Monday, March 06, 2006

Thy Name

Hollywood loved the movie suicide bomber propaganda film, Paradise Now, enough to give it an Oscar nomination. The reason Hollywood loved the movie is because it treated the Middle East Conflict with nuance, attempting to understand the motivations of the bombers, because no matter how disgusting their actual methods may be, they do have legitimate grievances which must be heard.

Oh, if only it were legitimately about grievances.

Today, we find that the film's director hates Israel so much that, indeed, he would be a suicide bomber himself:

In other words, had you been living in the territories, you would have become a shahid (martyr)?

Abu-Assad hesitates for a second before replying, "yes." He recounts an episode in which he was humiliated by a soldier at the Kalandiya checkpoint near Jerusalem, and says this was what made him realize what runs through the heads of people who later become suicide bombers.
You feel like such a coward it kills you, he describes, saying this cowardice makes people start hating life and feel impotent.

I realized, Abu-Assad explains, that when a man systematically goes through such humiliation, he chooses to kill his own impotency by carrying out an act of "let me die with the philistines."

And there are no suicide bombers who do what they do because of anti-Semitism?

That's a racist notion. No one hates Jews because they are Jews like in Europe, he replies. People have a reason for hating Israelis. You force them to live in refugee camps, and they tell you 'our home is in Ashdod'," he states.

Do you really believe they kill in order to kill Jews, He asks. They are no different than you as people. If you believe they are different, that's racism, he adds.

According to Abu-Assad, it is the situation that brought about the loss of control. I think, he says, that you have been "brainwashed" by the country to believe all Arabs are either a security risk or a danger to democracy.

When asked what he believes could be a solution for the conflict, Abu-Assad says equality is the key.

Robert Spencer points out that the kind of equality the Palestinians have voted for in their recent elections is that of the jizya and dhimmitude instituted by Hamas.

The Astute Blogger offers some thoughts on Hollywoods' bizarre obsession with leftist propaganda and moral relativism:

... the Leftism of H-wood is killing the industry and driving people to other forms of entertainment and other media.


Everyone predicts that this year's Oscars will be the lowest rated. (Pastorius note: In fact, viewership was down by an astounding 10%.)

And it's the first time in HISTORY that H-wood's ticket sales have declined three years in a row. And it's the first time dollar sales of gross BO have declined.

YUP: and the major reason is that H-wood is not giving people what they want; H-wood is telling people what they think the people should want - but don't becasue we're dumb bourgeois cretins. That effete and elitist attitude may make H-wood popular in Paris, Aspen and Tehran, but not in Peoria. It might make Clooney a hero in Madrid and Damascus, but not in Dallas.

In a way, you have to admire Hollywood. They are making it very clear that they are willing to produce work which they believe in, whether it will make money or not.