Saturday, November 26, 2005



A statue of the Virgin Mary appears to have begun crying tears of blood, and believers are flocking from far and wide:

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Carrying rosary beads and cameras, the faithful have been coming in a steady stream to a church on the outskirts of Sacramento for a glimpse of what some are calling a miracle: A statue of the Virgin Mary they say has begun crying a substance that looks like blood.

It was first noticed more than a week ago, when a priest at the Vietnamese Catholic Martyrs Church spotted a stain on the statue's face and wiped it away. Before Mass on Nov. 20, people again noticed a reddish substance near the eyes of the white concrete statue outside the small church, said Ky Truong, 56, a parishioner.

Since then, Truong said he has been at the church day and night, so emotional he can't even work. He believes the tears are a sign.

"There's a big event in the future — earthquake, flood, a disease," Truong said. "We're very sad."

The Rev. James Murphy, deacon of the diocese's mother church, the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, said church leaders are always skeptical at first.

"For people individually seeing things through the eyes of faith, something like this can be meaningful. As for whether it is supernatural or a miracle, normally these incidences are not. Miracles are possible, of course," Murphy said. "The bishop is just waiting and seeing what happens. They will be moving very slowly."

But seeing the statue in person left no doubt for Martin Operario, 60, who drove about 100 miles from Hayward. He took photos to show to family and friends.

"I don't know how to express what I'm feeling," Operario said. "Since religion is the mother of believing, then I believe."

Nuns Anna Bui and Rosa Hoang, members of the Salesian Sisters of San Francisco, also made the trek Saturday. Whether the weeping statue is declared a miracle or not, they said, it is already doing good by awakening people to the faith and reminding them to pray.

"It's a call for us to change ourselves, to love one another," Hoang said.

Ain't much wrong with superstitious, or fundamentalist, belief, when it's message is, "Love one another."

Funny how in the Islamic world, the messages from Allah always seem to tell people to kill the infidel, while in the Christian world, the messages from God always seem to tell people to love one another.

Go Ahead
Make My Day

An Iranian government-run body, allied with Iranian President Ahmadinejad, have called for him to attack U.S. forces in Iraq:

Tehran, Iran, Nov. 25 – Radical Islamists allied with hard-line Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called this week for Iran to confront United States forces in Iraq.

Ansar-e Hezbollah, an ultra-conservative government-run body fiercely loyal to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, wrote in the latest edition of its weekly paper Yatharat al-Hossein that Iran had a religious duty to defend the “occupied lands of Iraq”.

“Our strategy in the occupied lands of Iraq, taking into consideration the efforts by America to take complete control of the country with the second largest oil reserves of the world, make our duties for the region clear in the present circumstances”, the group wrote in its weekly publication.

The group said that the U.S. was introducing “American Islam” in Iraq in place of theocratic Islam, citing recent remarks by Iraqi President Jalal Talabani who visited Iran earlier this week, as a “negative example” of the effects of moderate Islam.

“Based on the teachings of pure Islam and without any moderate posturing, we must oppose deviant currents in this arena and fight off the aggressors in Islamic lands following the teachings of the Quran. Of course, we are ready to carry out the orders of the Supreme Leader as a priority”.

Do it, please. Pretty please, with sugar on top.

Infidel Blog Alliance
New Blogventure for Pastorius

I have started a new blog called the Infidel Blog Alliance, with No Dhimmitude, Justify This, and the Drunken Blogger. The idea is to build this site into a hub for blogging which seeks to defend Western Civilization in our War against Islamofascism.

I would like to involve more bloggers who think of this defense as their mission. The goal is to put up posts everyday that will include short teasers and links to the 10 to 15 most important stories of the day. Ultimately, I would like to have seven to ten other people involved, so that we can trade off duties.

I don't want to do this everyday. It takes time. But, I think it could be an important way to draw attention to various articles, in a concise easy read. Kind of like Instapundit, but focused entirely on the defense of Western Civilization.

I got a little wordy in my first post. I couldn't help myself.

If any other bloggers are interested in joining, please leave a comment. J, at Justify This, is in charge of the blog, so it will be up to him who we involve.

Our House Is Being Shelled
Quick, Balance The Checkbook

I love Baron and Dymphna at the Gates of Vienna, but I must say, I think they are way, way off in the new discussion they are enabling over at their blog.

The question put forth is, how do we push the Bush Administration, and the Republican Party to advance a more conservative agenda. Some of the issues they would like to see dealt with include:

  • Making the Bush tax cuts permanent
  • Death tax repeal
  • Cutting and limiting government spending
  • Social Security reform with personal retirement accounts
  • Expanding free trade
  • Legal reform to end abusive lawsuits
  • Replacing the current tax code
  • School choice
  • Regulatory reform and deregulation

Baron wrote:

Contemplating the craven and profligate behavior of Republicans in Congress, the ordinary grassroots conservative is disgusted ... there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties. I have argued previously that the only way to effect change in the national GOP is to hit them where it hurts: create a hemorrhage in their beloved supply of cash.

One commenter offered the following:

Baron, you nailed this one. Thanks for posting this. Can we get an honest to goodness 3rd party going next time up? I don't think the two parties of choice can give us any choices that would be any different that what's going on presently.

Ah, lemmings over the cliff.

My comment?:

A third party will be the death of conservatism.I think you guys need to figure out what is most important to you right now. We are in the middle of a war, guys.

... if you think you are going to turn "The Gates of Vienna" into a metaphor meaning the defense of conservatism itself, then you are, simply, amusing yourselves to death. We can not afford the luxury of metaphor in time of war.

That I was one of only two dissenting voice shows what the problem is with Bush's second term. Bush is being assailed from the right, as well as the left. He is under fierce, almost treasonous attack from the MSM. It has become hard enough, if not downright impossible for him to push his agenda.

Baron commented:

What the poll numbers for President Bush don’t tell you is how much of the decline in his approval ratings comes from people to his right. Those of us who thought that Mr. Bush might really change the political culture of Washington D.C., who thought he might rein in spending, who thought he might limit the intrusiveness of government in ordinary peoples’ lives — well, we had another think coming.

Yes, exactly. And, that's exactly why this discussion is so off.

You know, it's almost as if Republicans think we have the war in the bag. Are people so deluded as to think Iraq is the end of it? We have to end the regimes of Syria and Iran as well. If we don't, then the war will be for nought.

That a blog called Gates of Vienna would lose sight of these simple facts is frightening. The lack of support Bush is receiving from the right is a large part of the reason this war is grinding on at such a glacial and dangerous pace.

Take a lesson from the great Charles Johnson, who on September 13th, 2001, in a post entitled "Patriotism," wrote the following:

I preface this by saying that I may be the least patriotic person I know.
But I am going to refrain from posting any more criticism of our President for the duration of whatever is about to happen. (Unless he does something really dumb.) Some visitors have apparently been seeing my criticism of President Bush as an invitation to post comments implying... no, saying outright that America deserves what happened on September 11th.
Don't tell me the children in those planes deserved what happened to them. Don't tell me America deserved this. If you're able to say that with such disgusting and self-important glibness, you are putting yourself on the same moral level with the monsters who did this crime, and we don't want you here.
Make no mistake. I never thought I would say this, but the President has my full support now, in whatever he chooses to do. I pray he somehow finds the correct course through this labyrinth of hate and darkness.

I pray that we all find our way through this labyrinth. And, the way to do so is fierce resolve.

UPDATE: To be fair, Baron has articulated his reasoning in believing this is the right course of action vis a vis, the War on Terror. But, I don't agree. Go read his thoughts. He is a very intelligent man. Probably one that I am a fool to go up against. But, never let it be said that I am not willing to make a fool of myself.


Friday, November 25, 2005

Next Year,
In Syria

Yesterday, I posted a Debka report that the United States were locked in battle with Syrian forces. I noted that one needs to take Debka with a grain of salt. But, somehow, I believed the report.

