Sunday, February 19, 2006

Perched On
The Edge
Of The Abyss

My sense tells me that if we don't do something about Iran very, very soon, we are in deep shit.

I have been writing here for the last couple of months that it seems that it will take a major terrorist attack (more than 10,000 dead) in the West before we will wake up.

I have been hoping that the Cartoon Jihad would do the job of waking us up. I really thought that a worldwide Muslim temper tantrum, over something so incredibly stupid, would cause people in the West to come to terms with who our enemy is.

Alas, it seems that maybe only five percent of us have woken up. Maybe a bit more, but not much.

Radio talk show host, Laura Ingram recently got back from Iraq, and she was SOUNDING THE ALARM, as much as a person can, that we are in danger of being hit with nukes. She went on for an hour about it. She structured her show so that the music leading into the breaks even spoke of danger and potential Apocalypse.

She must have heard something while she was over there. The brass must be talking. Here, though, no one talks. Not even our President.

In Washington D.C. they are conducting regular air-raid drills for the first time since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Military jets patrol the skies day and night. This, according to Always on Watch who lives in the beltway.

I am a big nobody, but I am trying as hard as I can to get the word out. But, a couple hundred thousand hits does little to change the world. The pundits in the media read our blogs. They know what is going on, but they believe moderation is called for.

People like Hugh Hewitt are a sweet poison to Western Civilization. Urging caution at a time like this is merely adminstering soothing ether.

We are in the foxhole of history right now. The last thing we need is sleep.