Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Falcon
Cannot Hear
The Falconer

"The best lack all convictions, while the worst are filled with passionate intensity."

- W.B Yeats
The Second Coming

The recent case of Abdul Rahman, the accused Afghani "Apostate" who was then pardoned, and has fled to Italy, is being seen by many as a victory for Democracy in Afghanistan. I have a hard time seeing it that way. It is very clear that Afghanistan succumbed to international pressure, and that they did so against their will.

Nowhere has there been any mention that this law has been taken off the books in Afghanistan.

Here is a little post from one of my favorite blogs, YARGB, which discusses the Rahman case as a kind of victory:

The case against Afghani Christian Abdul Rahman has been dismissed. I do not pray often, but I will admit I prayed for this man. And I still do.

This incident points out once again that democracy is a process not an event. Do we have the patience to stick with it? I think that remains to be seen.

Yes, Democracy is a process. But, let us be clear that there was nothing Democratic about this process. The world pressured Afghanistan into changing it's mind.

And let us also be clear, when we say Democracy we, vaguely (for we seem to think very vaguely on this subject), mean Constitutional Democratic Republic. We mean a Bill of Rights which respects our understanding of Human Rights. We mean Freedom of Conscience. We mean Freedom of Speech and Religion.

That is not at all what is going on in Afghanistan. Let us fool ourselves no longer. It is not moderate to fool yourself. It is not patient to fool yourself. The wages of fooling oneself is death. Your mind will die, and soon after that all that you hold dear will begin to move beyond your grasp. You will be removed from the world that you love. You will find yourself at the whim of chance.

Here's a question to ponder,

Would we have allowed the Germans to keep anti-Jewish laws after World War II?

We have lost to courage of our own convictions. We are forgetting who we are, and the principles we stand for.

Afghanistan is a Sharia state, and we paid for it with our blood and our money.