Apparently, it is true:

Syria has accused the United States of launching lethal military raids into its territory from Iraq, escalating the diplomatic crisis between the two countries as the Bush administration seeks to step up pressure on President Bashar Assad’s regime.

Major General Amid Suleiman, a Syrian officer, said that American cross-border attacks into Syria had killed at least two border guards, wounded several more and prompted an official complaint to the American embassy in Damascus.

He made the allegations during an official press tour of Syrian security forces on the Iraqi border, which the US claims is a barely guarded passage into Iraq for hardcore foreign jihadis.

While showing off what he said were beefed-up Syrian border measures designed to blunt those criticisms, including new police stations and checkpoints, Maj Gen Suleiman alleged that his own border forces had come under repeated American attack.

“Incidents have taken place with casualties on my surveillance troops,” he said, near the Euphrates river border crossing between Syria and Iraq. “Many US projectiles have landed here. In this area alone, two soldiers and two civilians have been killed by the American attacks.”

Let's hope we are deposing the Syrian regime in early 2006. And then ... And then ... Onward to Iran.


Thanks to Axis of Islam, over at the excellent blog, Pedestrian Infidel:

Arson attacks in the Paris region spread across France The wave of arson attacks against cars and schools in impoverished areas of France has subsided for the most part. But the anger among young people of ethnic minority backgrounds has not died down.

On a rundown housing estate in Aulnay-sous-Bois, on the outskirts of Paris, six or seven youths hang around the entrance to a towering block of flats, apparently oblivious to the cold. About 300 metres away is a burned-out garage. A little further is a nursery school building gutted by fire.

The youths are suspicious, but they agree to talk to me. I ask them who is behind the arson attacks.

"It's everyone, all of us together," says one youth, who declines to give his name. "We talk, we talk and if we agree, we do what we have to do." I ask if anyone's organising the violence.

"I live in Sevrans, he lives in Aulnay," he explains, gesturing to a third youth. "Others live in Blanc Mesnil, La Courneuve, Clichy. We have a little meeting. We talk about what we have to do. Afterwards we each go our separate ways."

The immediate reason they give for the violence is the tough policing policy of France's Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy. Many teenagers here have already spent time in jail. They say the police are always harassing them, particularly if they leave their neighbourhood.

They say it has got worse under Mr Sarkozy. His name is scrawled on the walls of the suburbs, with insults and obscenities. He called youths like these "rabble" and they want him forced from office. But that's not their only demand.

He brings out a tattered photograph. It shows him holding a gun - not a revolver but a 12-bore shotgun. "We're armed," says Mohamed. "We're well armed and in 2007, if Sarkozy becomes president, we'll have a real war. That's why they didn't want to attack Iraq, because they know if they attack Iraq, there'll be big trouble in France."

"We're going to screw France, and England after that. You know the London attacks? There's one that failed.

"We're with al-Qaeda, you know," says Mohamed.

Thanks for telling us, Mohamed. You just gotta love your enemy when he tells you the truth.

Baqilah Badr
And The
Burqa Boogie
Blues Band

Hirsi Ali
And Denmark
Stand Up

The Danish Film Institute says they are not afraid to produce Hirsi Ali's film about Mohammed:

Neither The Danish Film Institute nor the film producer Zentropa [which is behind many notable films such as the ones directed by Lars von Trier] would have any problems supporting or producing a controversial film about the prophet Muhammed based on a manuscript by the Dutch politician and author Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

The Somalian-born Ayaan Hirsi Ali has told the Internet magazine Sappho that she is prepared to produce an Islamic version of the famous Monty Python film "The Life of Brian" -- with Muhammed as the main character instead of Jesus -- in Denmark, and that she could finish a script very quickly.....

The Director of The Danish Film Institute, Henning Camre, does not anticipate any problems allocating public money for a film with this content."I have only read about it in Jyllands-Posten, but if she writes a manuscript and finds a Danish producer, we will treat her application just like any other. We have no limitations on freedom of speech in Denmark. ...

So far, however, it appears to be rather offhand and unspecified. For example, what language would be used? And would it be interesting from a Danish perspective if it was not made in Danish? This raises some questions, but as a starting point we would have no problems investing money in it from a free speech point of view," says Henning Camre.

Nor is Peter Aalbæk Jensen, CEO of Zentropa, frightened by the thought of producing a critical film about the prophet Muhammed."We make all kinds of films from the far left to the far right. It is our film directors who decide the contents, and we have no other position than that there is room for everything. If a director wants to make a film that praises Osama bin Laden, we will make that too," says Peter Aalbæk Jensen.--

If Hirsi Ali comes to you with a manuscript for a controversial Muhammed film, would you make it?

"Yes, if we could find a willing director. ..."

Screen writer and teacher at The Danish Film School, Mogens Rukov [the man behind many internationally successful Danish films], thinks that the film ought to be made."...

My position is that there is nothing that cannot be done because some people feel offended. The entire middle class is obsessed with fear and polite deference to all kinds of fascism, but we should not let ourselves be influenced by that. ..."


From British writer, Carol Gould:

The poppy is a symbol of the terrible loss of life in World War I in the fields of Flanders, where these blood-red flowers sprouted above the acres of corpses of fallen soldiers. As the decades have passed, the poppy has been worn to show one’s respect for the millions who have died in successive conflicts as recent as Iraq and Afghanistan. On British television, every presenter and anchor wears a poppy. In keeping with the motto of the British Legion—“Wear your poppy with pride”—every shopkeeper, publican, hotel manager and cabbie wears a poppy. This year I proudly bought mine at my local doctor’s office.

It was therefore all the more astonishing last week when I took a long walk along Edgware Road, the most densely Muslim section of London, and discovered that not one person was wearing a poppy. This all started because I was accosted on my corner, a few yards form where I have lived for twenty-eight years, by a young Arab man who began to get very aggressive with me. Was I, he demanded to know, “from the Jewish”?

He also wanted to know why I was wearing a poppy. I tried to explain the concept of the Cenotaph and Armistice Day. But he seemed determined to establish that I was a Jewess above all else. No matter how hard I tried, I could not shake him off. I began to get very alarmed.

I hailed a taxi and, thankfully, my pursuer, who was by this time shouting, did not get into the taxi. The driver was enormously sympathetic but told me that I had been “asking for it” by walking in what he called “Little Beirut.” He then told me that we were in World War III. His white, working class anger at what he perceived as “the Islamic takeover” of Britain was palpable. He was not the first London cabbie who has told me he would gladly join the far-right British National Party if pushed.

The driver dropped me at Marble Arch. I decided to walk back slowly should my scary have made his way in my direction. As I walked, I realized that not one of the hundreds of Middle Eastern and British-born Muslims who run all of the establishments along Edgware Road was wearing a poppy. Before shouting “Racist!” the reader must understand the nationwide atmosphere of devotion every November to the memory of the hundreds of thousands of men and women who died—often agonizing circumstances and with some in their teens—so that we might live out our lives in splendor. The fact is that most everyone wears a poppy across a grateful nation.

As I walked along Edgware Road, crossing over from side to side of the long thoroughfare I began to get angry. If one lived in Damascus and there was an annual tradition of some sort similar to Poppy Day, one would show respect for the day and join in.

I went in to a greengrocer and asked the young man at the cash register why he was not wearing a poppy. His accent indicated he was English-born. He said, “I have no idea what you are talking about.” He turned to an older man sitting with him -- perhaps his father -- and asked him my question in Urdu. The man looked cross and I repeated, “Why do you British Asians (those from Pakistan) not wear a poppy?” he shrugged. “Are you not taught about the World Wars?” I asked.

I walked and walked that evening, stopping in to every hookah café, every electrical shop and every hijab boutique. Not one person was wearing a poppy.

