Wednesday, January 11, 2006


The BBC's Alan Johnston finds a way to blame the Israel (read: the Jews) for the fact that Muslims are killing each other in Gaza. Yes, he blames Israel, even though Gaza has been completely and totally ethnically cleansed of Jews. From Chistian Hate?:

‘This society has been radicalised and traumatised by its confrontation with the Israelis, who occupied Gaza decades ago and only evacuated their settlers and troops last summer.

‘Thousands of Palestinians have been killed, injured or lost their homes during years of violence.

‘There are numerous armed factions that used to channel their violent energies into attacks on the Israelis - but they now have little on which to focus.’

So, naturally, they kill each other.

Over at Mystery Achievement, we were discussing the phenomena of Muslims killing each other, when they have run out of Infidels to kill. We see this happening in the Sudan, in Iraq, during the Hajj Pilgrimage to Mecca, etc.

Someguy said, "Doesn't Islam kill it's followers (as a matter of course)? Aren't the majority of targets and victims of recent Islamic terrorist attacks in fact Muslims themselves?

Sometimes it seems to me that they feel that if they can't convince people to convert, make them do so through force, or kill them if they refuse, they deliberately create scenarios in which large numbers of them are killed themselves. How else can they please their false god if they fail at their mission?

It's for that reason--and for the existence of the death penalty for apostasy--that I sometimes think that Islam does, indeed, have a sacrament: human sacrifice."

To which Joseph D'Hippolito brilliantly replied,

"Islam is Moloch worship disguised as "ethical monotheism."

It seems to me that, perhaps, there is a way in which Alan Johnston is worshipping Moloch also. For, it would seem, he is only too willing to feed the Jews to the Islamofascist murderers.