Monday, January 09, 2006

Of Peace
In Mecca

How could this be? I thought it was a Religion of Peace? And, you know, the funny thing is, their preaching of war is in response to culture changes demanded by the West. Violence in response to changes in ideological demands? But, I thought this was a ... Oh, never mind:

Sheik Abdul-Aziz al-Sheik, the kingdom’s grand mufti, said Muslims faced critical challenges, among them accusations of terrorism and human rights abuses and calls for revisions in their school textbooks.

“Oh, Muslim nation, there is a war against of our creed, against our culture under the pretext of fighting terrorism. We should stand firm and united in protecting our religion,” he said, speaking at a mosque on the plain of Mount Arafat.

“Islam’s enemies want to empty our religion from its contents and its meaning. But the soldiers of God will be victorious,” said al-Sheik, the Saudi kingdom’s top religious authority.

The faithful called out: “Amen!”

They are calling for violence because they are accused of terrorism?