicles burned, 169 arrests, and 5 French departments making use of a curfew.
The government has refused to allow a peace march on the Champs-Elysées this Friday. What the TF1 article linked to above fails to mention is the this march, far from anything peaceful, is the brainchild of the General Union of Palestinian Students and was meant to coincide with the first anniversary of Arafat's death from AIDS (putain, on n'arrête pas de nous faire chier avec ces histoires de sidaïque). Would they have worn bomb belts?

Interior Minister Sarkozy has requested the expulsion of all foreigners convicted of violent acts during the rioting. Moonbat human rights groups have seized upon this proposed measure and are squealing like stuck pigs even though the measure would be more symbolic than anything else. The French simply cannot admit that these rioting scum are not foreigners but their own children, French born and raised.

These Are The Days
Of Miracles
And Wonders

This is the long distance call:

PITTSBURGH - Two lines of an alphabet have been found inscribed in a stone in Israel, offering what some scholars say is the most solid evidence yet that the ancient Israelites were literate as early as the 10th century B.C.

"This is very rare. This stone will be written about for many years to come," archaeologist Ron E. Tappy, a professor at the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary who made the discovery, said Wednesday. "This makes it very historically probable there were people in the 10th century (B.C.) who could write."

Christopher Rollston, a professor of Semitic studies at Emmanuel School of Religion in Johnson City, Tenn., who was not involved in the find, said the writing is probably Phoenician or a transitional language between Phoenician and Hebrew.

"We have little epigraphic material from the 10th century in Israel, and so this substantially augments the material we have," he said.

The stone was found in July, on the final day of a five-week dig at Tel Zayit, about 30 miles south of Tel Aviv.

We Are
At Home
We consider
Our Culture
Belongs To
Chosen Country

From Tony Blankley, at the Washington Times:

When, seven months ago, I finished writing my book, "The West's Last Chance: Will We Win the Clash of Civilizations?" (Regnery Publishing, Washington D.C. September 11, 2005), London had not been attacked by Islamist terrorists, the Tate Museum in London had not removed an art exhibit because it offended radical Muslim sensitivities and France had not yet experienced the explosion of violence from elements of its Muslim population in its "no-go zone" communities.

The fact that I predicted all those events in my book was not the result of clairvoyance. It was merely the result of a normally intelligent person looking at the facts, and their rather obvious implications, without the blinding effect of a politically correct mentality.

After studying what the radical Islamists were saying and doing in Europe, I opened my book with a scenario of a London Islamist terrorist attack and an Islamist demand for removing offensive European art work from museums. Then, I wrote: "Muslim parts of Paris, Rotterdam and other European cities are already labeled no go zones for ethnic Europeans, including armed policemen."

As the Muslim populations and their level of cultural and religious assertiveness expand, European geography will be "reclaimed" for Islam.

Europe will become pockmarked with increasing numbers of little Fallujahs that will be effectively impenetrable by anything much short of a U.S. Marine division. "Thus, as the fundamentalism expands into European (and perhaps to a lesser extent American) Muslim communities, not only will Islamic cultural aggression against a seemingly passive and apologetic indigenous population increase, but the zone of safety and support for the actual terrorists will expand as well." (The West's Last Chance, pp. 55-56).

Now, two weeks into the appalling explosion of violence in Europe (and the equally appalling French governmental passivity in the face of such violence) most of the world's media treats this huge event as the third or fourth story on the evening news. From the BBC and CNN to the major newspapers of the world, the story is underreported and misreported. On Monday The Washington Post was still not reporting the story on the front page.

The big networks have consistently given only headline coverage to the story. I was in Russia last week (lecturing and doing media on my book) and actually timed the BBC coverage of the French Muslim violence story at about a minute and a half, while in the same broadcast the post-Pakistani earthquake-relief story was given over fifteen minutes. CNN International proportioned its coverage similarly.

Soon, the violence of the last two weeks will be seen as the opening of an event of world-historic significance.

Even when the current violence subsides — even when the French government attempts to placate its radical Muslim population by offering more welfare benefits and programs — it will not be the end of the story. A new benchmark of the possible will have been established. The flaccid and timorous response of the French government will only increase the radicalizing Muslim elements' contempt for Western cultural weakness.