The British government has brought in a new questionnaire for new citizens. It is full of obscure and at times outlandish questions about British culture. Frankly, I would fail on most of them. What immigrants and their kin need to be taught is that basic pride in being British with which immigrants to the United States glow with such radiance. If a whole portion of the British population does not care a toss about participating in one of the nation’s most sacred traditions, how can we ever “integrate”?

Yes, I am angry and offended that along the miles of pavement I trawled I saw not one poppy on the apparel of any Middle Eastern resident and merchant of Edgware Road.

When I attended the mobbed Cenotaph ceremony the next day I did not see one Middle Eastern person in the throng.

When I told my local grocer, a Muslim born in the UK, where I had been that day, he looked at me with a blank stare. I said “Cenotaph” and he changed the subject.

Why is wearing a poppy such a big deal to me? It is a tradition started in Canada and the United States that spread to Britain and to the Commonwealth nations, who had also suffered great losses in the Wars. As a Briton born in the USA I feel honored to be a citizen of two great democracies. Another point Madeleine Bunting made in her article was that the young Muslims in a studio audience had endless complaints about life in Britain. They want to change foreign policy. Perhaps learning about how we got here, with our concert halls and opera houses and theatre and art galleries -- not to mention war memorials -- might be a start.

Now think of this: I am mortally afraid to wear my American flag pin in London. What does this say about the direction Europe is going? Bat Ye’or’s “Eurabia” is already erupting in France. Politically correct Britons scream at me if I defend the right of a cabbie to have the Union Jack on his London taxi. Others lament the “appalling custom” of Americans hanging flags outside their houses.

But all I want right now is to see British Muslims wearing their poppy with pride.

Not one? Well, you can't participate, if you don't know what's going on. But, you would think they would have at least a little bit of curiosity about why their fellow citizens are going around wearing poppies, woudn't you?

"The Work
of Allah"

Saddam Hussein reveals his defense strategy:

The honorable Senate Democrats in the United States are doing an honorable investigation to find out exactly what happened to cause me to lose my country, and until these honorable Senate Democrats in the United States get every one of their questions answered about the manipulation and the distortion of the intelligence — and of course all of the lies about my having weapons of mass destruction, I can’t get a fair trial….

I never had any weapons of mass destruction, and whatever bad intelligence was generated by a cowboy, fratboy president and his indicted staff, who have poisoned world opinion about me…

I, Saddam Hussein….say that the Senate Democrats are on the way to proving that President Bush has led a false war… My country is Muslim. We are very different from western countries, and that scares stupid, evangelical cowboys like George Bush….

[W]hat does this cowboy Bush do when his oil baron buddies can’t have my oil for themselves? Well, they start a war on false pretenses because everybody knows that this war was about nothing but oil and that’s why all the intelligence was trumped up….You may not like me; I am Saddam Hussein. You may not agree with the ways of Muslim leaders in the Middle East, but does that give you the right to invade my country? No!

The United States Senate Democrats obviously agree with me. They are honorable people. The world should align behind the Democrats of the United States Senate who are trying to wrong one of the most terrible injustices in the history of the world.

It is George W. Bush who must be brought to justice by the brave and honorable members of the Democratic Party in the United States Senate. Because leaders of the world and people of the world, I, Saddam Hussein, say to you that it is the senators, the Democrat senators in the United States Senate are all that stand between peace and bloodthirsty imperialism by the United States. May Allah bless the good and decent truth-tellers in the Senate…..

I want to further point out that if my trial is not postponed — if I can’t get a postponement and if I can’t get a dismissal of the charges, and if I don’t get my country back — if there is a trial, I demand that I be brought to the US for trial, in a United States civilian court. I can’t get a fair trial in Iraq because it’s Bush cronies. I can only get a fair trial in the United States where liberal Democrats run the court system. They’re the ones doing the great work, the work of Allah….

He said it, not me.


Concerned with America's superior firepower, it looks like Canada is preparing to advance a military buildup:

(PRWEB) - OTTAWA, CANADA (PRWEB) November 24, 2005 — A former Canadian Minister of Defence and Deputy Prime Minister under Pierre Trudeau has joined forces with three Non-governmental organizations to ask the Parliament of Canada to hold public hearings on Exopolitics — relations with “ETs.”

By “ETs,” Mr. Hellyer and these organizations mean ethical, advanced extraterrestrial civilizations that may now be visiting Earth.

On September 25, 2005, in a startling speech at the University of Toronto that caught the attention of mainstream newspapers and magazines, Paul Hellyer, Canada’s Defence Minister from 1963-67 under Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prime Minister Lester Pearson, publicly stated: “UFOs, are as real as the airplanes that fly over your head.”

Mr. Hellyer went on to say, “I’m so concerned about what the consequences might be of starting an intergalactic war, that I just think I had to say something.”

Hellyer warned, “The United States military are preparing weapons which could be used against the aliens, and they could get us into an intergalactic war without us ever having any warning.”

He stated, “The Bush administration has finally agreed to let the military build a forward base on the moon, which will put them in a better position to keep track of the goings and comings of the visitors from space, and to shoot at them, if they so decide.”

Charles, at Little Green Footballs, asks:

"The audience laughed, and booed, and walked out, right? Right?


Hellyer’s speech ended with a standing ovation.

Ack, ack! Ack, ack, ack!


Click here for video.

And don't laugh. It's not funny.

King Of Jordan
Declares War
On Islamofascism

King Abdullah declare "all-out war":

AMMAN (AFP) - King Abdullah II named his security chief as prime minister to launch "all-out war" on Islamist militants while bringing in reforms, two weeks after the deadly hotel bombings that rocked Jordan.

Maaruf Bakhit, 58, a former ambassador to Israel who was appointed just last week as national security chief, has been named to replace Adnan Badran, prime minister for only seven months.

The revamp, announced by a high-ranking official, comes after the triple bombings in Amman on November 9 that killed 60 people and were followed by a number of changes in top security and palace staff.

King Abdullah said the new cabinet's mission would be "to wage all-out war against extremist groups and their ideology," in a message to Bakhit. "This requires the urgent introduction of an anti-terrorist law."

Twelve "Brave Troops"
Make the National News
On Thanksgiving

From Little Green Footballs (verbatim):

Twelve people show up in Crawford, Texas, and the Associated Press considers it national news:

Protesters Arrested Near Bush’s Ranch. CRAWFORD, Texas - A dozen war protesters including Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked the Pentagon Papers, were arrested Wednesday for setting up camp near President Bush’s ranch in defiance of new local bans on roadside camping and parking.

About four hours after the group pitched six tents and huddled in sleeping bags and blankets, McLennan County sheriff’s deputies arrested them for criminal trespassing. Many in the group held up signs, including one that said “Give me liberty or give me a ditch.”

Imagine, if the Republican Party announced they were going to set up a Pro-War Event and only twelve people showed up.

Would it be national news?

Twelve frickin' people?

More, from The Astute Blogger:

According to this report from nearby WACO media, the Leftie anti-Bush protestors have demonstrated "resolve" and "bravery" and will continue "combat":

"War protesters' resolve firm after arrests -- Braving a chilly predawn breeze, protesters began gathering before 6 a.m. along the roadside... Through the day, war protesters vowed to keep up efforts to combat continued U.S. involvement in Iraq. At one point, Ellsberg, whose release of the Pentagon Papers helped erode public support for the Vietnam War, said the fight against war in Iraq may take a long time to win. "(Vietnam) was a hard war to end and this is going to be harder," he said. "Nothing worked very quickly then and this is going to be a long road ahead."

Sheesh, let's look at that again: These folks have the resolve to protest a war which has liberated 27 MILLION people - a liberation which means that the nation which has SO FAR discovered 400 mass graves which contain 1000 bodies or more, will not suffer any more genocide at the hands of theire own government. They're brave enough to face cold weather, and have taken solemn oaths to combat the foreign polcies of their own duly elected government.

