Monday, February 20, 2006

A Welcome
Of Teardrops

Since most all of Western Civilization has decided that they are going to sit around jacking off while our beautiful world destroys itself, I have decided to go back to thinking about the things I love thinking about, at least for today.

Today, let's look at some verse by a Hindu poetess named Mirabai. To me, this is a song of Praise:

Dark Friend, what can I say?
This love I bring
from distant lifetimes is ancient -
don't despise it.

Seeing your elegant body,
I'm ravished.
Visit our courtyard, hear the women
singing old hymns.

On the square I've laid
out a welcome of teardrops,
body and mind I surrendered ages ago,
taking refuge
wherever your foot passes.

Mira flees from lifetime to lifetime,
your virgin.