Thursday, January 05, 2006

Lines Up With

I like the way Atlas put this, so I'm going to steal her post, and simply tell you that her blog is one of the top five on the internet. Read her everyday:

Norway's finance minister calling for a boycott of Israel today.

The link is in Norwegian but Sir Humphrey has a partial translation here of her comments at. Go over to Humphrey's site and read Chefen's most excellent post.

The minister is the leader of the Socialist Left and seems to be in love with all things anti-semitic.

Watch the global chessboard aligns itself, with the Bush Doctrine or the The Ahmadinejad Doctrine.

Yes, that is what is going to happen. We are living in a very strange time, my friends. People who have been supporters of "peace" are coming out in support of fascism. There is a worldwide cellular mitosis happening. The chromosomes are lining up and the whole world is going to split into two completely new cells; one decent, and one evil.

It is a frightening event to observe.