Well, gee, if we are in the middle of a war, and they are "troops" "combatting" the war policy of the duly elected government, maybe we should unload some unranium-tipped projectiles on dey ass.


(That is a joke, for anyone who attempts to construe it as something other.)

But seriously folks, those "troops" sure are brave to stand up against Democracy and Freedom like that, aren't they? We ought to call them the Pacifist Minutemen.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

On To Syria?

Could it be? Could it be that on the same day we learn that the insurgents are asking for terms of surrender, that we are at this moment locked in battle with Syrian troops?:

November 25, 2005, 12:27 AM (GMT 02:00)

Both sides have suffered casualties. US soldiers crossed over after Damascus was given an ultimatum Thursday, Nov. 24, to hand over a group of senior commanders belonging to Abu Musab al Zarqawi’s al Qaeda force. According to US intelligence, the group had fled to Syria to escape an American attack in Mosul. Syrian border guards opened fire on the American force.

That's from Debka, so take it with a grain of salt. But, on the other hand, it is the logical next step. In fact, oddly enough, I was just about to write that in a post this morning, "On to Syria by Christmas," but I didn't want to bum anyone's trip on Thanksgiving.

Well, well, well.

Thanksgiving Day:
Terror Groups
In Iraq
Seek To
Lay Down Arms

From the San Francisco Chronicle, via YARGB:

Several insurgents groups have contacted President Jalal Talabani's office in the past few days, with some saying they are ready to lay down their arms and join the political process, the presidential security adviser said Thursday.

Lt. Gen. Wafiq al-Samaraei told The Associated Press that "the calls we received were different. The calls were also from different groups."

"Many groups have called and some of them clearly expressed the readiness to join the political process," al-Samaraei said. This shows that "the initiative was welcomed by Iraqis."

In the western province of Anbar, members of some militant groups told the AP that they had been in talks with Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Chalabi for about two weeks but would not say how they were going.

On Monday, al-Samaraei told Al-Jazeera television that he received a call from a person who claimed to be a senior official of the resistance who was interested in talks. He would not elaborate.

During remarks last Sunday in Cairo, Talabani said his offer to talk with insurgents did not extend to members of Saddam's Baath Party unless they agreed to lay down their weapons.

The Iraq War is winding to a close. What a great Thanksgiving Day.

Have A

The Jihad
Is Worldwide
And Coordinated,
Part V

Terrorist Group
Hizb 'ut Tahrir
Was Behind
Riots In France

Apparently, I was right.

As usual, The Astute Blogger brings the best info:

All indicators point to the involvement of some Pakistani, Algerian and Moroccan members of the London-based Hizbut Tehrir (HT) in the violence by sections of angry Muslim youth, which has rocked the suburbs of Paris and some other towns of France since October 27,2005.

The outbreak initially was spontaneous following the electrocution of two Muslim youth as they were fleeing away from a random identity papers check by the Police. The violence continued to be spontaneous, with no external instigation, for three days.

In the meanwhile, it is reported by reliable sources, the headquarters of the HT in London saw the agitprop potential of the developments in Paris and sent some of their experts, who had participated in instigating the violence earlier this year in Afghanistan over the alleged desecration of the Holy Koran by the US guards at the Guantanamo Bay detention centre in Cuba and in Uzbekistan over the allegedly autocratic ways of the local Government, to Paris to stoke the anger of the youth and exploit it for their purpose. ...

With the help of the sleeper cells, which the HT has already established in Paris and other parts of France for some months, they drew up plans for keeping the violence sustained in order to further radicalise and mobilise the youth against the French Government. ...

While there is no evidence of its involvement so far in any act of jihadi terrorism anywhere in the world, it has been involved in many instances of political agitation in the streets in some countries and in attempts at subverting the armed forces and the intelligence agencies in Pakistan and other Islamic countries. ...

It is reported by reliable sources in Pakistan that the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LET) in Pakistan has instructed its cells in France to assist the HT clandestinely as best as they can. Similarly, the Jamat-ul-Furqa (JUF), which has some followers in the community of Caribbean origin in France, has also asked its followers to assist the HT. Richard Reid, the so-called shoe bomber, was suspected to be a member of the JUF.

Of course, I don't believe even the initial violence was "spontaneous," and I've been saying that since the very beginning. The reason I don't is because there were four almost simultaneous Muslim riots, which all began right after Ramadan ended.

(As it says in the Koran, Sura 9:5, "And when the sacred months are passed, kill those who join other gods with God wherever you shall find them; and seize them, besiege them, and lay wait for them with every kind of ambush.")

The "spokesmen for the riots in Denmark admitted to a reporter that the riot had been planned "three weeks" before.

Now, of course, this article is not final confirmation that my hunch is correct, but I'm taking it as a small dose of vindication.

The Astute Blogger says:

I feel that this connection is likely and that the intel analysis is also likely accurate. It seems reasonable to me to assume that HT would seek to exploit any chance they could to destabilize any and all USA allies, and at least exacerbate pre-conditions for further islamization in nations that seem ripe for dhimmitude.

France is both an ally of the USA (in Afghanistan) and ripe for dhimmitude. France should get the NATO nations to (attack) ... HT and their allies.

Yes, they should. This must be taken VERY seriously.

Riots are among the most dangerous weapons the Islamists have. It was a human presence in the streets of Eastern Europe which brought down the Wall, and collapsed Soviet Communism in countries like Poland and Hungary. It was a human presence in the streets (along with the close proximity of the U.S. military in neighboring Iraq) which caused Assad to pull his troops out of Lebanon.

When that human presence doubles up their power by rioting, they can be even more effective. Governments can end, folks. France can go bye bye. I'm not saying it's going to happen tomorrow, or next year. But, it can happen, and it will, eventually, happen, if we don't take these riots seriously.

If the EU allows Turkey to become a member nation, the gates will be thrown open for Islamofascists to migrate to France, to Germany, to Holland, Denmark, and England. Should this happen, such Muslim riots will have lethal consequences. Europe itself could topple.

Am I an alarmist? Well, hell yeah, I am.

Osama Bin Laden's goal is to establish a worldwide Islamic Caliphate (nation). He is a very intelligent man. We do ourselves an extreme disservice if we do not take him seriously. We know that Bin Laden's Al Qaeda training manual includes Psy-ops and Special Operations of all forms. So, why would we not believe that he would be smart enough to have added crowd control and riot instigation to his arsenal?

Since we live in a Western media-dominated culture, I will reference something we are all familiar with. Do you think Bono, or Zack de la Rocha (of Rage Against the Machine) could not start a riot, given the right circumstances?

The answer is, they could, and they know it.

Crowd control is a technique for which they both have natural gifts. However, it is a technique. Many black American Christian ministers also have the technique of crowd control down to a science. As I have mentioned here before, there was a man who went around the United States back in the 80's-90's who was able to induce people to believe they could walk across burning coals.

And they did.

That is crowd control. And, it can be learned. And, if it can be learned, then we need to consider the possibility that Al Qaeda will use it. And, that they do. And, when riots occur, we need to understand that they could very well have been instigated, and that they very likely are being controlled and prolonged by Islaic Jihadi special forces.

When riots occur, we need to put all government resources (internet and wire-tapping, spying in Mosques and in the homes of known Islamic Jihadis, etc.) into finding these special forces. And, we need to remove them from the population.

So, there's the CUANAS sermon of the day. Pass the hat around, Fu2rman.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Who Gave Us
The Sponge
Wipe Away
Entire Horizon?

--- Friedrich Nietzsche

Joe Citizen

"God is dead ... and we have killed him, you and I! We are all his murderers!'

"But how have we done it? How were we able to drink up the sea? Who gave us the sponge to wipe away the whole horizon? What did we do when we loosened this earth from its sun? Whither does it now move? Whither do we move? Away from all suns?

