Saturday, March 25, 2006

Tony Blair And
Agree With

Mark Alexander at A New Dark Age Is Dawning, sent an email with a link to an article about how Tony Blair thinks the Koran was a forward thinking book.

I say, it's time for Tony Blair to go.

Little Green Footballs says Afghani President Hamid Karzai is intervening in the case of Ahmad Rahman, the "apostate" who is on trial and under threat of beheading for becoming a Christian.

It seems the international uproar has caused Karzai to put a stop to the trial.


Afghani clerics, however, are blaming the cessation of the proceedings on the Jews.

In a way, they are right. The Jews were chosen by God to carry the Law forward through time. Because of them, the Judeo-Christian roots of Western Civilization grew mighty.

So, yes, this time I agree with the Islamofascists. It's the Jews fault.