Friday, February 10, 2006

Israel Call Putin's
Hamas Invitation
A "Knife In The Back"

It's really a knife in the back for all of Western Civilization:

JERUSALEM (AFP) - Israel was left fuming over Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision to invite Palestinian poll winners Hamas to Moscow, slamming the move as a "knife in the back" from a key negotiator for Middle East peace.

The invititation was later backed by France as potentially positive for the peace process.

But it puzzled Washington and delivered a blow to the Jewish state's appeal to the international community to isolate the radical movement as it prepares to form a new Palestinian government.

"This initiative is a real knife in the back... because it aims to give international legitimacy to a terrorist group and we must oppose it with all our means," Education Minister Meir Sheetrit told public radio on Friday.

"What would Moscow say if we invited Chechen representatives (to Jerusalem) in response?" the minister asked.

Yes, if we talk with Hamas, maybe they will change. If we talk with Chavez, maybe he will change. If we talk with Ahmadinejad, maybe he will change. If we had talked with Hitler, maybe he would have changed.