Monday, January 09, 2006

Wily Plot
To Make

One is the Jihadis favorite ways to incite anti-Semitic hatred in Istael is to claim the Jews are digging underneath the Al-Aqsa Mosque, with plans to build a Jewish Temple. Supernatural Blog has a post up about this phenomenon, which includes the following article from Islam Online detailing the sneaky Zionist plot:

"The synagogue has been built right beneath Al-Aqsa Mosque, some 90m from the Dome of the Rock," Raed Salah, the leader of the Islamic Movement inside the Green Line, told a press conference in the holy city, reported Al-Jazeera.

He said the synagogue includes seven rooms tracing the Jewish history. "One of these rooms features Germany's Nazi rule and the World War II Holocaust." Salah said that works were in full swing to build another synagogue for women under the mosque.

Islam Online even has purported video and photos of the supposed excavation. UPI recently featured an article debunking this whole myth:

The pictures and film the organizers provided did not prove works were under the mosque. They were pictures taken in the Western Wall Tunnels that run beside the half a kilometer long Western Wall. The tunnels are open to tourists….

The film showed an official placing a model of a temple at the site of the Dome of the Rock and said that indicated Israel's plans to replace the mosque with their temple. They showed a door open to allow a worker leave with a ladder and close immediately. Another picture showed people working behind a closed door, one of them holding wires. They took it as proof of digging behind. One picture was described as a tunnel leading into the mosque area.

Supernatural Blog recently went to Israel and took a tour, available to the public, of the dreaded tunnels leading to the excavation. Turns out they do not go underneath the Mosque, but instead simply give people an underground view of the depth of the Western Wall. (The photo above shows the underground view of the Wall.)

Those wily Zionists. They did that to make the Jihadis look like fools, didn't they?