Do we not dash on unceasingly? Backwards, sideways, forwards, in all directions? Is there still an above and below? Do we not stray, as through infinite nothingness? Does not empty space breathe upon us? Has it not become colder? Does not night come on continually, darker and darker? Shall we not have to light lanterns in the morning? God is dead! And we have killed him! "

Of course, God beat us. He resurrected Himself. He destroyed death. For that we can all be very Thankful.

But, Nietzsche was speaking of what we have done to God's place in our culture. He wasn't speaking of the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

If we do not resurrect our Judeo-Christian Heritage to it's rightful place within our culture, we will spin out of control, through the infinite nothingness of our minds, while the Islamofascists stick the sword in our throats.

If Selma Hayek Is
In The News
For Anything
Even Remotely
Political ...

... you just have to post about it. Why? Just look at the picture. Lord have mercy. Can I get an Amen?

Anyway, so why is Selma in the news? It seems she will be presenting Mohammed El-Baradei with his Nobel Peace Prize.

I don't know whether to say that's quite a Peace, or quite a Prize.

Ok, since this is CUANAS, I guess I have to say one serious thing in this post. So, here goes. Guys, think. Would you want to see this babe wrapped in a Burqa? Hell no. So, support the War On Islamofascist Terror. In America, we are free to look at Selma Hayek dressed like that. In most of the Islamic World, they are not.

'Nuff said.

A Muslim Life Of Brian?

In a recent interview with the Danish publication, Sappho, Ayaan Hirsi Ali revealed that it is her goal to make the Muslim Life of Brian:

Disturbing questions about the massive muslim presence in Europe are becoming more urgent by the day: It it possible to integrate muslims to become part of Europe? Will we have a liberal version of islam? And if not, what is there to look forward to? Civil war? Dissolution? An islamic take-over?

If your head is full of such nagging thoughts, it is a solace to meet Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the liberal Dutch politician and originally muslim immigrant from Somalia. Since the murder of Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh, for whose strongly islam-critical film "Submission I" Ms. Ali wrote the script, Hirsi Ali has been under constant police protection. That was also the case when interviewed her during her recent visit to Copenhagen.

But in spite of death threats and constant vilification the slender woman has by no means lost heart. She still waxes eloquent when she talks about the issue that concerns her the most: The defence of European civil rights and particularly freedom of expression.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali comes across as a genuinely European intellectual of the kind that is becoming increasingly rare as our home-grown cultural personalities and opinion leaders are buzily discarding our intellectual heritage.-

You have said that you would like to make a muslim "Life of Brian".

"Yes, Muhammed is a much more colourful personality than Jesus. Such a film could be a learning instrument for muslims. There are some islamic films but they don't show the image of Muhammed and they are not really about him. They are more about how islam was established.

I would really like to make a critical film about him. I could write a script very quickly."-

Would you make it in Denmark? We have a Film Institute financed by the state which would probably be prepared to fund an exciting and controversial film.

"All they have to do is to give me ring, and I'll come."

(Hat tip; Fjordman.)

The Failure of England
To Rediscover
Its Culture Afresh
Would Lead
Only to
Greater Political

From the Australian, via YARGB:

BRITAIN'S first black Archbishop has made a powerful attack on multiculturalism, urging English people to reclaim their national identity.The Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, said that too many people were embarrassed about being English.

"Multiculturalism has seemed to imply, wrongly for me, let other cultures be allowed to express themselves but do not let the majority culture at all tell us its glories, its struggles, its joys, its pains," he said.

The failure of England to rediscover its culture afresh would lead only to greater political extremism, he said.

Dr Sentamu, a former judge in Uganda, called for the English to rediscover their cultural identity by properly marking celebrations such as St George's Day on April 23.

"I speak as a foreigner, really. The English are somehow embarrassed about some of the good things they have done," he said. "They have done some terrible things but not all the empire was a bad idea.

"Because the empire has gone there is almost the sense in which there is not a big idea that drives this nation."

The archbishop, who fled Idi Amin's regime in 1974, said he would not be where he was today were it not for the British Empire and the English teachers and missionaries who worked in Africa.

Dr Sentamu was speaking to The Times before his enthronement as the church's No2 at York Minster on November 30.

"What is it to be English? It is a very serious question," he said. "I think we have not engaged with English culture as it has developed. It is a culture that whether we like it or not, has given us parliamentary democracy. It is the mother of it. It is the mother of arguing that if you want a change of government, you vote them in or you vote them out," he said.

"It is a place that has allowed reason to be at the heart of all these things, that has allowed genuine dissent without resort to violence."

He disliked the word "tolerance" when used in reference to different cultures. "It seems to be the word tolerance is bad because it just means putting up with it," he said.

"I was raised in the spirit of magnanimity. That is a better word than tolerance.

"If you are magnanimous in your judgments on other people, there is a chance that I will recognise that you will help me in my struggle."

I know that my wife and her family, who are also from a "third world" country whom the West has subjugated, feel the same way. They recognize that there have been abuses, but at the same time, they realize that greater opportunities for success and happiness lie within the Western System, than do within the system built by their respective culture.

Multiculturalism may have destroyed our pride in the Western Tradition here in the West, but that does not mean that those who have been saved by the Western Tradition do not recognize the power, and goodness, of the culture they have been saved by.

Witness Hirsi Ali; hero of Western Civilization.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Presbyterian Church
Salutes Hizbollah:
Dealing With You
A Lot Easier
Than Dealing
With Jews

The Presbyterian Church is rotting out from the inside:

On October 20, 2005, the Lebanese press reported that a delegation from the Presbyterian Church USA, headed by Father Nihad Tu'meh and with Robert Worley as its spokesman, visited southern Lebanon at the invitation of Hizbullah, and met there with the terrorist organization's commander in southern Lebanon Nabil Qawuq...

A year previously, on October 17, 2004, a Presbyterian Church USA delegation visiting Lebanon also met with Qawuq. MEMRI TV translated excerpts from a report on the meeting that was aired by Hizbullah's Al-Manar TV. During the meeting, church elder Ronald Stone said, "We treasure the precious words of Hizbullah and your expression of goodwill towards the American people. Also, we praise your initiative for dialogue and mutual understanding. We cherish these statements that bring us closer to you. As an elder of our church, I'd like to say that according to my recent experience, relations and conversations with Islamic leaders are a lot easier than dealings and dialogue with Jewish leaders."...

It should also be noted that shortly after the October 20, 2005 meeting, a delegation of families of U.S. victims of 9/11 went to Lebanon met with Hizbullah Deputy Leader Sheikh Naim Qassem. The following are excerpts from reports in the Lebanese press on the October 20, 2005 meeting.

Hizbullah commander in south Lebanon Nabil Qawuq told the delegation: "Lebanon, like the other countries in the region, suffers from the [political] American storms that have hit the region and are threatening its stability. Any foreign patronage is a bad thing, and the American patronage over Lebanon is the worst, because it is pushing the region towards sectarian segregation. All Lebanese fear the chaos created by the American policy."...

Delegation spokesman Robert Worley said: "We do not wish to defend the U.S. administration. We all elected the Democratic Party against the Republican Party. Rest assured that we will return to the U.S. in order to continue our activity for peace, and we want to hear about the charity activities and the cultural and social activities organized by Hizbullah in south [Lebanon]. The Americans hear in the Western media that Hizbullah is a terrorist organization, and they do not hear any other opinion. They know nothing about the party's concern for the people of the south. We have suffered much pressure on the part of Jewish organizations in the U.S. because [of our help in] divesting corporations working with Israel. We want Jerusalem to be a united city, just as we encouraged the Palestinians and the Jews to work for peace, and we demanded that our administration adheres to this position."

