Saturday, January 14, 2006

Deadly U.S.

Like I said, just wait for the Sunday Morning Talk Shows:

DAMADOLA, Pakistan - Pakistan on Saturday condemned a purported CIA airstrike on a border village that officials said unsuccessfully targeted al-Qaida's second-in-command, and said it was protesting to the U.S. Embassy over the attack that killed at least 17 people.

Ooh boy, impeachment talk is going to heat up.

My opinion? I condemn Pakistan for allowing monsters like Zarqawi and Bin Laden to live within their borders. If Pakistan continues to make an issue about this, and we find that Zarqawi was indeed killed in this attack, maybe we should order an attack on Musharrafs offices as well.

Obviously, we are not going to do that, but, the thing is, we know the game we're playing, and so does he. We're acting like he's our ally when in fact, he's our enemy. If he pushes us, he will be put on our listeventually. It is wisest for him to just sit down and shut his mouth.