Friday, January 13, 2006

Calls For
To Kill Brits

Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammed says the Muslims of the UK no longer have a "covenant of security" with the British. So, it's time for them to take up arms. Hat tip to Strange Girl In A Strange Land:

London, England, Jan. 10 (UPI) -- Muslims living in Britain are facing two choices; either to migrate or to join the jihad, a key Islamic figure has said.

Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammed, leader of the now officially disbanded Islamic militant group Al Muhajiroun told United Press International Saturday that as the covenant of security under which Muslims previously lived in Britain has been broken, Muslims must now consider themselves at war.

"And I declare we should ourselves join the global Islamic camp against the global crusade camp," he said.

What violated the covenant, according to Sheikh Omar, was the anti-terrorist legislation introduced in the United Kingdom after the 9/11 attacks. If the British government would review these policies and release those detained without trial in Belmarsh prison and elsewhere, Muslims could live at peace in Britain. Otherwise, they must prepare themselves to fight.

"The response from the Muslims will be horrendous if the British government continues in the way it treats Muslims," he said, adding that suicide bombings were a possibility.

He called on Muslims to form a new coalition united behind al-Qaida with Osama Bin Laden as their leader.

Those who did not wish to either leave or fight would not be regarded as Muslims, said Sheikh Omar, condemning in particular the Muslim Council of Britain for urging the Muslim community to cooperate with the British government.

"They are hypocrites, we don't believe they are Muslims," he told UPI.

"I doubt if one of them would dare to walk the streets of Mecca by themselves," he added.

In other words, they ought to understand that they are marked for death just as surely as are the Infidels.

Sheikh Omar was speaking after at a conference in London ostensibly organized by Women's Dawah U.K., where around 600 attendees gathered to listen to his call for jihad.

Though he insisted the conference -- titled "The role of Muslims nowadays" was not organized by Al-Muhajiroun, a moderate Islamic source speaking on condition of anonymity that the radical Islamist group were indeed behind it.

The speakers, all leading members of the group, called for war against the kuffaar (non-Muslims) and lead chants as a projector screen showed images of dead American soldiers in Iraq.

As the infamous images of two planes crashing into the twin towers of the World Trade Center replayed again and again, the rapt watchers thrust their fists in the air and chanted "Allahu Akhbar! (God is great!)"

Osama Bin Laden "terrified them, he terrorized them, because they terrify us, because they terrorize us," he said.
The governments of the West must know that if they do not behave themselves we will "give them a 9/11 day after day after day!" he shouted, to furious chanting.

"It is our responsibility as Muslims to prepare, to fight," he said, calling on the crowd to "give up your lives for the sake of Allah."

Muslims must also beware of "the enemy within" -- moderate Muslims ...They side with "the Jewish conspirators, the Jewish occupiers and the Christian crusaders," he said, and "will sell out their Muslim brothers."

"Go forth and prepare; fighting has been ordered on both of you," she said.

Why is that guy allowed to live in England?