Wednesday, March 29, 2006

More "Apostates"
In Afghanistan

Islamic Democracy?

Our allies the Afghanis, those of the new "Islamic Democracy" we helped to create, are arresting more Christians in the wake of being forced to give up their first Moloch meal:

KABUL, March 28 2006, ( – US-based Christian news source, Compass Direct, reports that more Christians have been arrested for their faith in Afghanistan in the wake of the release of Abdul Rahman. Compass, a news service that tracks persecution of Christians mostly in Islamic countries, says harassment of the Christian community has been stepped up.

Compass says two more Christian converts have been arrested in other parts of the country, but further information is being withheld in the “sensitive situation” caused by the international media furor over Rahman.

Reports of beatings and police raids on the homes of Christians are filtering out of the country through local Christian ministers.

Let us, the creators, take responsibility for our creation. Those are our tax dollars at work. Lives, guns, bombs, all our resources, went to creating this.

We are responsible for Christians being arrested for their beliefs. We are responsible for the fact that Afghanistan is a Sharia State where the punishment for believing in any religion other than Islam, is death.


We are responsible for it. The blood is on our hands. We sign the death warrant of Christians.