Wednesday, February 01, 2006

You Just
Love Your Enemy

Hamas, because they always say what is on their minds, brings clarity to the, supposedly, tangled web of the Middle East Conflict. Here, in an interview with Media Line, the leader of Hamas, Mahmoud A-Zahhar, tells us the truth:

The Media Line: What is 'this land' that you are talking about? Are you talking about the whole of Israel?

A-Zahhar: I understand where you are headed, and I will answer you.

First of all this Palestinian land, and all the Arabic nation, is all part of the same area. In the past, there was no independent Palestinian state; there was no independent Jordanian state; and so on. There were regions called Iraq or Egypt, but they were all part of one country.

That is why it is not permitted to [agree to] establish separate countries, which was the case after the Sykes-Picot Agreement [1916].

Our main goal is to establish a great Islamic state, be it pan-Arabic or pan-Islamic. Therefore, it is not allowed to establish an Arabic state over the land of Palestine alone.

Also, remember this land is still occupied. To sum up, the Islamic and traditional views reject the notion of establishing an independent Palestinian state.

The European example is clear. Europe's history is filled with wars and blood. Its races are varied, its languages are varied, and nevertheless it established the European Union.

The Islamists' view, which Hamas adheres to, is that a great Muslim state must be established, with Palestine being a part of it. Within this state, Israel has no place - its history is different, its language is different, its religion is different, its culture is different, and its security and political affiliations are different.

This is the view of Hamas movement.

See what I mean? You gotta love your enemy, when he tells the truth.

Thanks, Mahmoud.

Thanks to J, from Justify This.