As Paul Belien, writing from Brussels this weekend, observed: "It is not anger that is driving the insurgents to take it out on the secularized welfare states of Old Europe. It is hatred. Hatred caused not by injustice suffered, but stemming from a sense of superiority. The 'youths' do not blame the French, they despise them."

As Mr. Belien reports, look what a typical radical Muslim leader, Dyab Abou Jahjah, the leader of the Brussels-based Arab European League, says: "We reject integration when it leads to assimilation. I don't believe in a host country. We are at home here and whatever we consider our culture to be also belongs to our chosen country. I'm in my country, not the country of the Westerners."

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

On The Day of The Balfour Declaration

Christian Hate? brings us a quote from an article in the famously Israel-hating newspaper, the Guardian, circa 1917:

'...the declaration of policy by the British Government to-day is the security for a new, perhaps a very wonderful, future for Zionism and for the Jewish race.'

Yes, and now that the Jewish state is established and thriving, the Guardian hates it. Could it be because they can only find it in them to love Jews, when Jews are downtrodden, but, the instant Jews are powerful and successful, then they become a threat?

And, why would that be? Why would the people at the Guardian, the BBC, and so much of the world's media, be bothered by successful Jews?

Out of

Yaakov Kirschen, the Jerusalem Post cartoonist, and proprietor of the blog Dry Bones, posted this doozy today.

Yaakov used to write for Mad Magazine. That gives him a very high Cool Quotient, in my book.


The Jihad Is Worldwide and Coordinated
Iran Warns Of
"Unpredictable Consequences"

From CNN:

HELSINKI (AFP) - Any move to refer Iran's nuclear program to the United Nations Security Council for possible sanctions would have "unpredictable consequences," the country's representative at the UN atomic agency warned.

A European-sponsored resolution adopted by the UN International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), paving the way to such action before the Security Council, has "in our view has jeopardized the positive atmosphere existing between both parties," Iranian representative Mehdi Akhondzadeh said at a seminar in Finland.

"Any action from interlocutors to further complicate the situation could have unpredictable consequences," he added, speaking in Helsinki.

The resolution, drafted by European Union negotiators Britain, Germany and France and adopted on September 24, stated for the first time since the IAEA began investigating Iran in February 2003 that Tehran was in "non-compliance" with the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), mainly for hiding sensitive atomic activities for almost two decades.

Like riot across Europe, perhaps?

Just so everyone knows, I don't discount the idea that there are economic or racial factors to the riots in France. Poverty and racism make people angry. But, riots come about because of flashpoints of anger present themselves, at the right time, in the right place. Many riots begin spontaneously, but a charismatic person, backed by a band of 4-8 strategically placed aids, can start a riot in a crowd which is already filled with anger.

Anyone who has ever been to a U2 concert, or a Peter Gabriel concert knows that there are people who are masters of crowd control. Hitler was a master at crowd control. Many American Evangelical Ministers are experts at crowd control.

There are techniques to crowd control; rhythm, music, chanting, repetition of phrases, movement etc. These techniques can be employed at will by a person who is willing to wait for the right conditions to come along.

Simply put, I think it is very likely that Iran and Al Qaeda, or some other terrorist organization, are working together at this point. I believe this Iranian-proxy terrorist organization has trained a few charismatic individuals, and teams of aids, in the techniques of crowd control, and I believe they have sent them around the world to destablize societies.

I believe these teams of special forces, then lie in wait of a situation they can exploit.

Remember, the riots which have started in the past few weeks, did not start spontaneously, but instead started a few steps removed from the original incendiary incident.

  • The Danish riots began several weeks after Jyllands-Posten published the Mohammed cartoons.
  • The English riot began after a meeting to establish peace between Muslims and the surrounding community. The meeting was thought to have resolved the issue. When the Muslims began rioting, the West Indians were surprised, even shocked. One women was quoted as saying, "At first, we thought they were joking.
  • The Egyptian riots began a year after the original offense.
  • The French riots began after two very foolish, absurd deaths.

Riots begin for one of two reasons generally; boisterous sports fans play out their excitement by wrecking things, or people get swept up in a frenzy of anger over an injustice. It is my contention that these riots do not meet these criteria.

I believe, Iran, are even now, biding their time, across Europe, looking for the slightest infraction which they can turn into a heinous injustice in the minds of impressionable and angry "youths."

