Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Iran Threatens
To Put
In A
"Terminal Coma"

A photograph which perfectly embodies the insanity of our times.

I hate reading shit like this, and I hate posting on it. I'm sick of everyday, turning on my computer and seeing another manifestion of malevolence emanating from Iran. The times we are living in are very dark, and the only thing that is going to save us is drastic and massive military action by the United States or Israel. Check out the latest:

Iran threatens again: Iran's Defense Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar said Wednesday that the country and its allies could put Israel "in an eternal coma," like that of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, if Israel attempts to attack the Muslim republic.

"Israel does not have the courage to attack Iran, and if it commits such a big mistake, the defenders of Islamic Iran will put Israel in an eternal coma like Sharon," he said in a television appearance.

Najjar, who branded the United States and Israel as "the great and little Satan, who are using psychological war to intimidate Iran," was responding to recent statements by Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz, who said Israel may attack Iran if diplomatic measures to neutralize its nuclear armaments efforts fail.

Sadly, the other day, I was talking to an a young woman from my church who converted to Christianity from Islam. I asked her what she thought of what was going on in her country, fully expecting to hear her condemn Ahmadinejad. Instead of an outright condemnation, she said he was being stupid for challenging America.

Instead, she saved her condemnation for George Bush who she implied was a fascist and a hypocritical Christian, and America, which she called a "terrorist state."

Am I the only person who is becoming increasingly depressed by all the lies, and the idiocy of the left, coupled with the very real danger out there in the real world?