Now, keep in mind, Hizbullah is the organization which owns the Al Manar Television Network which produced and ran a miniseries based upon the Protocols Of The Learned Elders of Zion. They are a totalitarian fascist organization whose beliefs with regard to Jews are the same as the Nazis. When their military forces march they do the Heil Hitler salute (that's them, pictured above).

And, these are people the Presbyterian Church finds easy to deal with. Nice friends you've got there, Presbyters.

Did Bush Want To Bomb Al Jazeera?
Al Jazeera Demands Answers

Honestly, I don't think they ought to do anything that gets us thinking about it again. If it was put to a vote, I believe the American people would be all for it.

Al Jazeera is the media mouthpiece of terrorists. Whenever Bin Laden or Zarqawi want to make an announcement, or show off their latest cranial trophy, they can be sure that Al Jazeera will be more than happy to oblige them. Therefore, Al Jazeera functions as a part of the Jihadi military, and they are fair game.

Multiculturalism and The Herd Instinct

Dag trains his laser mind on Multiculturalism and disintegrates the Collectivist ideology:

Multi-culturalism is the politics of group identity. It is a collectivist politic that defines the person as part of a group rather than the group as a collection of individual people.

In the realm of identity politic ideology, the worst thing one can do is devalue the group, such as when one devalues the person by claiming he is "x," which reflects from him and onto the group identity: for example, if a man riots in the streets of Paris he is not a rioter but an expressive agent of Islamic rage; and if he is arrested he is not a criminal but a victim of racism inherent in the system that attacks him and his whole religious community by singling out the rioter and thereby imprisoning the entire group by proxy.

If one were to claim that one man is a vandal, then by extension, one is a racist, blaming all members of the man's group for vandalism. One for all and all for all within the group.

The origins of this collectivist and tribalist nonsense lie in the origins of Humanity, and it is we in the modern West - who are the minority in our approach to man as a private individual, free to make his own decisions, and accept his own consequences, good or bad, therefrom. But it is only since the late 18th century that this idea is intellectualized for the masses. It is only in the past short span of years that multi-culturalism has gained credence in the modern West as coeternal with democracy and individualism; and yet the two cannot co-exist.

The time is come for us as residents of the West to determine whether we are individualists or collectivists. We are free men and women with the inherent right to privacy that Life demands or we are members of our groups and beholden to the group for our identity and being as free men and women. It cannot be both ways at once.

If we are victims whose actions are only further evidence of our victimhood, then we do not have free will. Herds do not have free will. Collectivism is the polical expression of the herd instinct. Thus, as a political ideology, it asserts that man does not have free will.

This is in antipathy to the tradition of Western Civilization which is built on a Judeo-Chrisitan foundation, asserting that man was created in the Image of God, and is thus a free and creative being.

Go read the rest over at No Dhimmitude.

The Death Throes of Al Qaeda

Mark Steyn points out that when Zarqawi decided to blow up Muslims in hotels in Jordan, he sent one of his top-ranking lieutenants:

... look at who Zarqawi dispatched to blow up his brother Muslims: why would he send Ali Hussein Ali al-Shamari, one of his most trusted lieutenants, to die in an operation requiring practically no skill?

Well, by definition it's hard to get suicide bombers with experience. But Mr Shamari's presence suggests at the very least that the "insurgency" is having a hard time meeting its recruitment targets.

Sending a surviving member of your rapidly dwindling inner circle to blow up a Palestinian wedding is not a sign of strength.

True, he did manage to kill a couple of dozen Muslims. But what's the strategic value of that? Presumably, it's an old-fashioned mob heavy's way of keeping the locals in line. And that worked out well, didn't it? Hundreds of thousands of Zarqawi's fellow Jordanians fill the streets to demand his death.

Yes, it looks like the war against Al Qaeda is coming to an end. And, that is very good news. The Astute Blogger points out that President Talabani, Deputy PM Chalabi and the Interior Minister have now all gone on record saying that they do not believe they will require America's help past the end of 2006.

Considering that just recently, Talabani was lecturing the appeasement crowd that for America to abandon Iraq now would be to hand it over to the insurgency, we can see that the confidence of the Iraqi government is surging as the Presidential elections near, and the Sunnis increasinly participate in the burgeoning democracy.

The thing is, as we draw to a close in Iraq, two things will happen:

1) The Left (who have been calling for a pull-out) will attempt to deny credit to the Bush Admininistration. - Indeed, they will likely attempt to credit themselves.

2) The Left will claim the War on Islamic Terror is over, when in fact it is only beginning.

Iran and Syria must be dealt with. Both regimes must be deposed. If they are not, we are only putting off the inevitable clash, and Iran will only become more and more dangerous with time.

Unless the Bush Administration greatly increases the forward motion of this war, I expect the Left will win the debate on whether to move on to Iran. If they do win that debate, then we can expect a very ugly wakeup call in the next few years.

Radical Islam's
Final Solution

From Front Page Magazine:

Even by the Middle East's usual hyperactive standard, these have been turbulent times. Just reading a list of the latest horrific, shameful, and amazing developments is pretty awesome.Ready?

Iran's president calls for Israel's extinction. The confident assertions of "Never again," a few years ago--regarding another round of anti-Jewish genocide--might now be better rephrased, "Here we go again." It is encouraging that many Western countries denounced the speech. But actually, the story of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's statement is even worse than you think. See below for the facts most of the world's media left out.

Speaking of Iran, at the recent Frankfurt Book Fair, perhaps the world's most prestigious, Iran's official exhibition sold such works as the discredited Protocols of the Elders of Zion and anti-Semitic works some of which were reprints of volumes published originally under Nazi auspices.
So Tehran is now the reincarnation, at least in matters concerning Jews, of the Third Reich. Even added to Iran's avid pursuit of nuclear weapons, is the world actually going to do anything about this?

  • A UN report concluded that high-ranking Syrian officials, including relatives of President Bashar al-Asad, assassinated former Lebanese President Rafiq Hariri.
  • Another UN report finds that huge numbers of companies, current or former government officials, and public personalities were bribed by Saddam Hussein for supporting his regime or paid kickbacks for doing business with it. There is evidence that some of this money, paid to a leading French parliamentarian, went to subsidize President Jacques Chirac's political party.
  • In a number of interviews in both the Arab and Western media, Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar made clear that if Hamas wins a future election it will establish a radical Islamist state which will fight on until Israel is destroyed. At home, this regime would impose a radical Islamist state more extreme than what exists in Iran and refuse to disarm. On the contrary, it would use the Palestinian Authority's military assets--largely financed and supplied by the West--to attack Israel. The Islamist government would also cut off all ties with the West and reject any negotiations with Israel.
  • The leader of the Iraqi insurgency called for a "jihad" to kill the maximum number of Iraqi Shia, who comprise about 55 percent of the country's population. There was an overwhelming lack of criticism in the Arab world, which largely supports the insurgency, about this threat against fellow Arabs and Muslims.

Naturally, given the above list of events, one would assume that Iran, Syria, and Hamas are now seen as outlaws which the world will fight, boycott, and sanction. It might further be taken for granted that the apologists for Saddam Hussein, and now for the Iraqi insurgency, would be completely discredited. No way.

Sooner Or Later
One Side Will Have To Give Ground
A Lot Of Ground

Rob Liddle discusses the controversy over the publishing of Mohammed cartoons in Denmark. From the Spectator, via Fjordman:

Why bother to draw Mohammed at all if it offends people and doesn’t really reveal very much? The Danes are mulling this over at the moment. Their largest circulation daily newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, invited a bunch of cartoonists to depict Mohammed and went ahead and published their efforts.

The paper insists that it did not want to cause trouble. Its journalistic editor, Joern Mikkelson, told me that he was ‘sad’ that people were offended. They decided to commission the cartoons when it was revealed that a book critical of Islam and due to be published in Denmark had trouble finding a translator, and even more trouble finding an illustrator: people were too scared to do it. ‘We felt the need to bring this to public discussion,’ said Mr Mikkelson ...

