Friday, March 10, 2006


I like where Dag and his friends are going with this. The idea is for people to get together in public and talk about how to fight back against the Worldwide Islamic Jihad:

We hope to do more 'outreach' work in the coming weeks by printing leaflets on issues of concern to women and homosexuals and Christians in relation to Islam.

There are ethnic communities who might be open to working with us as a broad coalition of those who will not allow further encroachments of sharia and Islamic triumphalism here.

We can, for example, reach out to Christians and ask that they support their co-religionists under threat and often at risk of death from jihad; that Christians refrain from funding jihad through charitable donations to Islamic groups such as HAMAS, which the Presbyterians do so often, and that instead they give relief to fellow Christians who risk being murdered by Muslims.

We hope to produce effective leaflets showing that homosexuals, for example, should not be worrying themselves over the likes of Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson, marginal people who pose no real threat to anyone, but that homosexuals should worry themselves to action to prevent Islam from gaining any strength in the West if homosexuals wish to live, not simply as homosexuals, but at all.

We hope to make leaflets and give them to various representatives of their respective communities in order that we might all unite against this common violent and immediate threat to our lives.

United we stand, divided we fall.

One of the problems with the West is our freedom allows us to break up into widely variant groups, each with our own special interests. And, yes, many of our special interests truly are important.

Yes, I as a Christian am rightly concerned that there are many in my society who are working overtime to eliminate any mention of our Judeo-Christian roots in the public square. My gay friends are rightly concerned that there are many in our society who would like to eliminate any expression of the gay lifestyle from the public square. Women are rightly concerned that they sometimes do not have equal opportunity in the marketplace. Blacks are rightly concerned that most of their brothers and sisters are raised in neighborhoods whose schools are little more than starter-prisons.

But, these issues, while important, pale in comparison to the fact that in places like the Sudan and Nigeria, Arab-run Muslim governments are initiating campaigns of genocide, in the name of Islam, whereby they are

1) stoning gays to death

2) gang-raping women and children

3) mutlilating women sexual organs

3) killing all black Christians, and when they are done with the Christians, they kill the black Sufi Muslims, and when they are done with the black Sufi Muslims, they kill the rest of the black Msulims, after all, they are not Arab.

4) killing Christian men, and taking the remaining women as booty to be raped and mutilated

You see what I mean? The reality of being killed and raped and mutilated is so much worse than the tiny psychological stones we throw at each other here in the West.

We've got to lay down our differences for awhile, get together, and fight for our beautiful Western culture, because it's the closest thing this world has ever had to civilization.

C'mon people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together, we've got to help one another right now.