Saturday, April 29, 2006


I kind of like this idea, even though I would be put into a pretty crappy position, if it actually happened:

There was a little troll over at who suggested we divide into 2 nations, Red States and Blue States.

Maybe the blue northern states could join their socialist friends in eastern Canada, and the blue states on the west coast could join their buddies in Mexico. Afterall, the Califonia Senate voted to join the "May Day" celebrations with their Mexican, muslim, and communist friends this Monday.

Who knows maybe Western Canada would like to make up the difference and join the US, thus linking us with Alaska.

The thing that I think is so asinine about the whole idea of Reconquista, which MECHA, La Raza, and other Latino rights groups preach, is that, if they were able to take back the American Southwest,


which is exactly what they are trying to escape from.

The reason they want to come here is not because of the land, but because our political system allows them to make a decent living, whereas they are not able to in Mexico.

Let's all say it together; Mexico Sucks! It has always sucked, and it probably always will suck, unless the United States does the only reasonable thing, which would be to annex it.

Then, instead of millions of illegal immigrants turning parts of the American Southwest into something as miserable as Mexico, we could turn all of Mexico into something as great as the United States.

How do you like that idea?