Saturday, January 07, 2006

What Should
The Citizens
Of France
Do In
To The

Dag, of No Dhimmitude, left the following comment on one of my posts about the Nice-Lyon Train Intifada:

How is it that it took nearly a week for the French to admit that 600 citizens were attacked on a public train?

Politicians are responsible for this outrage. So are the media. And I'll include the universities and churches. Our intelligentsia and our moral leaders are criminals.

It's past time to rid ourselves of these people and reform our world from the bottom up.

If our moral leaders and our cultural and intellectual leaders believe in nothing at all, then they have no authority whatsoever, and we must rid ourselves of them and replace them with men and women who have some real moral standing.

What is moral? By what authority? We live in a pluralistic world, and we must find a universal moral for a plurality, one that has authority for all regardless of race, creed, or religion. If we fail at that, then Islam and dhimmitude await us.

Today a train, and we cower in fear waiting for rescue by police who have no authority to use force against criminals. Tomorrow a school in which children are exploded, and our police haven't got the competence to rescue them.

Next day we're blown up riding the tube to work or killed in our offices or burned to death in ships defending the world and ourselves. And yet we don't fight because we don't have anything we feel we should fight for, not even our very lives, they being too meaningless to defend.

We require a moral reformation or we are lost forever.

Dag has a very good point. If the government of France will not take care of it's citizens, then, it is time for the people of France to overthrow their government.