Tuesday, January 24, 2006

In Austria
Want All
To Wear

This is a pathetic translation from Google News, but everyone needs to know about this. We already know that some Muslims want to import their abuse of women into Europe, but now they want to subject European women to it, as well as their own. What a frickin' joke:

Three Muslim fathers demanded a head cloth obligation for teachers in an elementary school in Linz. The indignation about it is large: Upper-Austrian national school advice president Fritz Enzenhofer spoke of “insanity” and reported that one had directly acted. FPOe Secretary-General Herbert Kickl demanded in response a “head cloth prohibition” in schools. BZOe speaker Uwe Scheuch called the demands of the Muslims “inakzeptabel”.

The “VS 12” - designated after the social-democratic Schulreformer petrol Gloeckl - is considered as integration elementary school. Three quarters of the 178 children do not have German as native language. A teacher sent a letter to the personalvertretung, in which she weighted about three fanatische Muslim fathers - two Bosnier and a Tschetschene in the name of her colleagues. They would have required that the directress and all teachers wore head cloths.

The children might not be admonished further by their teachers publicly. They refused besides the teachers the “Sie” address, because they did not earn this as women.

In addition their pupils of children should not participate in singing appearances, that are “prostitution”. And no teacher has to ask, why the daughter does not go swimming, has a father required. The teachers should are glad to have so many Islamic children otherwise the school would have to zusperren.

Don't you wish you knew what “inakzeptabel” means. It sounds like some ancient for an evil spirit that lives in a rock, or something.

Are such ideas are consensus in the Muslim community? Think about this, they don't want teachers to publicly admonish their pupils, because it is an insult to them as Muslims. Female teachers don't deserve respectful language, because they are inferior women.

What ought to be done about these men?