Far more than in France, the controversy in Denmark epitomises the problem of Western, liberal countries that have a growing and increasingly confident and, you might argue, vociferous, conservative Muslim population. There is no easy consensus between the two sides, no matter how loudly government ministers and (largely) self-appointed Muslim community leaders insist otherwise.

We believe in profoundly different things and you can paper over the cracks only for so long; there is a gulf, and it is widening. Sooner or later one side will have to give ground, a lot of ground.

The recent government proposals for a law against blasphemy, an edict against ridiculing the beliefs of other people, leads me to suspect that over here, at least, it will be the secular democrats who cede territory.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Tree With Birds

In France,
Police Are
More Likely
To Provoke
Than Prevent,

Writing in Le Figaro, one of France's leading dailies, Pierre-Yves Dugua, in light of the French Intifada, muses on America and it's inferior treatment of immigrants:

It’s true that the U.S.’s purely capitalistic economy has created more jobs for immigrants, and that the big cities have some racial integration. But at what cost? Because the American system “places such a high value on protecting private property,” U.S. cities have a shockingly large and visible police presence, with minority neighborhoods looking like an occupied nation.

In France, where civil liberties are seen as more valuable than mere property, the sight of uniformed police patrolling the streets would be likely to provoke, rather than prevent, violence.

The idea that we, in America, consider property to be more important than "civil liberties" is a joke. Property is one of our rights. I believe I speak for most Americans in saying that our first right is Freedom of Speech. And, there are a whole host of rights that many of us would be willing to die for.

In France, apparently, well, at least according to Pierre-Yves here (he must be married), they consider policemen patrolling the streets an infringement of their "civil liberties." Honestly, I would consider police not patrolling my streets evidence of taxation without representation, since security is about all government should really be involved in.

The French idea of Libertie is so different from the American idea of Freedom that, it would seem there could almost be no rational discussion between our cultures on these issues.

Prophetic Proclivities

The American Crusader on Mohammed and his marriages and proclivities:

Of the many wives luckily enough to be married to such a great man, Sahih Bukhari Aisha was his personal favorite. At the age of 50, Mohammed fell in love with the then four-year-old girl. The Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated the marriage at the ripe old age of nine. She remained with him the last nine years of his life...lucky girl.

One must really admire his restraint those first three years... of course he had other underaged wives to keep him busy. Remember the great Ayatollah Khomeini? This quote is from one of his books...

From Khomeini's book, "Tahrirolvasyleh", fourth volume, Darol Elm, Gom, Iran,1990 :

A man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby. However he should not penetrate, but sodomising the child is OK. If the man penetrates and damages the child then he should be responsible for her subsistence all her life. What does that mean...he can orally copulate with her?

Yes, that's what it means.

The American Crusader also provides the Koranic verses which enable, even encourage such, as I said, proclivities:

The relevant verses from the Koran are:

Koran 52:24
Round about them will serve, to them, boys (handsome) as pearls well-guarded.

Koran 56:17
Round about them will serve boys of perpetual freshness.

Koran 76:19
And round about them will serve boys of perpetual freshness: if thou seest them, thou wouldst think them scattered pearls.

Don't believe it? LOOK IT UP!

Teen People Magazine To Feature Article on
The Mary-Kate and Ashley of Anti-Semitism

People Magazine (owned by Time Inc.) has a publication for teens called Teen People. An upcoming issue of Teen People will be featuring an interview with, and story on, a pair of white supremacist twin girl singers. Why would Teen People do this, besides the obvious fact that they are souless? Well, because the twins bear a resemblance to the Olson twins; Mary-Kate and Ashley:

THE teenage white supremacist twins, Lynx and Lamb Gaede, have gone into hiding after their controversial ABC special on Oct. 20 portrayed the blue-eyed Olsen lookalikes as racist ranters.
But Teen People, edited by Lori Majewski, has apparently scored an exclusive interview with the controversial duet.

The twins have a band called Prussian Blue, are popular at neo-Nazi events and have been praised by one-time Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke. Lamb has been quoted as saying: "Men like Adolf Hitler and Rudolf Hess are our heroes."

It was a battle between the teen magazines, and at least one rival is claiming Teen People is bending some journalistic rules to reel in the 13-year-old twins. It seems Elle Girl, which is edited by Christina Kelly, was originally going to do the story.

But at the last minute the girls backed out. Insiders there said they were informed by the twins' mom, April, that the girls were going with Teen People because the Time Inc.-owned monthly had agreed to let them vet the article before it ran.

That would be a no-no at Time Inc., which owns Teen People. Objective reporters on mainstream magazines don't surrender editorial control to the subjects they are covering. Teen People's big sister, People, has been in a slugfest on just that topic with the new import OK!, which promises to give celebrities editorial control.

"We must secure the existence of our people and our future for white children," Lamb Gaede told ABC's Cynthia McFadden on "Primetime."

In their recordings, the California-based twins urge: "Aryan man awake, how much more will you take, turn that fear to hate, Aryan man awake."

Their appearance on the ABC special triggered widespread criticism. Their Q & A is expected to hit in the February issue of Teen People.

Teen People insists they have not promised the twins the right to vet the article, but Elle Girl maintains the twins are clearly under that impression.

By the way, I didn't see the Primetime special, but you can bet it featured cutesy footage of the girls, which only goes to help them, since in our society, image trumps message all the time.

I've run a story on these girls before, and I refuse to feature a photograph of them, even though I know it would increase my traffic.

Screw Time Inc. Screw Teen People. Screw Primetime Live and Cynthia McFadden and all the producers and editors who use the image of these girls to sell commercial time, even though the message is one of pure hate and, yes, evil.

Not Dead Yet?

Apparently, we just missed killing Zarqawi, although, final confirmation is not in yet:

A Pentagon source said that the military did have intelligence that indicated al-Zarqawi was meeting in a Mosul home with high-level Iraq in al-Qaida lieutenants.

As soldiers closed in on the site, there was an exchange of small arms fire, then it appears that three al-Qaida suspects blew themselves up to avoid capture.

The military is conducting DNA tests on flesh and blood recovered from the scene, but a Pentagon official said indications are that al-Zarqawi is not among those killed. "The information was solid. We just missed him," said one Pentagon source.

Damn it.

The Grand Vision Of The War On Terror Part III

Pastorius' Greatest Hits here. I wrote this post for the Internet Journal of Public Policy several months back. However, in light of current events, I think it deserves revisiting.

Today Iraqi President, Jalal Talabani, called on the American people to please stick with the Iraqi people as they formed their constitutional democracy and fight off the enemies of Human Rights who do not want to see them succeed:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Iraqi President Jalal Talabani urged the United States on Friday not to withdraw hastily from Iraq and said U.S. forces should be reduced gradually over the next two years.

“For those who call for an immediate pull-out of American troops, we say that we honor the sacrifices the United States has made,” Talabani said in a speech at a Washington hotel. “A withdrawal of American and multinational forces in the near future could lead to the victory of the terrorists in Iraq and create grave threats to the region,” he added.

Talabani pleaded for the American people to stick with it for two more years, and indicated that he has as much to fear from his neighbors as he does from the Jihadis within his borders:

“Not only would we need American forces to fight against terrorism, we need some of them to frighten our neighbors and prevent them from interfering in our internal affairs,” he said.

Talabani complained of interference from Syria and “terrorists” infiltrating Iraq. He also blamed the Arab media “without exception” for supporting terrorism.

It would seem that Talabani understands American society better than many of it's citizens. The idea that anyone, in a PC society such as ours has to defend helping brown-skinned Islamic people gain freedom from their oppressors shows how paradoxical, strange, and hollow many of our values are.

