Sunday, January 15, 2006

U.S. Faults

"I'm setting up a government commission to investigate myself."

Lately, there has been much discussion on this blog about how Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are not really allies of the United States. Sure, they produce a terror suspect once in a while. And, sure, they crack down on terrorists within their borders, when terrorists attack them. But, the truth is, they support terrorism aginst the United States. Pakistan does allows the Madrassas to continue preaching Jihad against America, and Saudi Arabia continues to fund the spread of Wahabbism in America.

Here's more evidence, from the front page of this mornings LA Times:

WASHINGTON — Although Saudi Arabia has cracked down on militants within its borders, the kingdom has not met its promises to help prevent the spread of terrorism or curb the flow of money from Saudis to terrorist cells around the world, U.S. intelligence, diplomatic and other officials say.

As a result, these critics say, countless young terrorism suspects are believed to have escaped the kingdom's tightening noose by fleeing across what critics call a porous border into Iraq.

U.S. military officials confirm an aggressive role by Saudi fighters in the insurgency in Iraq, where over the last year they reportedly accounted for more than half of all Arab militants killed.

And millions of dollars continue to flow from wealthy Saudis through Saudi-based Islamic charitable and relief organizations to Al Qaeda and other suspected terrorist groups abroad, aided by what the U.S. officials call Riyadh's failure to set up a government commission to police such groups as promised, senior U.S. officials from several counter-terrorism agencies said in interviews.

Let's be honest, it says this money flows through Saudis, because the government has failed to stem the tide. Well, that's because the Saudis are the government. Saudi Arabia is governed by the Saudi family.

If the Saudi family is sending money to terrorists, why would they set up a government commission to force themselves to stop sending money to terrorists?

If they wanted to stop, they would simply stop. They don't need a government commission to put a halt to their own actions.