Wednesday, February 15, 2006

If You Are Ever
Tempted To Call Israel
An Apartheid State

... just remember that there is at least one Israeli Knesset Member who wants to establish Islamic rule in the Jewish homeland: - Ibrahim Sarsur, head of the United Arab List, which is running for Knesset jointly with Ahmed Tibi's Ta'al party, said today in a press conference that his party believes in Islamic rule over Israel, in the form of a renewed Caliphate.

"We believe in Islam, we believe in the rule of the Caliphate and we do not support a separation between state and religion," Sarsur said. As such, he stated, the UAL-Ta'al list will fight what he called "Israelization and Zionization" through the Israeli Knesset. Sarsur is also a religious leader and a head of the Islamic Association of Israel.

Jews were rioting in the street, burning buildings, raping and pillaging, shouting death to the Arab world ...