The other day, Jeff Wheeler was interviewed by Jamie Glazov of Front Page Magazine, and he shed a little light on the strange working of the American psyche which bring us to such a paradoxical value system:

... the liberal left is motivated by the fear of being envied. It is a very ancient and primitive fear, exactly the same as a primitive tribesman’s fear of envious Black Magic or a peasant villager’s fear of the envious Evil Eye. People in our society who are susceptible to this fear – such as heirs who inherited rather than earning their wealth and Hollywood celebrities who do so little to earn their millions – become liberals as a psychological strategy to avoid being envied.

Liberalism is a not a political philosophy. It is the politicalization of envy-appeasement. Thus liberals are masochists as well – for the more one fears being envied, the more one is driven to masochistic self-humiliation in attempts at envy appeasement. Liberals have a compulsion to apologize to those that envy them, apologize for being white, for being male, for being successful, for the success of their country, their culture, their civilization. This renders liberals incapable of passionately defending America.

Wheeler's thoughts have the ring of truth. However, I think it is deeper than that. Many on the Left may be afraid of the evil eye of envy, but that doesn't explain why they would then turn against the brown people who envy them.

A simple answer would be to say the Left don't really care about brown-skinned people, that when it comes right down to it, they believe brown-skinned people are primitives, who want nothing more than to live under the boot of a radical Islamist government which controls every portion of their lives. But alas, I don't think it's that simple.

Certainly, we've heard arguments from the Left which seem to go in that direction. We are sometimes lectured by peaceful people who tell us that we can't force Democracy down people's throats. We can't force people to be free. That, if Iraqis, and Arabs in general want to live in strict Islamist societies they have the right.

But, these are the same people who had been lecturing that America was propping up oppressive Middle Eastern dictatorships, in the years leading up to 9/11. So, what is it? Were we propping up dictatorships which the people of the Middle East did not want, or are we now making war against dictatorships which the people of the Middle East did want after all?

The answer is not complicated. It is not a little of both. The answer is that the Left has quite a bit in common with those Middle Eastern dictatorships.

Let's return to the Jeff Wheeler interview:

FP: Who are the jihadists and what do they really want? Do you see Islamism as being a cousin of Fascism and Communism?

Wheeler: We should call this The War on Jihadism. The crux understanding of Jihadism, or Moslem Terrorism, is that it is a form of envious rage. All three of the great barbarisms of modern times have been pathologies of envy. Nazism, preaching race-envy toward “rich exploitative Jews”; Communism preaching class-envy toward “rich exploitative capitalists”; Jihadism preaching culture-envy toward “rich exploitative America/Israel/the West.”

A clear example is the Nazi-type hatred Arabs have for Israel. The root cause of the Arab-Israeli conflict is envy. The Jews created a civilization out of the wilderness and a garden out of the desert, while the Arabs – even with their centibillions of petrodollars -- continued to mire themselves in medieval tyranny and poverty.

Israel is a fount of creativity and achievement, a bastion of Western Civilization built by scratch out of a desiccated wasteland, sparsely populated by Arab nomads herding sheep, goats, and camels. And that is why the descendants of those nomads hate and envy it so much. It is also why they hate America so much.

Jihadis do not hate America for its vices but for its virtues, for its freedom, its prosperity, for its cultural success. Just as Nazis hate Jews for their success, just as Marxists hate capitalists for their success, so Jihadis hate America, Western Civilization, Judaism and Christianity for their success.

Jihadism, Nazism, and Communism are all totalitarian ideologies masochistically obsessed with destroying what they are envious of. Jihadists may claim their goal is a Salafist Caliphate, just as the Nazis claimed about a 1,000 year Reich, and the Communists a New Socialist Man. These are utopian pretexts to hide the fundamental goal of annihilating the object of their hate.

That’s always the pathology of envy: the willingness to destroy yourself as long as who you are envious of is destroyed as well. The suicide bomber is an ultimate expression of envy.

Jeff Wheeler reduces it to envy. But envy, like it's twin, anger, is a two-step emotion which only finds meaning in following through, in shooting it's load, so to speak. Envy may be motivated by feelings of inferiority, but once inculcated - locked and loaded - envy must discharge itself by taking away that which it is envious of.

It would be easy to look at the contrast between the average American and the average person from the Middle East and say they are envious of our material wealth. Yes, they are envious that we always have food on our plates. They are envious that we have the latest in technology, the shiny, new cars, the fashions, the fragrances, the fantasms of capitalism.

But, what are all these things?


These baubles are truly weightless. They are nothing more than what they represent to us, the feeling the give us.

In fact, the Jihadis and the Left will both tell us that they have very low regard for our baubles. They don't like our materialism, our erotic fashions, the technology we create which only serves to spread our influence across the planet. No, the Left and the Jihadis hate these things equally.

So, as I say, I don't wholly agree with Jeff Wheeler. Instead, I think both the Left and the Jihadis hate what these things represent. And what is that? All our fashions, fragrances, fun and frolic, all the baubles, bangles and beads, represnt one thing:

That we think we can do whatever we damn well please.

They represent Freedom. And the Jihadis and the Left have one thing in common which overrides all that they do not share, and that is, they both loathe the idea that people ought to be able to do whatever they please.

Model Takes Ecstacy
And "Converts" To Islam ...
Could Lose Her Head

Australian underwear model Michelle Leslie went to Indonesia for a little fun in the sun, and ended up in jail for three months for possession of Ecstacy. During the course of her incarceration, she had a "conversion" to Islam, which seems to have helped her in court. Oh, the hijinks that are beginning to ensue:

Australian model Michelle Leslie has used Islam to obtain a favourable outcome from the Indonesian courts and cannot continue to parade the catwalk in her underwear, an Islamic leader says.

Leslie, 24, is expected to return to Australia this week after serving three months in Bali's Kerobokan jail for possessing two ecstasy tablets.

The underwear model, who says she is a convert to Islam, wore Muslim dress during her trial but after her release switched to skintight jeans and a singlet top which exposed her stomach.

Australian Federation of Islamic Councils president Ameer Ali today accused Leslie of engaging in a "stunt" by wearing Islamic dress.

"It looks as though ... she used Islam as a stunt to get a judgment in her favour," he told AAP.

"If the judgment was skewed by her appearance in Muslim dress, it leaves a lot to be desired of the Indonesian justice system."

Dr Ali said Islam prohibited women from behaving in an immodest fashion, and Leslie could not continue to work as an underwear model.

There were no specific hard-and-fast rules about the extent to which Leslie had to cover her body, but Islamic beliefs prohibited her from being "semi-naked".

"There's an Islamic code of dressing which says women must be modest," he said.

"You can't go cat-walking with a semi-naked body.

"Michelle Leslie cannot do what she was doing before as a model for lingerie and underwear. That's not allowed in Islam."

Muslim models existed in countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia but they dressed modestly, Dr Ali said.
"She can do modelling, but it's a fine line and she has to be modest," he said.

Interestingly, I got this from Eric at Jihad Watch, whose comment is, "Quit your whining, Dr. Ali. It appears that Ms. Leslie WILL do what she pleases."

Methinks Eric doth miss the point. In my opinion, Dr.Ali isn't disputing the idea that, in Western Countries, Ms. Lestlie has the right to dress any way she pleases. He is saying that according to Islam, she is not allowed to.

Think on this quote from Dr. Ali:

"It looks as though ... she used Islam as a stunt to get a judgment in her favour," he told AAP.

You see, Islam doesn't have anything against conversion by threat of death. Therefore, the fact that Ms. Leslie pulled this "stunt", and that her conversion was apparently insincere, doesn't make it any less a true Islamic conversion.

And, do you know what the penalty for apostacy is, according to the Koran?

I'll give you a hint; If Dr. Ali has his way, Ms. Leslie won't be modeling underwear any longer. Instead, she will be modeling coffins.