If I am right, we will see more in the weeks to come.


Villepin has a great plan to pay off the rioters:

PARIS (AFX) - Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin unveiled a raft of social and economic measures designed to improve conditions in France's tough, low-income neighbourhoods that have spawned unrest raging across the country.

The initiatives -- outlined before parliament the same day the government approved powers to declare a state of emergency in specified regions of the country -- aim to reduce chronically high unemployment in those suburbs, provide better education and address entrenched racism.

No plan to help out the victims forthcoming.

The Afterglow of Hell

Among my biggest fears with regards to the future of Europe is that, if they don't put a stop to the Jihadis among them quickly, then they will resort to their old ways, and elect fascist strongmen, who will settle things the old-fashioned European way.

Behold, Le Pen:

French far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen claimed Wednesday his National Front party has been "submerged" with prospective members and supportive e-mail since rioting erupted in heavily immigrant communities near Paris.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Le Pen described the recent violence as "just the start" of conflicts caused by "massive immigration from countries of the Third World that is threatening not just France but the whole continent."

Le Pen said people with immigrant backgrounds who commit crimes should be stripped of their French nationality and sent "back to their country of origin."

Reminded that the vast majority of youths taking part in the arson and rioting are French, born in France to immigrant parents, he said: "What does that mean? Are they French because they have a French identity card?"
French nationality should be given only to those who ask for it and "who are worthy of it," he said. "Those who got nationality automatically, who don't consider themselves French and who even say publicly that they consider France their enemy should not be treated as French."

Le Pen said he is convinced that what he described as a surge in support for his "zero immigration" platform would translate into votes at the ballot box for his National Front party.

French voters "are saying to themselves 'Le Pen was right. We were told that Le Pen is an extremist because he said that immigration problems would lead to disorder. The facts have shown that he was right,'" he said.

"We are receiving thousands of new members, tens of thousands of e- mails. All of our offices are submerged, we don't know how to respond because we don't have the staff to reply to the wave of people who, 95 percent of them, salute and approve our positions," he added.

And what salute do they use, Monsieur Le Pen?

Oh boy.

Get it together, Europe. For the sake of the rest of humanity, get it together.

This reminds me of an email from a French person which was posted over at YARGB (please pardon the computer translation):

I thus tested but in vain, to contact the site of the embassy of the USA, intentionally to ask Bush to prepare to help us to empty and reorientate on their continent, musulmano-African and to protect us, our leaders doing nothing but lend the side instead of seeing that it is indeed uen civil war requiring a military treatment without concession.Impossible to have the site of the embassy from the United States in Paris, due to saturation!

Get that. This guy wants America to prepare to come over and "reorientate" their musulman-Arican citizenry. Apparently, he wants us pull up our sleeves and help the French ship the Africans back to Africa.

Somehow, the European mind vasciallates between Europia and Inferno.

Hyatt Hotel In Amman, Jordan Is Bombed

Some "disaffected youth" set off a bomb in the hotel lobby:

AMMAN, Jordan - An explosion shook the Grand Hyatt hotel in Jordan's capital late Wednesday, and witnesses saw smoke rising from the building. A police official said some people had been killed, "and there are many wounded."

An American businessman who was at the hotel when the explosion occurred, said a "bomb that went off in the lobby." He declined to identify himself.

Police said the cause of the explosion was unknown.

A black cloud of smoke was seen rising from the building in the commercial Jebel Amman district following the blast at about 8:50 p.m. (1:50 p.m. EST).

Ambulances were seen rushing to the hotel.

Government officials are searching the wreckage for the root cause, but it is nowhere to be found, apparently.

Are The Jihadis Becoming More Desparate?

The Astute Blogger notes that in London the Metropolitan Police are stepping up the terror warning:

[Sir Ian BlaIr:] "I have never seen anything like what's happening at the moment. There are people out there in the UK plotting mass murder without warning." ... "I do believe the state has a duty to its citizens to give the greatest level of protection it can." ... "This is different. It is chilling and what we are saying is we are very, very worried and alarmed about it..."

The Astute Blogger comments:

A major attack was just foiled in Australia. There is a WIDESPREAD intifada throughout France. And now this.

