Friday, April 14, 2006

Are You An Islamofascist,
Or, A Moderate Muslim?

I remember hearing a Muslim man call into a radio show a few months back, very angry that the host dared to use the term "Islamofascist."

"Islam is not fascist," he repeatedly told the host. Meanwhile, of course, the host attempted to explain to the man that he wasn't saying Islam was fascist, but was, instead, making a distinction between ordinary moderate Muslims, and those who would wage Jihad to kill the infidel.

The man just couldn't get it. It was as if he was constitutionally incapable of understanding the distinction.

Anyway, for those Muslims who are thick, and don't get the distinction, I thought I'd attempt here to lay it out in stark terms.

First, understand that we Infidels are human beings, just like you. We don't like to be murdered. We don't like our women to be taken as booty and raped (as Islamofascists do to non-Muslim women in Sudan). We don't like to have our churches and synagogues burned down.

Got that?

Should be pretty simple.

Now, let's be clear about the definition of an Islamofascist.

You are an Islamofascist if you

1) believe there are two camps to the world, Dar al-Harb (House of War), and Dar al-Islam (House of Islam).

2) believe in waging violent Jihad against the Infidels and the Jews.

3) believe that women are equal to half and man, and that your wife is your possession to do with what you please, including murdering her for "dishonoring" your family.

4) want to see Sharia law instituted all over the world, so that adulterers, apostates, and homosexuals are stoned to death for their "crimes."

5) want women to wear Burqas (for anything other than the occasional kinky bedroom play).

So, there you have it. Do you fall into any of those categories. If you do, I want you to leave my country now. Or, if you were born here and as such, enjoy an American citizenship for which you are not grateful, then please, pray to God that He will forgive you, and straighten our your mind, so that you can learn to let people live and love as they will.

Now, here is the definition of a moderate Muslim. You are a moderate Muslim if you

1) believe that all people should be able to live in peace and be free to speak, worship, and live as they please, as long as they do not physically hurt anyone, or steal the property of others.

2) allow for Freedom of Speech, even up to the criticism and mockery of your own religion in the media, and in the streets.

3) just want to work a job, earn money, and take care of your family, and are happy to see others of all religions and ethnicities, doing the same around you everyday.

There, now if you fit into that, then we have no problems, you and I.

However, if you are a moderate Muslim who is

1) willing to tolerate the preaching of violent Jihad in your mosque, and you still give money and attend services,

2) would not turn in Muslims who are planning to kill and maim Infidels,

3) believe the Jews were behind 9/11,

then you are not a moderate Muslim at all. Instead, you are simply an Islamofascist pussy who lacks the courage of your convictions. If you are this, then I ask you, once again, to please leave our country, or, perhaps, to pray that God would forgive you, and straighten out your mind, so that you can learn to live and love, and let others live and love.

I hope we are clear now.

Ultimately, it is up to Muslims how we in the West eventually will come to define Islam. Will you tell us, by your works, that Islam is Islamofascism, or that Islam is peace.

It's up to you.