Wednesday, March 15, 2006

It's All
His Fault:
George Bush

Terrye, from YARGB, says George Bush is being made into the Sin Eater for our society:

We most often associate BDS with the left, but it seems to me that a lot of people on the right are not immune. Bush is either too conservative or not conservative enough, take your pick. I have posted here before that I thought Bush had become a sort of political sin eater. His function is to absorb all the shortcomings of the political class and leave them free of sin. Whether it be the existence of wmd, the ongoing and ever present promise/threat/prediction of civil war in Iraq, government spending or natural disasters it is this one man who bears the weight of it all.

So George Will can question Bush's intelligence just as easily as any Koskid. Blogs like Malkin's and LGF can assume that Bush is soft on security over a port deal with Arabs while Feingold can threaten censure because Bush is over zealous in protecting the same.

There is a certain measure of self gratification here. These folks are saying If only he had listened to me everything would be ok now. There would be no AlQaida, no over the top government spending, no illegal immigration, Americans would own and run America and everyone would either be our friend or be too afraid of us to strike. If only he had listened to me.

I am wondering if the very office of the president is being somehow transformed here. The President of the United States is not a deity. He can not control the weather, solve all the world's problems, make people agree with one another. In fact often as not he can not even give an order and be sure it will be carried out.

I read somewhere that Truman once said {I paraphrase} that he could not wait until that General {Eisenhower} got in there and gave an order and nothing happened. Things are just not the simple, the United States is not the Enterprise with the president standing on the bridge, saying Make it so.

I wonder if the BDS is about Bush or if in fact it is about our growing fear and uncertainty about the world. When I see the wrong direction/right direction numbers it seems to me that nobody..right or left feels we are going in the right direction. This feeling is I believe exacerbated by the incessant doom mongering and bad news from a 24 hour news cycle that does its best to present the world as a place of misery and chaos.

Forget the wonder in life, the great strides in science and technology, the improved standards of living.... it all sucks all the time all the world over.

I think Bush is being blamed by both sides for his failure to make it all go away. Once upon a time that was not a president's job...when and why did that change?

The cultural drama used to be played out by the gods and godesses of mythology. When the gods were not sacrificed to properly, or sufficiently, the people could expect trouble.

With the advent of the convenient, instant-gratification society, we have turned the basis of religion on its head. Instead of sacrificing to our god in hope of getting what we want, now, when we don't get what we want when we want it, we sacrifice our god.

Because the human psyche does not change appreciably over short expanses of time, such as a couple thousand years, it seems to me that this change is an obvious case of Koyaanisqatsi (life out of balance).

I have to wonder if the gods will be back to punish us for the punishment we are leveling on them, via the totem of George Bush.