I don't think all this was MERELY intended to coincide - more or less - with Ramadan and Eid. I think that as the Iraqi election gets closer, and as we put MORE AND MORE pressure on Syria - and ESPECIALLY as we put more pressure on Iran - that the jihadoterrorist threat INCREASES.

WHY?! We are cornering the enemy and they know it, and they are getting more desperate.

I hope he is right.

French Rioting Appears To Lose Strength

Initial reports last night made it seem as if the rioters were picking more high-profile targets, and were being more aggressive in their encounters with police. But, while that may have been true, this morning, it looks as if the French police are gaining the upper hand. From AP:

PARIS - France's storm of rioting lost strength on Wednesday with a drop of nearly half in the number of car burnings, police said. But looters and vandals still defied a state of emergency with attacks on stores, a newspaper warehouse and a subway station.

The extraordinary 12-day state of emergency went into effect Tuesday at midnight, giving special powers to authorities in Paris, its suburbs and more than 30 other cities from the Mediterranean to the German border — an indication of how widespread arson, riots and other unrest have become in nearly two weeks of violence.

The emergency decree invoked a 50-year-old security law dating from France's colonial war in Algeria. It empowers officials to put troublemakers under house arrest, ban or limit the movement of people and vehicles, confiscate weapons and close public spaces where gangs gather.

Local officials could also choose to impose curfews. By midday Wednesday, only a few municipalities and regions had. Paris had not.

Seventy-three percent of respondents in a poll published Wednesday in daily Le Parisien said they agreed with the curfew.

Overnight Tuesday-Wednesday, youths torched 617 vehicles, down from 1,173 a night earlier, police said. Incidents were reported in 116 towns, down from 226. Police made 280 arrests, raising the total to 1,830 since the violence broke out 13 nights ago.

"The arrests are bearing fruit," said Interior Ministry spokesman Franck Louvrier. "It's clear there has been a significant drop, but we must persevere."

Christian Gaillard de Lavernee, head of the national civil security brigade, told reporters that firefighters responded to 30 percent fewer calls overnight than the previous day.

In some towns, concerned residents have banded together to keep overnight watch on public buildings and to patrol their neighborhoods, armed only with fire extinguishers.

Riot police fired tear gas to disperse youths throwing gasoline bombs in the southwestern city of Toulouse, and rioters used Molotov cocktails to blow up an unoccupied bus powered by natural-gas in the town of Bassens, near Bordeaux. No injuries were reported.

Subway service that had been shut down in the eastern city of Lyon resumed Wednesday after a firebomb exploded in a station late Tuesday. No one was injured, but city transport officials announced that bus and subway service will be halted each evening at 7 p.m. at least until Sunday as a precaution.

Arsonists also set fire to a warehouse used by Nice-Matin newspaper in Grasse, national police spokesman Patrick Reydy said. Youths looted and set fire to a furniture and electronics store and an adjacent carpet store in Arras in the north, he said.

The northern city of Amiens, central Orleans and Savigny-sur-Orge, and the Essonne region south of the capital were putting into place curfews for minors, who must be accompanied by adults at night. Two cars burned in Amiens overnight despite the curfew, compared with six a night earlier, police said.

Looks like it will be over in a day or two. Good. Now, what are the French going to do about these "disaffected youth" in their midst?

She's Looking For The "Real Killer"

Mary Mapes, producer of the National Guard documents story, which was designed to take down a sitting President, insists she has done nothing wrong, and she is still investigating "the source of the controversial documents.":

In her first interview since being fired, former CBS News producer Mary Mapes maintains that her controversial "60 Minutes II" story on President Bush's National Guard service was "true" and that "no one has proved that the documents were not authentic."

Mapes was fired after an independent panel found her basic reporting was "faulty."

In her interview with ABC News chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross, to be broadcast Wednesday morning on "Good Morning America," Mapes says she is unrepentant about her role. "I don't think I committed bad journalism. I really don't," she says.

Mapes is author of a newly-published book about the controversy, called "Truth and Duty: The Press, the President, and the Privilege of Power" (St. Martin's Press).

Mapes says she believes the panel's findings were used by CBS President Les Moonves as a pretext to remove Dan Rather as anchor of the "CBS Evening News."

"Les Moonves viewed the news department as being kind of an uppity group of folks who thought they worked in news rather than television news," she told Ross. "And he wanted them to work in television."

Mapes says Rather did not have "any obligation to resign" from his position, as CBS correspondent Mike Wallace recently suggested.

Mapes says she is continuing to investigate the source of the controversial documents whose authenticity was seriously questioned by the CBS panel.

She tells Ross that she had no journalistic obligation to prove the authenticity of the documents before including them in the "60 Minutes II" report. "I don't think that's the standard," she said.

Yes, that's right, because the standard is, simply, that a reporter should print whatever the hell they want to print. Especially if it speaks "truth" to power.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

13th Night

I mean, what do you even say at this point? Just make sure you read the stuff I highlighted.
From AP:

PARIS - France declared a state of emergency Tuesday to quell the country's worst unrest since the student uprisings of 1968 that toppled a government, and the prime minister said the nation faced a "moment of truth" over its failure to integrate Arab and African immigrants and their children.

Rioters ignored the extraordinary security measures, which began Wednesday, as they looted and burned two superstores, set fire to a newspaper office and paralyzed France's second largest city's subway system with a gasoline bomb.

The measures, valid for 12 days, clear the way for curfews after nearly two weeks of rioting in neglected and impoverished neighborhoods with largely Muslim communities.

Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, tacitly acknowledging that France has failed to live up to its egalitarian ideals, reached out to the heavily immigrant suburbs where the rioting began. He said France must make a priority of working against the discrimination that feeds the frustration of youths made to feel that they do not belong in France.

"We must be lucid: The Republic is at a moment of truth," Villepin told parliament. "The effectiveness of our integration model is in question." He called the riots "a warning" and "an appeal."

Despite his conciliatory tone, Villepin said riot police faced "determined individuals, structured gangs, organized criminality," and that restoring order "will take time." Rioters have been using mobile phone text messages and the Internet to organize arson attacks, said police, who arrested two teenage bloggers accused of inciting other youths to riot.

Images of teenagers from immigrant families pelting riot police with stones and gasoline bombs — reminiscent of Palestinian youths attacking Israeli patrols — are resonating throughout the Arab world.

The Egyptian daily Al-Massaie referred to the riots as "the intefadeh of the poor." Arabic satellite networks have given lead coverage to the mayhem, with regular live reports.

Late Tuesday, rioters looted and set fire to a furniture and electronics store and an adjacent carpet store in Arras, in the northern Pas-de-Calais region and set fire to the Nice-Matin newspaper's office in Grasses, in the southeast the Alpes-Maritimes.

Nine buses were set ablaze at bus depot in Dole, in the eastern Jura region, and a bus exploded in Bassens, near the southwest city of Bordeaux after a gasoline bomb was thrown into it.

"France is wounded. It does not recognize itself in these devastated streets and neighborhoods, in this outburst of hatred and of violence that vandalizes and kills," Villepin said. "The return to order is the absolute priority."

The violence started Oct. 27 ... It has grown into a nationwide insurrection by disillusioned suburban youths, many of them French-born children of immigrants from France's former territories like Algeria.

The French system, said Jean-Christophe Lagarde, a lawmaker from Seine-Saint-Denis suburb of northeast Paris where the unrest started, is "running out of steam."

God, it's like watching a guy you never liked much, get the crap beat out of him. After a while, you just feel sorry for the guy, for the people who have to watch, for humanity itself.

It's sad. Just sad.

Villepin is saying their "integration model" is broken, but he has no idea why, and meanwhile the Muslim Jihadis just keep kicking him in the head. The French system is running out of steam.


Courtesy Zombie

On November 6, 2005, I attended the opening reception for a new exhibit at the Berkeley Art Center, a city-sponsored gallery in Live Oak Park. The exhibit was called Justice Matters: Artists Consider Palestine, and purported to "address current contemporary issues of occupation and colonization within Palestine."

The first painting to catch my eye was this one of what is apparently a young suicide bomber wearing a mask made out of a kaffiyeh. The Arabic words behind him say, over and over, "I will not accept a little" or "I will not accept a pittance," apparently referring to the desire for a Palestinian state that occupies all of modern-day Israel, and not just the West Bank and Gaza. In other words, it is a call for the elimination of Israel, seemingly with suicide bombing as the means for achieving this. (Thanks to evariste for the translation.)